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Watch-Planet-Earth-III-Forests-in-New Zealand-On-BBC-iPlayer-with-ExpressVPN

Gear up friends; you are just about to explore the enchanted planet Earth forests with ExpressVPN. This incredible VPN trespasses geo-barriers and gives you indefinite access to watch Planet Earth III Forests in New Zealand on BBC iPlayer. The ne episode is all set to release on 19 November 2023!

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Let’s read the guide below to unblock geo barriers and watch Planet Earth III Forests in New Zealand on BBC iPlayer online. Let’s identify the endangered species that could soon be wiped off on BBC iPlayer!

How to Watch Planet Earth III Forests in New Zealand on BBC iPlayer? [Quick Steps]

Take some info with the following quick-step guide and get access to watch Planet Earth III Forests in New Zealand on BBC iPlayer;

  1. Subscribe to ExpressVPN, a top-notch VPN.
  2. Download the application and begin to access it.
  3. Enter credentials, and connect to the preferable UK-Dockland server.
  4. Launch the app of BBC iPlayer and log in.
  5. Search, and enjoy as you watch Planet Earth III Forests in New Zealand on BBC iPlayer.

Note: No more worries about BBC iPlayer cost since this streaming service is free. But for streamers in New Zealand, a TV license is mandatory. And if you are thinking about how much this license is for, its annual subscription fees begin from £157.50 per year.

Where to Watch Planet Earth III Episode 5 Forests in New Zealand?

You may begin to watch Planet Earth III Forests in New Zealand on BBC iPlayer as long as you have secured an ExpressVPN subscription. With this subscription, you can stream Planet Earth III Episode 5 Forests without facing errors caused by geo-barriers.

In addition to BBC iPlayer,  BBC One also host the Planet Earth 3′ free live stream, but unlike BBC iPlayer it isn’t a free streaming service; therefore, choose your streaming channel wisely and prevent hassling into substantial charges.

With a BBC iPlayer subscription, you are just a few steps away from exploring some of the best shows on BBC iPlayer that will let you relive your family bond!

When is Planet Earth III Episode 5 Coming?

Episode 5 of Planet Earth III is coming on BBC One on 19 November 2023. You can later on the same day, watch Planet Earth III free online from anywhere – Episode 5 on BBC iPlayer. This on-demand streaming will let you binge-stream all the episodes of this nature-rich documentary in one go without facing unnecessary pauses or errors.

How to Watch Planet Earth III in New Zealand on BBC iPlayer for Free?

You can watch Planet Earth III online for FREE, because it is a free service! Therefore, no more stressing about the BBC iPlayer free trial simply log in to your BBC account and enjoy uninterrupted streaming like never before!

What is the Planet Earth 3 Episode 5 Forests Synopsis?

As you watch new David Attenborough BBC series, you will understand that these David Attenborough journeys into the lost forests of the world have discovered an unfound connection between them.

From the bears finding salmon in the Canadian temperate rainforest or wild dogs who whistle together to bring down the prey that is quite larger than their own size, all these forests have one thing in common – unseen connections.

Moreover, Episode 5 of Sir David Attenborough’s latest series Planet Earth III, sheds light on the significance of these diverse connections and the prevailing threat to their existence is deforestation.

Each individual tree has its own individual ecosystem, habituating unknown species, yet, we humans cut down approximately 15 billion of them without caring about these fundamental ecosystems.

What is the Summary of Previous Episodes of Planet Earth III?

With the return of the groundbreaking series of David Attenborough journeys, fans couldn’t keep up the excitement. The previous Planet Earth III episode guide will take you on an interesting and informative ride down to the globe where you will witness the hidden wonders of the world.

Episode 1 of Planet Earth III: Coasts
Sir David Attenborough investigates the perilous borders that the world’s coasts create, where creatures struggle to survive in the face of ongoing change.

Episode 2 of Planet Earth III: Ocean 
Even deadly predators like lionfish should exercise caution in the shallow waters of the tropics, as they resemble a battlefield.

Episode 3 of Planet Earth III: Grasslands and Deserts 
A couple of ostriches in the Namib desert raise their young in the intense heat in order to protect them from predators, but as the chicks start to hatch, time is running out.

Episode 4 of Planet Earth III: Freshwater 
Freshwater is a rich and diverse habitat that is home to one-tenth of all species on the planet. It is full of endless surprises.

This series is the final series and follows a similar pattern to the preceding series namely Frozen Planet and Blue Planet.

What are the remaining Episodes of Planet Earth III?

Planet Earth III total episodes are 8 in number. 4 of these episodes have been streamed on BBC iPlayer. The dates of the remaining episodes along with a bit of introduction are briefed below;

Episode 6 – Extremes- Get to know the unknown stories where lives are threatened or exist on a knife edge in episode 6 of this intense gripping documentary.

Episode 7 – Human- 8 billion people have stretched on the earth’s surface covering almost 80% of the land available. But they should remember, Earth alone inhabits several other species including homo sapiens.

Episode 8 – Heroes: Sunday December 10

In the last episode, David meets some of the fascinating people who have been on the front line to preserve Mother Nature.

Is there any Glimpse of Planet Earth III?

Yes, the trailer for Planet Earth III is available as per your assistance. Click the link below and delve into the mesmerizing world of enchanted forests. So get access from ExpressVPN and begin to watch Planet Earth III Forests in New Zealand on BBC iPlayer.

Social Media Buzz of Planet Earth 3

The remarkable documentary unraveling the threatening and fragile world of the forests was never so clear to mankind. But despite being clear, humankind continues to turn a blind eye to the engraved yet highly concerned matter of deforestation.

Fans have been enthralled by the vision-perfect and thought-provoking plot and execution of the documentary and therefore can’t wait to stream all these episodes.

Remember, the only way to watch Planet Earth III online in New Zealand is by making use of ExpressVPN.

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Watch-Planet-Earth-III-Forests-in-New Zealand-On-BBC-iPlayer-with-ExpressVPN

Watch Planet Earth III Forests in New Zealand On BBC iPlayer with ExpressVPN!

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Planet Earth III - Forests

Have you been still consumed by the thought of what else to watch on BBC iPlayer? If yes, then devour the guide below, elucidating the wide range of shows that would drag you out of boredom.


The total Planet Earth III in number for forests is listed below;

  • Number of shoots: 19
  • Number of remote shoots: 15
  • Number of days filming: 267

The following list of rare species has been documented in episode 5 of

  • Spirit bear: Spirit bear was documented as the rarest animal but yet hasn’t been labeled as an endangered species. However, only 150 are left in existence.
  • Eastern chimpanzee (Pan troglodytes schweinfurthii): endangered
  • Asiatic dhole (Cuon alpinus): endangered

Since forests are quite adventurous and unpredictable at the same time, therefore filming isn’t easy. David knew he had only one chance to each shot what he wanted to bring under the limelight, from the falling of the kapok tree to hunting dhole to nesting hornbills to chimps crossing the roads.

Wrapping Up

Humans are in oblivion with the fascinating wonders of the world, but not anymore, as with ExpressVPN, you can easily uncover the episodes of the documentary Planet Earth III. By activating this VPN on your device, the restriction barrier is easily overcome and you can easily get to watch Planet Earth III Forests in New Zealand on BBC iPlayer!

Dive into the wonders of the world as you watch Planet Earth III online for free on BBC iPlayer and learn to take part in minimizing deforestation.