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Benidorm takes you on an uproarious journey through the lives of Solana’s eccentric staff and guests. Spanning ten seasons, it’s a rollercoaster of laughter, chaos, and heartwarming moments. From seasoned fans to newcomers, Benidorm promises endless amusement for all.

How to Watch Benidorm All Seasons in Singapore on ITV? [Easy Steps for Free]

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When and Where to Watch Benidorm All Seasons in Singapore?

Wondering Where can I watch ITV comedy? Benidorm, the hilarious British sitcom, is available on ITV with all its 10 seasons starting from 1 February 2007 until 2 May 2018. The show’s ensemble cast and chaotic situations make it a fan favorite.

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What is Benidorm About?

Benidorm is a British sitcom filled with comedic chaos, centered around the holidaymakers and staff at the Solana Hotel in sunny Spain. Its ensemble cast engages in hilarious interactions, making each episode a rollercoaster of laughter and memorable moments.

Set against the backdrop of the all-inclusive resort, the show portrays the quirky dynamics between characters, their adventures, and the ups and downs of their escapades. With its unique blend of humor, relatable characters, and sunny escapism, Benidorm is a beloved series that has kept audiences entertained for years.

Who is the Cast of Benidorm?

The cast of Benidorm Seasons features a diverse ensemble of talented actors portraying a colorful array of characters, each adding their own unique charm to the show’s comedic dynamics.

Check out the complete cast of Benidorm All Seasons:

Character Actor Season
Mateo Castellanos Jake Canuso 1-10
Jacqueline Stewart Janine Duvitski 1-10
Lesley / Les Garvey Tim Healy 3-10
Liam Conroy Adam Gillen 4-10
Kenneth Du Beke Tony Maudsley 4-10
Joyce Temple Savage Sherrie Hewson 5-10
Monty John Challis 7-10
Sam Barton Lee Mead 4-10
Janey York Crissy Rock 1-5 & 7
Trinny Woodall Trinny Woodall 9-10
Susannah Constantine Susannah Constantine 9-10
Geoffrey Bellman Bruce Mackinnon 1-10
Lesley Sharp Lesley Sharp 2-10
Belinda Merryweather Leanne Lakey 2-10
Wayne Hayes Steve Pemberton 1-9
Trixie Garvey Shelley Longworth 1-8
Oscar Blakeman Adam Gillen 1-2
Christopher Houghton Oliver Chris 1-2
Julia ‘Jools’ Houghton Laura Aikman 1-2
Madge Harvey Sheila Reid 1-8
Mick Garvey Steve Pemberton 1-7
Janice Garvey Siobhan Finneran 1-7
Michael Garvey Oliver Stokes 1-7
The Oracle Johnny Vegas 1-3 & 7-9
Donald Stewart Kenny Ireland 1-6
Martin Weedon Nicholas Burns 1-3 & 6
Kate Weedon Abigail Cruttenden 1-3
Gavin Hugh Sachs 1-5
Troy Paul Bazely 1-4 & 8-9
Chantelle Garvey Hannah Hobley 1-3
Belinda Simmons Tamzin Outhwaite 4-10
Oliver Simms Adam Gillen 4-10
Clive Dyke Perry Benson 6-7
Tonya Dyke Hannah Waddingham 6
Bianca Dyke Bel Powley 6
Mel Geoffrey Hutchings 2-3
Brandy Sheridan Smith 3
Natalie Kathryn Drysdale 4
Trudy Michelle Butterly 5
Glynn Flint Alan David 7
Terri Charlotte Eaton 7
Jodie Dawson Honor Kneafsey 8-9
Amber Jessica Ellerby 8
Neville Simon Greenall 9
Self Asa Elliott 5-6

How Many Episodes and Series Does Benidorm Have?

Benidorm boasts a total of 10 series with a varying number of episodes and two special episodes, each contributing to its comedic charm and engaging narrative. Here’s a breakdown of the series and their corresponding episode counts:

Season Number Total Episodes
1 6
2 8
3 6
4 6
5 7
6 7
7 7
8 7
9 9
10 9

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Where was Benidorm Filmed?

Benidorm was filmed in two primary locations: the Sol Pelicanos Ocas Hotel in Benidorm, Spain, for exterior shots of the Solana Hotel, and a studio set in Manchester, England, for interior scenes of the hotel and other settings.

FAQs – watch Benidorm All Seasons in Singapore on ITV

As of July 5, 2018, Benidorm’s creator Derren Litten confirmed that the show’s 10th series marked its conclusion due to ITV’s decision. A stage adaptation called Benidorm Live, written by Litten, was later announced with 250 shows planned across the UK and Ireland.

ITV canceled Benidorm due to declining ratings, ending its decade-long run of comedy excellence. The show bid farewell on May 2, marking the end of the beloved Solana hotel and its iconic characters.

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Wrapping UP!

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With its captivating characters and hilarious scenarios, Benidorm is a British sitcom that promises laughter and heartwarming moments. From the quirky personalities of Jacqueline and Mateo to the iconic Solana Hotel backdrop, it’s a true delight.

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