Peacock vs Hulu in New Zealand: Which one is Best?

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The Peacock vs Hulu in New Zealand debate boils down to Peacock’s affordability with its ad-supported plan versus Hulu’s extensive content. For an ad-free experience, Peacock’s price doubles, making your choice dependent on your preference for savings or Hulu’s broader selection of channels and exclusive content.

Regardless of your pick in the Peacock vs Hulu in New Zealand comparison, geographic limitations can obstruct access to streaming service. ExpressVPN provides a workaround, enabling smooth streaming of your favorite content from either service, including Peacock TV in New Zealand, guaranteeing an uncompromised viewing experience.

Peacock vs Hulu in New Zealand: Quick Comparison

Compare Peacock vs Hulu in New Zealand globally with ExpressVPN, bypassing geo-restrictions in New Zealand.

Feature Hulu + Live TV Peacock
Base Price $76.99/month $5.99/month
Free Trial None 7 days
Simultaneous Streams Unlimited at home (3 on the go) 3
On-Demand Content 40,000+ hours 80,000+ hours
Live Channels 90+ 50+
Local Channels 5+ NBC only
Sport Channels 10+ 3

Peacock offers affordability and a 7-day trial, while Hulu + Live TV boasts a richer content library. For seamless access to both, including with diverse Peacock payment methods in New Zealand, ExpressVPN ensures you enjoy their full offerings without geo-restrictions.

Peacock vs Hulu in New Zealand: Pricing and Plans

Explore the diverse structures of Hulu and Peacock bundle in New Zealand to find the plan that best fits your streaming needs and budget.

Service Plan Price Features
Hulu With Ads $7.99/month 2 screens, movies, TV shows, on-demand
Hulu No Ads $17.99/month 2 screens, movies, TV shows, on-demand, no ads
Hulu Live TV Only $75.99/month 90+ live channels, 2 screens
Hulu + Live TV With Ads $76.99/month 90+ live channels, Disney+ and ESPN+, 2 screens
Hulu + Live TV Some Ads $81.99/month 90+ live channels, Disney+ and ESPN+, 2 screens
Hulu + Live TV No Ads $89.99/month 90+ live channels, Disney+ and ESPN+, 2 screens, no ads
Peacock Premium $5.99/month 80,000+ hours content, live sports, next-day NBC & Bravo
Peacock Premium Plus $11.99/month 80,000+ hours content, no ads, download to watch offline

After comparing, remember that Peacock subscription cost in New Zealand may vary, highlighting the importance of a reliable VPN like ExpressVPN for global access.

Peacock vs Hulu in New Zealand: Supported Devices and apps

In the Peacock vs Hulu in New Zealand comparison, Hulu excels in device compatibility, covering almost all platforms and making it broadly accessible. Conversely, Peacock supports many devices but falls short with no Roku or Amazon Fire TV support, slightly narrowing its accessibility.

Device Hulu Availability Peacock Availability
Android Mobile Yes Yes
iOS Mobile Yes Yes
Apple TV Yes Yes
Android TV Yes Yes
Chromecast Yes Yes
PlayStation Yes No
Xbox Yes No
Nintendo Switch Yes No
Major TV Sets Yes Varies
Roku Yes No
Amazon Fire TV Yes No
LG Smart TV Yes Yes
Vizio Smart TV Yes Yes
Xfinity X1 Yes Yes
Xfinity Flex Yes Yes

In the Peacock vs Hulu in New Zealand device compatibility debate, device choice matters. To access Peacock on all devices, utilizing our list of best Peacock VPN in New Zealand and choose the best one as per your budget.

Peacock vs Hulu in New Zealand: Channels

Channels Compared:

Hulu + Live TV offers a broad array of over 90 channels including news, sports, kids’ entertainment, and local channels, featuring CNN, Fox, FX, MTV, ABC, Bet, Cartoon Network, and ESPN. Peacock provides a smaller, though diverse, selection of over 50 channels, many of which offer reruns from its library, alongside unique channels like NBC News Now and Food52.

Local Channels Compared:

Hulu + Live TV covers a wide range of local channels including ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, The CW, Telemundo, and local sports networks, offering extensive local content that may vary by area. Peacock offers access to only one local channel, the local NBC affiliate, limiting its local content offering significantly compared to Hulu.

Sports Channels Compared:

Hulu + Live TV excels in sports broadcasting with channels like ESPN, ESPN2, NBA TV, MLB Network, NHL Network, CBS Sports, Golf Channel, Big Ten Network, and NFL Network, along with a premium sports add-on option.

