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Fans excited about Trigger Point series 2, can now watch Trigger Point series 2 outside UK on ITVX using ExpressVPN. The series returns with more explosive action on 28th January 2024 at 21:00:00 (UTC+0).

A VPN is essential to watch ITVX outside UK to stream the series as it unblocks geo-restricted content with ease. Season 2 of this show brings back the high stakes and intense drama, exclusively on ITVX.

How to Watch Trigger Point Series 2 Outside UK on ITVX? [5 Quick Hacks]

Follow these five simple steps to watch Trigger Point series 2 outside UK on ITVX with ultimate ease and comfort.

  1. Visit ExpressVPN and sign up, my highly recommended VPN .
  2. Download the VPN app for your device.
  3. Connect to a UK server (Docklands).
  4. Go to ITVX’s website or mobile app.
  5. Search for “Trigger Point series 2” and start watching it outside UK!

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Where to Watch Trigger Point Series 2 Outside UK?

The only place to watch Trigger Point series 2 outside UK is on ITVX. However, remember to ensure seamless access with ExpressVPN to overcome the geo-blocked imposed by the platform.

For viewers residing in regions other than the UK eager to dive back into the action, the show Trigger Point Series 2 is one of the best ITVX show for them to stream and catch some action-packed fun. Stay updated on New drama on ITVX Outside UK with my guide for captivating narratives beyond borders.

Also, when you connect to my recommended VPN, your problem of what to watch on ITVX outside UK will be resolved because once you bypass geo-blocks, the huge library of ITVX will be waiting for you to dig in and enjoy some amazing content.

How to Watch Trigger Point Series 2 Outside UK on ITVX without Ads?

Users aiming to watch Trigger Point series 2 on ITVX without ads can get ITVX free trial outside UK and connect to a VPN to enjoy streaming with no money spent.

Also, if you do not want to continue with the subscription and want to avoid paying the subscription cost after the trial, you may cancel ITVX subscription outside UK beforehand, as the channel doesn’t bind you with any rules. 

However, no matter if you are using the free trial or paying the entire subscription cost, you are required to connect to ExpressVPN so you can get past the geo-restrictions imposed on the platform with ease.

As you stream this series outside UK, you will know the real meaning of action and drama all merged at once.

What is the Release Date of Trigger Point Series 2?

The Trigger Point season 2 release date is 28th January 2024 at 21:00:00 (UTC+0). Fans around the globe cannot wait for it to come out to their screens. The main reason behind the popularity of season 2 is the story that will be revealed in season 2. 

Make sure you are prepped with a stable VPN connection like ExpressVPN to get the first glimpses of this new season outside UK on the same it’s release.

What is the Airing Time of Trigger Point Series 2?

The airing time for Trigger Point series 2 is on 28th January 2024 at 21:00:00 (UTC+0), and fans of the high-stakes explosive detection thriller are eagerly awaiting the return of this captivating series

Do connect to the New York ExpressVPN if you are outside UK and do not want to miss out on the first episode of the series.

What is the Plot of Trigger Point Series 2?

Trigger Point season 2 introduces a new terrorist threat following Karl Maguire’s exit, with Lana Washington tackling the aftermath of a bomb in the city upon her return from Ukraine.

This season delves into Lana’s personal life and her strained relationship with DI Thom Youngblood amidst her professional challenges. Creator Daniel Brierley and executive producer Jed Mercurio promise a season of twists and turns, building on the success of the first season.

Do connect to ExpressVPN today if you want to know what happens next in the show and if you want to watch Trigger Point series 2 outside UK on ITVX without any location barriers.

Who are the Cast and Crew Members of Trigger Point Series 2?

The show has amazing talent showing their acting skills; let’s have a look at the Trigger Point series 2 cast below.

Cast Member Role
Vicky McClure Met Police explosives officer Lana Washington
Eric Shango Danny
Mark Stanley DI Thom Youngblood
Kerry Godliman Sonya Reeves
Nabil Elouahabi Hass
Natalie Simpson DS Helen Morgan
Julian Ovenden Commander John Francis
Adetomiwa Edun Alex
Kris Hitchen John
Kevin Eldon Jeff

How Many Episodes are in Season 2 of Trigger Point?

