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Watch the Ex-Wife Outside Canada on CBC

Are you eagerly anticipating a new thrilling series based on Jess Ryder’s best-selling novel? The Ex-Wife is a thrilling drama series premiering on CBC, but overseas fans are worried about how to watch The Ex-Wife in Singapore on CBS.

This gripping tale, released on October 12, 2022, explores the complexities of blended families and the struggles that arise when the past collides with the present, leaving viewers in total suspense until the end. However, due to the content licensing policies and geo-restrictions, fans need a VPN to access CBC in Singapore.

A premium VPN, like an Express VPN, is a simple solution. You can bypass geo-restrictions and watch the show.

Here’s how it works:

Watch The Ex-Wife in Singapore on CBC- [Quick Guide]

If you want to watch Ex-Wife on CBC from in Singapore, Here are some easy steps to follow:

  1. Sign up for a premium ExpressVPN service online.
  2. Install the Express VPN on your streaming device.
  3. Connect the VPN to a server located in Canada, such as Montreal, Vancouver, or Toronto.
  4. Go to the CBC website and stream your favourite shows, including Ex-Wife.

Where to Watch the Ex-Wife in Singapore?

You can watch The Ex-Wife in Singapore on CBS using a VPN service. With Express VPN, you can connect to a Canadian server, access CBC’s streaming platform, and enjoy your show.

Why do You Need a VPN to Watch the Ex-Wife in Singapore?

You need a VPN to watch The Ex-Wife in Singapore on CBS due to the platform’s geo-restrictions.

Downloading Express VPN software can help you access the highly anticipated series online from anywhere in the world. By changing your IP address, the Express VPN will allow you to enjoy the ex-wife.

Luckily, you can easily access geo-blocked streaming platforms by getting a Canadian IP Address with ExpressVPN.

What is the Plot of The Ex-Wife?

In The Ex-Wife, we follow the story of Tasha, a woman who seems to have everything: a beautiful family, a perfect home, and a loving husband in Jack (played by Tom Mison).

However, there’s one problem: Jack’s ex-wife constantly contacts him and shows up at family events. But when Tasha comes home one day to find Jack and their daughter Emily missing, she reaches her breaking point. With no other options, she reluctantly turns to Jen (played by Janet Montgomery), Jack’s ex-wife, for help.

But with their history of conflict, Tasha is left wondering whether she can trust Jen. The Ex-Wife is a thrilling ride of suspense, betrayal, and unexpected twists as Tasha fights to uncover the truth behind her husband’s disappearance.

What is the Release Date of The Ex-Wife on CBC?

The highly anticipated psychological thriller series, The Ex-Wife, is set to premiere on CBC on March 27th, 2023. The show has already generated significant buzz among fans.

How many Seasons of The Ex-Wife are there?

The Ex-Wife is set to debut its first season on CBC in March 2023. Given the buzz surrounding the premiere, it is likely that subsequent seasons of the show will follow.

To stay updated on any news regarding future seasons of The Ex-Wife, be sure to check back for updates. With ExpressVPN, you can easily stream the show on CBC from anywhere.

How many Episodes of The Ex-Wife are there?

The Ex-Wife: Season 1 is a limited series of four episodes, each running for approximately 45–50 minutes. The first season of The Ex-Wife is designed to offer a concise yet thrilling viewing experience.

Be sure to tune in to CBC to catch all four episodes of this captivating miniseries.

Who is in the Cast of The Ex-Wife?

The cast of The Ex-Wife includes:

Céline Buckens as Natasha (Tasha)
Tom Mison as Jack
Janet Montgomery as Jen
Jordan Stephens as Sam
Clare Foster as Hayley

What is the Genre of The Ex-Wife?

According to CBC’s official page for The Ex-Wife, the TV miniseries falls under the drama, mystery, and thriller genres.

To experience the excitement of this captivating series from beginning to end, tune in to CBC and stream the channel with the help of ExpressVPN.

Who else is starring in The Ex-Wife?

The following are starring as well:

  • Céline Buckens
  • Tom Mison
  • Janet Montgomery
  • Jordan Stephens
  • Clare Foster
  • Adam Drew
  • Sam Hoare
  • Stephen Shannon

Where was The Ex-Wife filmed?

The Ex-Wife miniseries was filmed in Budapest, Hungary, despite being set in London, England. The city’s unique atmosphere and aesthetic complemented the cast and storyline, adding to the show’s overall appeal.

Is there any trailer for The Ex-Wife?

Yes, there is a trailer for The Ex-Wife available online. You can watch it here:

What Else You can watch on CBC in Singapore?

Here are all the exciting titles that are coming to CBC Gem for you to look forward to:

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Tasha, played by Celine Buckens, is married to the middle-aged Jack, portrayed by Tom Mison.

The Ex-Wife is indeed based on the psychological thriller novel of the same name by Jess Ryder. The miniseries adaptation takes inspiration from the book’s plot, characters, and themes to bring the story to life on screen.

At the end of “The Ex-Wife,” Jen discovers that Emily is alive and well, and Jack has been in a coma since the car crash. The episode concludes with Jen, Tasha, Sam, and Emily happily spending time together in Budapest, but Jack’s awakening from the coma hints that the story is not yet over.

Wrap Up

The Ex-Wife is a must-watch drama with its captivating storyline and intriguing scenes that will keep you entertained from start to finish, released on October 12, 2022.

While CBC can only be streamed in Canada, a VPN is an excellent solution for fans of thrilling series who want to watch “The Ex-Wife” in Singapore. Don’t let geographical barriers stop you from enjoying this great show – get an ExpressVPN today and stream it online!