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SiteLock VPN Review

SiteLock VPN, launched by a well-known security brand, offers basic security options and fast-speed servers to New Zealand users. It has a website scanning tool and firewall protection system against malware and vulnerabilities. Unfortunately, putting the customers off, it’s overly priced compared to its services.

Although SiteLock VPN has apps for Windows, Android, iOS, and macOS with auto-connect options in New Zealand, the setup is super time-consuming. Moreover, it doesn’t support torrenting and unblocking many popular streaming channels in New Zealand.

Overall, the drawbacks outweigh the benefits lowering the effectiveness of the VPN product. Therefore, to explore the services, we have composed this SiteLock VPN review in New Zealand for our cyber freak community. Keep in mind you can always look up other VPN reviews to try other options. We’re sure you can find a more reliable VPN in NZ than this one.

Our Verdict
Overall Rating :
4.5 / 10

Ranked #46 out of 56 VPNs

Overall, in this SiteLock VPN review, we didn't find the VPN as impressive as we would've hoped. The servers are few and it doesn't support torrenting. The apps may be easy to use but downloading them on different platforms is a hassle. That's why you can explore other VPNs instead of this one.
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We have spent thousands of hours and days testing 160+ VPN services using our carefully curated testing process to recommend you the best VPN. Here are a few statistics:

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Key Findings for SiteLock VPN Review in New Zealand

  1. Pricing in New Zealand – The VPN with expensive subscription packages starting from NZ$24.04 monthly to NZ$239 yearly for the basic plan
  2. Servers and Locations – The VPN has an average-sized network with 1000+ servers distributed in 40+ countries
  3. Security and Features – Military-grade encryption, new IP addresses, IP Lock feature, ad-blocker, kill switch, and some other features
  4. Speed and Performance – This VPN offers high-speed connections overall that allow streaming in HD and UltraHD
  5. Streaming in New Zealand – The VPN can unblock and work for only some of the streaming channels despite the incredibly fast speed
  6. Torrenting in New Zealand – Doesn’t support torrenting in New Zealand
  7. Easy to Use – Simple and handy apps for different platforms with varying installation timelines and requirements
  8. Compatibility – Compatibility with Windows, Android, macOS, and iOS devices.
  9. Bypass Censorship – It comes with a scrambling technique that portrays your VPN traffic as regular traffic on the internet to bypass geo-restrictions and barriers.
  10. Customer Support – You contact the team via email, chatbot, or phone line service for both local and international customers
  • Fast speed servers
  • 5 device connections
  • Offers phone line
  • Lack kill switch and an ad blocker
  • Overly expensive packages
  • Can’t unblock all popular streaming sites
  • No support for torrenting
  • Collects user data
  • Headquarters in the U.S.
  • Limited options for payment
  • No free trial service
  • Complicated cancellation process

Pricing – How much does SiteLock VPN cost in New Zealand?

SiteLock VPN pricing in New Zealand starts at NZ$24.04 USD per month for the basic plan. It offers 3 different packages categorized basic, pro, and business. You can either pay annually or monthly for these packages.

All three VPN service packages can be refunded within 30 days after purchase. However, the refunding process is not straightforward. You need to submit a proper written request for cancellation with a clear reason.


These prices were a bit on the expensive side.

Your refund request will only be approved if the VPN fails to work on your end or you decide to discontinue early without accessing pre-paid services in New Zealand. Additionally, the cancellation would be approved after identity verification by the customer support agents. You might have to wait for an undefined period of time till the agent contacts you for verification.

Have a detailed look at the SiteLock VPN pricing plans in New Zealand right below:

Duration Basic Pro Business
Monthly NZ$24.04 NZ$40.08 NZ$56.12
Annually NZ$239 NZ$399.40 NZ$559.80
Refund 30 days 30 days 30 days
Free trial NA NA NA
  • Basic: Works best for basic websites
  • Pro: Handles large traffic on websites well
  • Business: Well-suited for e-commerces and businesses

SiteLock VPN accepts only credit or debit card payments in New Zealand. You get no flexibility of paying via Paypal or experiencing anonymity with cryptocurrency options. Moreover, it has no free trial service for New Zealand users.