Peacock lacks comprehensive sports channels found on Hulu + Live TV but features NBC Sports on Peacock for Premier League soccer, the Olympic Channel, and regional sports events via local NBC affiliates.

When comparing the Peacock vs Hulu Channel lineup, international viewers should consider the availability of Peacock TV Channels in New Zealand, as regional restrictions can significantly impact the selection and access to content on Peacock compared to Hulu.

Peacock vs Hulu in New Zealand: Shows and movies

In the battle of Peacock vs Hulu in New Zealand content, it ultimately boils down to individual viewer preferences in deciding which streaming service best meets their requirements.

Peacock caters to varied tastes with its Free and Premium tiers, offering classics like Parks and Recreation, films like The Bourne Identity, and originals such as Brave New World across 13,000 to 20,000 hours of content.

Peacock Premium amplifies access with more content, early access to NBC shows like This Is Us, and exclusives on reboots and late-night show screenings, enriching the viewer’s experience with a broader content spectrum.

Hulu competes with a mix of current season episodes, timeless series, acclaimed films, and Hulu Originals, providing a diverse on-demand library that makes it a strong contender against Peacock, appealing to a wide audience range.

The choice between Peacock and Hulu hinges on individual preferences, including the quest for best Peacock movies in New Zealand. For those wondering what channel is Peacock on Hulu, it’s important to note that they are separate entities, underscoring the importance of content choice and location in your decision.

Peacock vs Hulu in New Zealand: Simultaneous Streams

In this comparison, Hulu + Live TV stands out by offering unlimited streaming on devices within the same home, making it ideal for large families with diverse viewing tastes. Outside the home, both Hulu + Live TV and Peacock cap streaming to three devices, providing flexibility for on-the-go viewing.

Peacock vs Hulu in New Zealand: Cloud DVR

In the Peacock vs Hulu Cloud DVR aspect, Hulu + Live TV excels by offering unlimited DVR storage at no extra cost, allowing users to save numerous shows and movies for later viewing—perfect for those with busy schedules who can’t catch live events. In contrast, Peacock lacks a DVR feature, presenting a limitation for users who prefer recording content.

Peacock vs Hulu in New Zealand: Which has the Better On-Demand Library?

Hulu + Live TV offers a vast on-demand library, featuring over 40,000 hours from Hulu’s extensive collection of shows and movies, plus a Disney+ subscription that adds thousands more viewing hours. Its lineup is further enhanced by sought-after Hulu Originals and exclusive content, including hits like The Handmaid’s Tale and The Bear.

Peacock stands out as an on-demand-centric service, boasting an impressive array of over 80,000 hours of content, ranging from comedy series such as Girls5eva to big-screen hits like Nope and Jurassic World: Dominion. This makes Peacock a rich source of diverse entertainment options.

In evaluating Hulu + Live TV and Peacock, addressing how to fix CDN error on Peacock TV in New Zealand is essential. Utilizing a reliable VPN can effectively resolve this issue, facilitating uninterrupted streaming.

Peacock vs Paramount Plus vs Hulu in New Zealand: Which one is better?

In comparing Hulu vs Peacock vs Paramount, Peacock offers an affordable choice at $5, contrasting with Paramount Plus at $10 for ad-free viewing and Hulu’s mid-range pricing, emphasizing cost-effectiveness and access to NBC Comcast content.

Choosing the best service depends on your preference for specific network content, with Peacock standing out for budget-minded viewers who prioritize a broad content selection without breaking the bank.

Consider your ad tolerance and budget when selecting a plan; Peacock’s blend of affordability and extensive content provides a compelling option for those valuing both savings and entertainment quality.

FAQs- Peacock vs Hulu in New Zealand

It depends on your preferences. Peacock offers free content and live sports, making it appealing for users with ExpressVPN in New Zealand.

Yes, with ExpressVPN, Peacock’s exclusive content and live sports are accessible and worthwhile for international viewers.

Peacock features a free tier, live sports like the Olympics, and the NBCUniversal content library, setting it apart from Hulu and Roku.

No, Peacock and Hulu require separate subscriptions. Both can be accessed internationally with ExpressVPN.

Wrapping Up

In the Peacock vs Hulu in New Zealand debate, your choice depends on preferences for cost and content. Peacock stands out with its affordability and diverse library, appealing to viewers seeking value.

Considering ExpressVPN can help bypass geo-restrictions, Peacock becomes even more accessible, enhancing its value proposition for those in New Zealand by offering an extensive range of entertainment without limitations.

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