How to Watch Bruiser (2023) in Canada on Hulu [Easy Trick]

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Hulu is one of the most popular streaming services. It features live, original, and on-demand content from almost all genres. Bruise (2023) is coming to Hulu on 24th February 2023. It is a Fox production, which you can easily watch on Hulu. You can even watch this movie for free, using the free trial of Hulu.

Are you looking for a quick hack on how to Watch Bruiser (2023) in Canada on Hulu? Well, you’ll be happy to know that with the help of a VPN, you can easily watch Hulu in Canada to enjoy this movie. Our top recommended VPN is ExpressVPN for its unlimited bandwidth for streaming.

Now, without any further details, let’s see the easy steps on how to watch Bruiser in Canada on Hulu.

5 Quick Steps – Watch Bruiser (2023) in Canada on Hulu

Here are the five quick steps you must follow to watch Bruiser (2023) in Canada on Hulu:

  • Sign up for a reliable VPN, such as ExpressVPN.
  • Download and install the VPN application on your streaming device.
  • Establish a connection to the server in the United States. We suggest the New York server.
  • Navigate to the official website of Hulu or use the Hulu application.
  • Sign in with your Hulu account credentials.
  • Congratulations! Now, you can easily watch Bruiser (2023) in Canada on Hulu.
Watch Bruiser (2023) in Canada on Hulu 30-day money-back guarantee

Where can I Watch Bruiser (2023) in Canada Online for Free?

You can watch Bruiser (2023) in Canada online for free on Hulu. It is scheduled to premiere on 24th February 2023. We recommend using the Hulu service as it offers a free trial of 30 days to new subscribers.

Using the free trial, you can enjoy all the shows, documentaries, and movies on Hulu. If you like watching animated content, we suggest you watch Dragons: The Nine Realms Season 5 and watch South Park Season 26 in Canada on Hulu.

However, as Hulu is a geo-limited service, to watch Bruiser in Canada on Hulu, you must use the best Hulu VPN in Canada. Our top recommended VPN for Hulu is ExpressVPN.

When is Bruiser Hulu Movie (2023) Release Date?

Bruiser Hulu release date is 24th February 2023.

Streamers living in Canada must use a reliable VPN, such as ExpressVPN, for Bruiser movie 2023 streaming. It helps in unblocking the movie on the Hulu platform within a few seconds.

What is Bruiser Movie Plot Summary?

The Bruiser movie is about toxic masculinity, fatherhood, and family structures. Darious, who is a 14 years old boy, tries to explore his manhood limitation during his interaction with Malcolm, who is his father, and Porter, who is a drifter.

With time, Darious discovers the true identity of Porter, which leads him to a conflict between the two men.

To watch Bruiser (2023) in Canada, streamers must subscribe to a VPN. We suggest using ExpressVPN.

What is the Cast of Bruiser 2023 Movie?

Are you excited to know the Bruiser Movie Cast? Here are the stars in Bruiser movie 2023:

  • Trevante Rhodes
  • Shamier Anderson
  • Shinelle Azoroh
  • Jalyn Hall
  • Jonah Bishop-Pirrone
  • Kiah Alexandria Clingman
  • Sarah Bock

What does Bruiser 2023 Trailer Reveals?

Bruiser Movie 2023 trailer reveals families, fathers, and the effects of destructive masculinity. Darious, 14 years old, explores his manhood boundaries through clamorous interaction with Malcolm (his father) and Porter (a drifter). Upon knowing the truth about Porter, Darious is in a conflict between the two men.

To explore more about the movie, you can watch the Bruiser trailer here:

Why ExpressVPN is the Best VPN to watch Bruiser in Canada on Hulu?

ExpressVPN is the best Hulu VPN in Canada to watch Bruiser due to its super-fast speed and ability to unblock Hulu within a minute. It allows you to connect five devices simultaneously on a single account. With ExpressVPN, streamers can watch Hulu on iPhone, Xbox, Apple TV, PlayStation, etc.

Using ExpressVPN, you can watch all the shows and movies on Hulu. You can stream Animaniacs Season 3 on Hulu which is an animated show. If you are a fan of watching crime series, you can enjoy Horario Estelar Season 1 in Canada on Hulu.

ExpressVPN: The Best VPN to watch Bruiser in Canada on Hulu

For its lightning-fast speed, ExpressVPN is the best VPN to watch Bruiser in Canada on Hulu. When we conducted the speed test on ExpressVPN, it provided us with a download speed of 92.83 on a 100 Mbps connection.

Globally, it has 3000 servers in 105 countries. In the USA, it has servers in more than 20 locations. We prefer using the New York server on ExpressVPN to watch Bruiser in Canada on Hulu.


When connected to ExpressVPN, in addition to Bruiser, you can watch American Idol Season 21 on Hulu, which is a reality singing show. We suggest you watch The Company You Keep TV Series on Hulu if you like watching Korean based content.

Recommended Servers: New York, New Jersey, Washington DC, Las Vegas, Los Angeles

If you want, you can share your ExpressVPN account credentials with friends or family, as this VPN provider allows you to use one account on five devices. You can watch Hulu on iPad, Windows, Linux, macOS, Android, etc when connected to ExpressVPN. It also offers dedicated applications for routers.

ExpressVPN offers a unique feature which is known as MediaStreamer. It helps stream the content even on those devices that do not support VPNs. ExpressVPN makes sure to provide online security to their users through their best privacy features including, AES 256-bit data encryption, kill switch, and split tunneling are the advanced security protocols of this VPN service.

This premium VPN helps in unblocking all streaming services in Canada. For example, you can get American Netflix, HBO Max, Hayu, Vudu, Disney Plus, Funimation, Showtime, and many others.

The cost of ExpressVPN is CA$9.17/mo (US$ 6.67/mo) - Save up to 49% with exclusive 1-year plans + 3 months free in Canada. It is a risk-free Virtual Private Network with 24/7 customer support and a 30-day refund policy.

Bruiser (2023) on Hulu


Jalyn Hall is starring in the Bruiser as Darious. Shamier Anderson is playing the role of Darious’s father, Malcolm. Trevante Rhodes, nominated for Independent Spirit Award 2023, is in the movie as Porter.

Bruiser is a story about toxic masculinity and its effect on family structures and fatherhood.  It features Darious, who is a 14 years old boy, exploring his manhood boundaries through interactions with his strict but loving father, Malcolm, and the Porter.

Miles Warren is the director of Bruiser Onyx Collective. The movie features family structures, fathers, and manhood. Darious explores the limitations of his masculinity through interacting with his father (Malcolm) and a drifter (Porter).

Shinelle Azoroh, starring as Monica, is the female actor of Bruiser Onyx Collective. The movie is starring Shamier Anderson as Malcolm, Trevante Rhodes as Porter, and Jalyn Hall as Darious. It is the 1st narrative feature movie from Onyx Collective.

Wrap Up

We hope our guide answered all your queries on how to watch Bruiser (2023) in Canada. With a reliable VPN, you can easily watch it on Hulu as it is scheduled to premiere on 24th February 2023. If you do not have a Hulu subscription, create your account now and get a free trial of 30 days.

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