Overall, SiteLock VPN seems unfairly more costly to us than the competitors. The quality premium VPN service providers in New Zealand such as ExpressVPN offer top-class features at comparatively lower prices. Moreover, it guarantees complete security and privacy to users with advanced techniques and protocols.

Server Network – How many servers does SiteLock VPN have?

SiteLock VPN has mentioned 1000+ servers in more than 40 countries on the website. The VPN has an average-sized network spread at different locations. However, we didn’t find details of the countries explicitly mentioned with a breakdown, making it hard to verify their claims.

The android app in New Zealand lets you select from around 70 server locations. On the whole, you can expect some glitches or server downtimes when connecting during peak hours.

Security and Features – Is SiteLock VPN secure in New Zealand?

SiteLock VPN offers high-quality end-to-end military-grade encryption in New Zealand. It encourages anonymous online sessions and protects users’ activities from trackers. Furthermore, it boasts to ensure no hacker can steal your personal information.

SiteLock VPN lets you pick IKEv2 protocol with 256-bit and OpenVPN protocol with 128-bit encryption. However, it lacks essential security features, unlike other premium VPNs in New Zealand.

For compiling this SiteLock VPN review in New Zealand, we checked the website to verify the features but couldn’t find any extra information.

IP Lock

SiteLock VPN brings an IP Lock feature to assign a new IP address to users randomly whenever they connect to the VPN. It protects users from being identified by hackers or the blocked websites they visit.

Additionally, SiteLock VPN brings a scramble feature to bypass geo-restrictions and a DNS leak detection system. It also claims to follow a no-logs policy.

Kill Switch

Kill switch is useful for shielding user identity by disconnecting the regular connection immediately after the VPN connection drops abruptly. It safeguards your IP address and DNS requests from intruders and trackers. Unfortunately, SiteLock VPN has no kill switch option in its apps in New Zealand, which is a major technical drawback and a huge turndown for customers.

So is SiteLock safe in New Zealand? – clearly, no. Most essential security features are missing, which threatens user safety online. You can also get your hands on the best secure VPNs in New Zealand instead of opting for SiteLock VPN in New Zealand.

Privacy – Collects Information

Despite claiming no personal data collection in New Zealand, SiteLock VPN seems to perform otherwise. It bluntly mentions collecting the following data about users:

  • Statistics: Data related to the operating system, IP addresses,  Internet Service Provider, type of browser, and date/time stamps
  • Cookies: Records data to observe users’ activities and movements on the website. Mainly gathers demographic data about users.
  • Account: address, name, telephone number, domain address, and billing details.

SiteLock VPN states that it doesn’t share this data in New Zealand. It reasons recording advertising cookies for Google to suggest and play personalized advertisements to you according to your preferences. Whatever the purpose it states, user data is being shared with third parties, which clearly negates its no-logs policy.

Moving ahead, on performing a leak test, no visible information was leaked using the service. However, this is not satisfying and justified with respect to the amount of data collected by the VPN in New Zealand.

Most importantly, the VPN has headquarters in the U.S., making it a privacy-unfriendly VPN. To comply with national cyber obligations and policies, user data is tracked and even used by the authorities. Therefore, SiteLock VPN customers would not be safe on the platform.

If your data is being collected by a VPN in New Zealand, it’s definitely not a safe option. You must not risk your personal information with this VPN, we believe. Learn more about VPN logging policies through our blog.

Speed and Performance – Is SiteLock VPN fast in New Zealand?

VPNs with fast download speed servers for streaming in HD quality in New Zealand. Even popular streaming sites, like Netflix, suggest download speed for HD to be somewhat 5 Mbps, whereas around 25 Mbps for UltraHD.

On the other hand, the upload speeds are significant for determining torrenting capability in New Zealand, availing video calling services, and even uploading image files on social media. For instance, a famous video-calling platform, Skype, suggests a 10 Mbps connection for HD-quality calling services.

