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To access BBC iPlayer in Singapore, a highly reliable ExpressVPN is essential to bypass the geo-block and you can watch Celebrity Mastermind with ease.

Celebrity Mastermind is a quiz show featuring 56 celebrities as they take up the iconic black seat. The only exception is that these celebrities entertain you through their intellect and knowledge and grab the viewer’s attention with their expertise.

Let’s learn how to watch Celebrity Mastermind in Singapore on BBC iPlayer online. Get ready to witness starstruck and mind-blowing celebrities because this show is your ticket to the celebrity showdown.

How to Watch Celebrity Mastermind in Singapore on BBC iPlayer? [Easy Steps]

Here are quick and easy steps to watch Celebrity Mastermind in Singapore on BBC iPlayer.

  • Obtain a secure VPN like ExpressVPN.
  • Sign in and install a VPN on your streaming devices.
  • Connect to a UK server [Recommended: Docklands].
  • Visit the BBC iPlayer website and log in to your account.
  • Now stream Celebrity Mastermind online in Singapore on BBC iPlayer.

Where to Watch Celebrity Mastermind in Singapore?

You can watch Celebrity Mastermind game show online on BBC One and BBC iPlayer with the help of a VPN. The platform has no BBC iPlayer cost which is a good thing for you all. You just have to pay for the UK TV license to acquire it.

If you are wondering is Celebrity Mastermind on iPlayer? Yes, it is available on BBC iPlayer. You don’t have to worry about the BBC iPlayer free trial since the platform is free and you can easily watch the Celebrity Mastermind quiz without any problem.

Using ExpressVPN, you can access BBC iPlayer and watch Celebrity Mastermind in Singapore on BBC iPlayer episodes. Along with that watch Coco from anywhere. If you are into criminal investigation don’t forget to watch Doctor Who Dreamland in Singapore on BBC iPlayer.

What is the Release Date of Celebrity Mastermind on BBC iPlayer?

Celebrity Mastermind 2022 was released on 5 November 2022 on BBC iPlayer at 5:30 pm. It appears that Celebrity Mastermind 2023 continues the tradition and that all its episodes are available on BBC iPlayer. It is great to know that fans can still enjoy the show and discover Celebrity Mastermind winners.

If you have missed the actual date don’t worry the episodes are still available to watch “Celebrity Mastermind” streaming on BBC iPlayer for free.

How does Celebrity Mastermind work?

Celebrity Mastermind is a show in which participants sit on an infamous black chair. These BBC celebrities answer the questions about the topic they know. The topic can be specific ranging from 1980s pop group Duran Duran to more general, like penicillin.

In this Celebrity Mastermind iPlayer quiz, celebrity contestants compete in the quiz and become Celebrity Mastermind BBC winner. Don’t miss the chance to watch the show, as it will reveal to you who the most popular celebrity in the world is in 2023.

Get ready to find out who is on Celebrity Mastermind tonight, as it might be your favorite celebrity.

The show features 56 celebrities, check out the cast to watch Celebrity Mastermind in Singapore on BBC iPlayer.

The cast of Celebrity Mastermind 2023 is also included to ensure you do not miss out on your favorite celebrities. Allowing you to watch the Celebrity Mastermind game show full episodes. Here is the Celebrity Mastermind cast:

Real Name Role
Clive Myrie Self – Presenter
Eshaan Akbar Self – Contestant
Graeme Hall Self – Contestant
Claire Richards Self – Contestant
Amy Tapper Self – Contestant
Cheryl Baker Self – Contestant
David O’Doherty Self – Contestant
Nikesh Patel Self – Contestant
Emma Vardy Self – Contestant
Angela Barnes Self – Contestant
Adam Fleming Self – Contestant
Diarmuid Gavin Self – Contestant
Melissa Johns Self – Contestant
James Buckley Self – Contestant
Wayne Hemingway Self – Contestant
Ria Lina Self – Contestant
Victoria Smurfit Self – Contestant
Hannah Cockroft Self – Contestant
Colin Hoult Self – Contestant
Andrea McLean Self – Contestant
Rhys Stephenson Self – Contestant
Graham Bell Self – Contestant
Remi Burgz Self – Contestant
Bobby Davro Self – Contestant
Suzie Lee Self – Contestant
Shaparak Khorsandi Self – Contestant
Sam McKnight Self – Contestant
James O’Brien Self – Contestant
Debra Stephenson Self – Contestant
Yvette Fielding Self – Contestant
Sarah Keith-Lucas Self – Contestant
Helen McGinn Self – Contestant
Matt Richardson Self – Contestant
Neil Delamere Self – Contestant
Harpreet Kaur Self – Contestant
Amar Latif Self – Contestant
Jayne Middlemiss Self – Contestant
Verity Bowditch Self – Contestant
Bonnie Greer Self – Contestant
Ricky Groves Self – Contestant
Harriet Kemsley Self – Contestant
John Pienaar Self – Contestant
Dakota Blue Richards Self – Contestant
Suzi Ruffell Self – Contestant
Rick Witter Self – Contestant
Hilary Jones Self – Contestant
Niamh McGrady Self – Contestant
Danni Menzies Self – Contestant
Louie Westwood Self – Contestant
Chris Dixon Self – Contestant
Holly Hamilton Self – Contestant
Laura Lexx Self – Contestant
Alistair McGowan Self – Contestant
Dane Baptiste Self – Contestant
Mark Foster Self – Contestant
Ali Plumb Self – Contestant
Arabella Weir Self – Contestant

How many Episodes of Celebrity Mastermind are there?

Celebrity Mastermind game show episodes are 14 in total. Go and check out BBC iPlayer mastermind available for you at your doorstep. Celebrity Mastermind 2023 results:

Episodes  Release Date
Episode 1 5 November 2022
Episode 2 12 November 2022
Episode 3 10 December 2022
Episode 4 14 January 2023
Episode 5 21 January 2023
Episode 6 4 February 2023
Episode 7 18 February 2023
Episode 8 4 March 2023
Episode 9 11 March 2023
Episode 10 25 March 2023
Episode 11 1 April 2023
Episode 12 15 April 2023
Episode 13 22 April 2023
Episode 14 29 April 2023

Episode 1

Clive Myrie is the host of the show who asks questions from the four celebrities. Each celebrity answers the question and wins money for the chosen charities.

Episode 2

Clive Myrie the quiz master asks the question. This time, four more celebrities take on the challenge of the black chair for a charitable cause. Each answers questions related to specific topics like the history of surfing, Disney films, the TV series Scrubs, and Tour de France.

Episode 3

In this episode, four well-known individuals take on the black seat to answer questions on various topics. The celebrity participants are TV gardener Diarmuid Gavin, Actor Melissa Johns, BBC journalist Adam Fleming, and Comedian Angela Barnes.

Episode 4

In this classic quiz show, Clive Myrie comes up with another interesting topic. This time four more famous individuals take on the challenge, and they’re all participating to support their chosen charitable causes making it an engaging and generous competition. Watch Celebrity Mastermind Full Episodes Online and instantly find what happened in each episode below.

Episode 5

This episode features four more well-known individuals who are participating to raise money for charity. The celebrity contestants in this episode are the Author and TV presenter, Actor, CBBC presenter, and Paralympic champion.

Episode 6

The four popular celebrities participate in the quiz to raise money for their chosen charitable causes. The celebrity contestants answer the questions on specific subjects making it quite engaging for the viewers.

Episode 7

This time renowned individuals step into the spotlight, all in the cause to raise money for charities. Each individual is tested based on specific topics like John Lennon, books by JD Salinger, adventures of Asterix, and 1970s disco music.

Episode 8

The four celebrity contestants participate in the quiz to raise money for their chosen charitable causes. These celebrities give quizzes on topics like Morecambe and Wise, the Hollywood novels of Jackie Collins, Concorde, and the film Labyrinth.

Episode 9

Clive Myrie, the host of the show poses questions to the four renowned celebrities. Each celebrity answers the question on specific subjects like Duran Duran, Vikings, The Wolf of Wall Street, and Sam Cooke.

Episode 10

Clive Myrie poses the questions to well-known celebrities. Each celebrity takes the quiz by answering the questions on topics like James Bond themes, sloths, Sir David Attenborough, and Hattie McDaniel.