The second series of Trigger Point consists of six episodes, and it is scheduled to be broadcast every Sunday starting from January 28th on both ITV and ITVX. Here’s a breakdown of the Trigger Point Season 2 episodes:

No. Title Description
1 Episode 1 Explosives officers investigate a potential bomb factory in London during a heatwave, leading to a deadly terrorist threat.
2 Episode 2 After a bombing, Lana and her colleagues investigate an abandoned factory and confront extremists, facing a dilemma during a mosque bomb threat.
3 Episode 3 Lana tries to defuse a mosque bomb, confronts colleagues, and uncovers classified bomb material, leading to further investigations.
4 Episode 4 Lana accuses a colleague of involvement with terrorists, leading to a tragic incident involving her brother and a bomb.
5 Episode 5 Lana deals with grief, therapy, and bomb threats while chasing a bomber who targets political events and plants gas triggers.
6 Episode 6 Lana becomes an advisor in an investigation, discovers an explosives storage site, and faces a political bombing plot with a personal connection.

Why Do Fans Gush Over Vicky McClure?

The 40-year-old Line of Duty actress appeared on a daytime Morning TV show to discuss her upcoming role in the return of the intense drama. During her interview with hosts Sian Welby, 37, and Dermot O’Leary, 50, she mentioned that despite the show’s serious and tense nature, the cast still manages to have some fun and share some laughs.

Vicky, who plays the main character Lana Washington in Trigger Point, is a police bomb disposal officer who tragically lost her best friend and colleague Joel ‘Nut’ Nutkins and her brother Billy in explosions during the 2022 series. Additionally, her character faced betrayal from her friend Karl, who was revealed to be behind the bombings.

Viewers of ITV’s This Morning were enthusiastic about Vick McClure’s appearance on the show, as she talked about the upcoming release of Trigger Point Season 2 ITV.

Is there Any Trailer of Trigger Point Series 2?

Yes, there is a captivating Trigger Point season 2 trailer available for the fans to watch and enjoy until the show is released.

Let’s have a look at it together here.

While fans living in the UK can watch the series on the same day, for people residing outside UK it might be an issue due to geo-blocks. What’s the solution? Well, I always connect to ExpressVPN for streaming ITVX, and I think you should do it too.

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Watch Trigger Point Series 2 Outside UK on ITVX with ExpressVPN!

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Trigger Point Series 2

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To watch Trigger Point series 2 outside UK for free with a VPN like ExpressVPN, follow these quick steps: Choose a reliable VPN with UK servers, connect to a UK server, visit the broadcaster’s website where Trigger Point is available, and start streaming the series. Ensure the VPN has servers optimized for streaming to avoid geo-restrictions.

Trigger Point series 2 is typically categorized within the thriller genre, focusing on high-stakes bomb disposal operations and the intense psychological drama surrounding the characters involved in such perilous work.

The IMDB rating of Trigger Point is 6.4/10. This rating shows that the show is a fan favorite and is interesting enough to hold viewers’ attention till the end. Make sure you are connected to ExpressVPN to not miss out on anything from the next season.

Yes, Trigger Point is available for viewing on TV, primarily through the channel or network that originally broadcasts the series. Check your local listings for air times and availability in your region.

While specific release strategies can vary, many series, including popular ones like Trigger Point, often become available as a Boxset after the initial airing. This can be through digital download, streaming platforms, or physical DVD and Blu-ray collections.

Yes, the Trigger Point series 2 is available outside UK. However, with a VPN like ExpressVPN connecting to UK servers, viewers around the world may access the series through UK-based streaming platforms that have the rights to broadcast Trigger Point series 2.

Wrapping Up

To effortlessly access and watch Trigger Point series 2 outside UK on ITVX, leveraging a reliable VPN like ExpressVPN ensures you don’t miss out on the action. Remember, the geo-blocks won’t be a barrier anymore, allowing you to dive into the thrilling episodes regardless of your region.

With my recommended VPN, you’re just steps away from witnessing the suspense and drama unfold, ensuring a seamless viewing experience of Trigger Point series 2 on your preferred device. Don’t let geographical restrictions limit your entertainment choices – embrace the freedom to watch your favorite series anytime, anywhere.

Happy Action Streaming!