While testing, all servers worked well for streaming in HD, and the majority allowed UltraHD/4K. SiteLock VPN delivers remarkable download speeds for the maximum part. It has optimized server connections that provide the quick-connect option.

On connecting to the New York (US) server, 65.21 Mbps download speed and 34.75 Mbps upload speed were obtained. We conclude that IKEv2 often proves significantly faster than OpenVPN.


We found SiteLock VPN speeds to be quite decent.

When the servers were tested from the UK-based network connection with the IKEv2 protocol, a download speed of 84.93 Mbps and an upload speed of around 36.11 Mbps were recorded on the UK server.


SiteLock VPN proved to be a good streaming VPN.

Streaming – Does SiteLock VPN Work with Netflix in New Zealand?

SiteLock VPN can easily unblock Netflix in New Zealand, including some other famous streaming services in New Zealand. Different Netflix libraries easily unblocked and worked on testing, such as Japan, Australia, Canada, and India.

However, when Netflix Germany and Sweden were tested, nothing worked. Surprisingly, on every attempt, the local UK-based Netflix was routed. This clearly shows that if you are looking for European libraries, SiteLock VPN may not provide reliable results. We received this Netflix proxy error upon accessing Netflix Germany with SiteLock VPN in New Zealand:


SiteLock VPN didn’t unblock Netflix Germany for us.

Furthermore, with only one server available in each location, switching between the servers was not an option. No buffering or disconnection was experienced while streaming.

In a series of tests, the following platforms were used:

Unblocked Blocked 
Netflix US Netflix Germany
Amazon Prime Video Netflix Sweden
BBC iPlayer
Sling TV

On the whole, streaming speeds were ideal for HD-quality streams. You can also try other best streaming VPNs in New Zealand to explore trustworthy and reliable options for your binge-watch nights.

Torrenting – How good is SiteLock VPN for torrenting in New Zealand?

Like most small-sized VPNs, SiteLock VPN doesn’t support torrenting in New Zealand. You can’t use it for torrenting as it is not P2P-optimized. However, other good options for torrenting include ExpressVPN on top of the list. You can experience world-class torrenting and P2P-friendly servers with advanced security in ExpressVPN servers.

You may want to explore the best VPNs for torrenting in new Zealand if you’d like to dabble in safe and secure torrenting options.

Device Compatibility — Which devices work with SiteLock VPN in New Zealand?

SiteLock VPN in New Zealand offers dedicated apps for all major systems, like Windows, Android, MacOS, iOS, and smart TVs. Unlike premium VPNs, it’s not compatible with routers, Linux devices, and gaming consoles.

All mobile apps are simple and straightforward to install. However, the Windows app installation is annoying.

Installation of Apps and Ease of Use

SiteLock VPN apps in New Zealand are available for Windows, Android, macOS, and iOS. However, routers, Linux, and third-party apps are not supported here. You get a PDF installation guide to cover the necessary instructions.


SiteLock VPN in New Zealand brings an effective interface for Windows systems. You get a complete server list to let you select a fast server from any location you like.


Site Lock VPN Windows app in New Zealand was a hassle to download.

The Windows app in New Zealand has IKEv2 set as default; however, you can always pick OpenVPN. It had a kill switch disabled by default. It uses built-in firewall rules instead of relying on the system rules. You also get a scramble function to hide your VPN identity.


SiteLock app for macOS has a high resemblance to the Windows version. The app can only use the IKEv2 protocol and has no kill switch. Moreover, the scramble option is also missing in this app in New Zealand.


SiteLock VPN worked on macOS devices as well in New Zealand.

mobile apps

Like Windows apps in New Zealand, iOS and Android apps are quite similar. In addition to IKEv2, the iOS app supports L2TP/IPSec as well. The kill switch option is missing in almost all of these apps, according to our research.


SiteLock VPN on Android in New Zealand worked similarly to its other apps.

In terms of download, the Windows app is somewhat complex and requires extra steps. Whereas the Android app takes just a few minutes to download and configure settings.

SiteLock VPN Bypass Censorship

To compile the SiteLock VPN review in New Zealand, we also evaluated its capacity to bypass censorship. Precisely, SiteLock VPN provides useful features that intensify its unblocking strength in New Zealand.