Episode 11

Clive Myrie, the quiz master presents the questions to the other four individuals who contribute the donations for the charity. The question and answer session consists of specific topics like Clement Attlee, The Smiths, the films Sandra Bullock, and the music of Lana Del Rey.

Episode 12

This time Clive Myrie poses different questions to four different celebrities, who will raise money for a charitable cause. The quiz is for specific subjects like the discovery of penicillin, rally driver Rosemary Smith,  Girls Aloud, and children’s animated series “Bluey”.

Episode 13

This time Clive Myrie invites four more celebrities. He poses questions to these individuals on specific topics such as Claude Debussy,  British Birds of Prey, The History of Alternative Comedy, and Roald Dahl’s “Matilda”.

Episode 14

Clive Myrie takes on the role of quizmaster, presenting questions to notable individuals. These celebrities test out their intellect by taking the quiz on topics such as the band Madness, the movie “Scarface,” the radio series “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy,” and Sophie Tucker.

A glimpse of Celebrity Mastermind?

Take a glimpse of Celebrity Mastermind through the trailer. If it piques your curiosity watch and check out Celebrity Mastermind 2023 results.

What makes ExpressVPN: The Best VPN to Watch Celebrity Mastermind in Singapore on BBC iPlayer?

ExpressVPN is the reliable VPN to watch Celebrity Mastermind in Singapore on BBC iPlayer due to its incredible features and distinctive capabilities. ExpressVPN is recorded at the fastest download and upload speeds of 89.17 Mbps and 75.56 Mbps.

Moreover, it has an extensive network of 3000 servers across 105 countries. In addition to that, you can connect to the UK server, Docklands to access BBC iPlayer in Singapore and watch Mastermind 2023/24. 


ExpressVPN Lets You Watch Celebrity Mastermind in Singapore on BBC iPlayer

Recommended Server: Docklands

MediaStreamer is the solution to escape from the problem of geo-restrictions because it enables you to watch Once Upon a Time in Iraq in Singapore on BBC iPlayer on devices that may be incompatible with VPN apps.

Moreover, ExpressVPN has some advanced features in its store such as Private DNS, Kill Switch, and most importantly Split Tunnelling. With these well-equipped features, you can watch Doctor Who The Infinite Quest in Singapore on BBC iPlayer without compromising your privacy.

Furthermore, it performs exceptionally well on operating systems such as Linux, Windows, iOS, and Android making it versatile for use on your streaming devices. Additionally, it allows for up to 8 devices to be connected simultaneously on a sole subscription which means you can watch Dark Land: The Hunt for Wales’ Worst Serial Killer in Singapore on BBC iPlayer on multiple devices without facing slow speed.

This makes it a great choice for anyone looking to watch Panorama Boohoo’s Broken Promises in Singapore on BBC iPlayer.

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Celebrity Mastermind

What Else You Can Watch on BBC iPlayer in 2023?

Unaware about what to watch on BBC iPlayer? Fear not. Here is the list of suggested content available for you at your fingertips.

David Wilsons Crime File Extras
The Australian Wars Jamie Johnson FC
Shakespeare: Rise of A Genius Roman Kemp The Fight For Young Lives


Celebrity Mastermind is filmed in Belfast. Celebrity Mastermind is a collaborative effort between Hindsight & Hat Trick Production and the BBC.

The highest total score ever achieved on Mastermind is 41 points, a record set by Kevin Ashman in 1995. His chosen specialist subject for that episode was “The Life of Martin Luther King Jr.

The prize money on Celebrity Mastermind is £250,000. Harpreet Kaur strongly impressed the judge and business tycoon Sir Alan Sugar ultimately winning the competition. She used the prize money to establish her business empire, the Yorkshire-based dessert emporium known as “Oh So Yum.”

Wrap Up

Celebrity Mastermind is a quiz show in which celebrities entertain the audience through engaging quizzes on various range of specific topics. If the show piques your interest, watch Celebrity Mastermind in Singapore on BBC iPlayer with ExpressVPN to break through geo-restrictions.

Get ready to witness your ideal celebrities on your screens as this show has been available since 5 November 2022 and get a chance to watch the Mastermind final 2023. This show is your ticket to bring you endless entertainment and knowledge.

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