Does SiteLock VPN Work in China?

Yes, SiteLock VPN can work in China. The real assessment of a VPN takes place when it is tested in China. SiteLock VPN servers come with a scrambling technique that portrays your VPN traffic as regular internet traffic. Consequently, your entire VPN traffic flows without being detected by the Chinese ISPs, while appearing to be a normal internet user.

With the masked identity, The ISP can never view your VPN connection, minimizing the possibility of getting blocked on the network. On top of this, as your activities and movements are hidden from the ISP, it can’t see which sites you visit.

To consider usability, SiteLock effectively works in China. Besides, some popular platforms and apps, like Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, Google, and even Netflix, got unblocked. The scrambling method was applied with the OpenVPN protocol, which worked just fine.

Later, a huge difference in speed was observed with a drop, possibly due to additional privacy protection. Streaming was hard, but light activities, like browsing, were possible instantly.

The obfuscation technology is available in both desktop and mobile versions. However, with iOS systems, you can’t use the scrambling feature without OpenVPN.

On the other hand, you can use SiteLock VPN to unblock and access local Chinese websites from foreign countries as well. On testing the Hong Kong servers, no issues were experienced while watching the Chinese TV channel.

SiteLock VPN Customer Support in New Zealand

SiteLock VPN in New Zealand offers a chatbot, email, and phone line service to assist customers. Local US-based users can contact the sales, billing, solutions, and support teams via separate phone lines. Even international customers can reach out with a dedicated number.


We believe its customer support can be improved.

We were disappointed when we tried contacting agents via chatbot. On requesting human assistance, we received a message saying that no agents were available at that moment.

Moreover, when we tried to contact the agents later, the bot said that we had requested outside the work timings, which clearly shows that it has no 24/7 live chat service. While almost all premium and top VPN services in New Zealand offer live chat service 24/7, SiteLock badly needs to upgrade its support system.

Alternatives to SiteLock VPN in New Zealand

We suggest some good VPN reviews alternatives to SiteLock VPN in New Zealand:

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FAQs – SiteLock VPN Review in New Zealand

Yes, SideLock works in New Zealand by protecting more than 5 million websites that have installed its services. Being mainly a website security solution, it provides malware removal, website scanning, vulnerability patching, and web application firewall services. It has also launched a VPN service provider aiming to protect the online activities of users in New Zealand.

No, SiteLock is not safe in New Zealand for browsing at all. The key reason behind using a VPN in New Zealand is to retain anonymity on the platform. Although your IP address is not exposed directly by this VPN, it lacks a kill switch and gathers data with cookie trackers to assist Google in personalizing the ads experience. Therefore, data collection is a big no-no for privacy-oriented customers.

Yes, SiteLock VPN unblocks some Netflix libraries in New Zealand, but it doesn’t work for all locations. Netflix Sweden and Germany were complete failures, whereas Netflix US worked fine. You may experience some unusual errors or even get restricted from watching any content altogether while unblocking and accessing Netflix. Moreover, as the website lacks clear information regarding the server locations, you can find it hard to see if it works for your desired region before subscribing.

Do we Recommend SiteLock VPN in New Zealand?

SiteLock VPN is relatively alien in the cyber industry. The website concentrates on security and protection products without providing adequate information about its VPN service in New Zealand. Therefore, our SiteLock VPN review in New Zealand has focused on highlighting the pain points and limitations of the service deeply.

We found that SiteLock VPN collects user logs in New Zealand, lacks a kill switch, and offers ineffective customer support. It doesn’t offer a free trial and even restricts users from viewing server locations beforehand.

Moreover, you can’t perform torrenting or pay anonymously. Above all, its pricing plans are extremely costly compared to what it brings for the users. We wouldn’t recommend it to users looking for a privacy-friendly, secure, and P2P-optimized VPN with a responsive team and the best value for money.

Try our top-choice ExpressVPN with a 7-day free trial and 30-day money-back guarantee to experience high-quality features and advanced online protection on the platform.