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According to the Ida Red synopsis synopsis, the protagonist is sentenced to prison for a long time for a failed armed robbery. But she has only a few months to live, so she vows to die as a free woman, not in prison.

Ida Red, directed by John Swab and starring Josh Hartnett, Frank Grillo, and Melissa Leo, is a 2021 American criminal drama film. Let’s look at some of the details, including Ida Red’s plot, and especially a detailed look at where to watch Ida Red’s full movie in 2023:

How to Watch Ida Red in South Korea on Paramount Plus – (Quick Guide)

Follow these 5 simple methods to effortlessly watch Ida Red in South Korea on Paramount Plus using the finest ExpressVPN:

  • Purchase a premium VPN membership (ExpressVPN)
  • Install the VPN app on your device.
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  • Look for Ida Red and have fun.

Ida Red is only available with a Paramount Plus Showtime membership. With the Paramount Plus free trial, you may watch it for free within 7 days of subscribing to the platform.

Where can I Watch Ida Red in South Korea?

Ida Red is available to watch on Paramount+ Showtime. However, you will need ExpressVPN to bypass regional restrictions if you are streaming in South Korea. Ida Red is accessible on Paramount Plus from August 17, 2023.

Ida Red is also available for rent on Amazon Prime Video, Apple TV, and Vudu and for purchase on Amazon Prime Video, Apple TV, and Vudu.

However, we recommend Paramount+ and the reasonable Paramount Plus pricing plan is the primary reason. Sign up for a free 7-day trial to watch Ida Red online and other titles for free.

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What is the Release date of the movie Ida Red?

Ida Red was officially released on November 5, 2021, in the USA by Saban Films. So, now you no longer have to wait as you can watch Ida Red in South Korea on Paramount Plus with the help of ExpressVPN.

What is the movie Ida Red about?

The viewers ask, Is Ida Red based on a true story? The movie is about the biological mother of a criminal family, Ida “Red” Walker (Melissa Leo), who is rotting in jail.

But now, as she has discovered that she has cancer, She wants to die free and not be behind bars. So, true to form, she schemes both a parole and a robbery.

Now as a heist she was involved in goes wrong, an irritable FBI Special Agent Lawrence Twilley, along with Collier, is behind this case. Do you want us to give a complete plot where Ida Red’s ending is explained? Get a subscription to Paramount+ and watch the movie.

You have to watch this movie to find out how did Ida Red got out of jail!

What is the cast of Ida Red Movie?

Ida Red had a small cast, but the greatest performers excelled in their parts, according to the Ida Red movie review. However, the Ida Red movie cast list is available below.

Actor/Actress Role played
Melissa Leo “Red” Walker
Frank Grillo Dallas Walker
Josh Hartnett Wyatt Walker
Sofia Hublitz Darla Walker
Deborah Ann Woll Jeanie Walker
Mark Boone Junior Benson Drummond
George Carroll Bodie Collier
William Forsythe Lawrence Twilley
Beau Knapp Jay
Nicholas Cirillo Petey
John Swab Jerry

Do you think there are chances of Ida Red 2? Well no official news yet but we will update you whenever we have verified info, on this page.

What is the genre of Ida Red movie?

Ida Red is a 2021 American crime film that fits into the category of drama, thriller, and western.

You will find an accurate mix of genres on the top to make the movie more frantic for viewers in a short time screen show to avoid boredom appearing in the viewer’s head between the screenings.

Ida Red Movie Trailer

Before you watch Ida Red in South Korea on Paramount Plus, watch the Ida Red movie trailer to acquire all the sly small snippets of the movie before you spend your hours watching it.

What is the Run Time of Ida Red?

Ida Red has a run length of 1h 51m, saving viewers time and completing the fantastic narrative in an actual amount of time. So you won’t waste much time and quickly move on to the next movie!

Ida Red Film Review

Reviews of the Ida Red Film has mixed feelings from the audience:

“It did start off promising and engaging, but halfway through, it became lost with logic-defying scenes that confused the narrative instead of complimenting it, and with cringeworthy cliches like the Fed and his chewing gum during a shoot-out and drastically failed to bring this film to life and to make matters worse, the ending was the laziest and most underwhelming seen in a long time.”

Some viewers think that “this film had a very intriguing premise – albeit not as original and rather cliched, but unlike Candy Land, this film gets bogged down with convoluted, confusing, repetitive, and mostly unnecessary subplots, of which most are left incomplete.”

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What else can I watch on Paramount Plus besides Ida Red?

If you’re looking for what to watch on Paramount Plus other than Ida Red full movie, pause and scroll down the table below to find a fantastic selection of the best movies on Paramount and shows as well to make your membership worthwhile.

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Ida Red


Ida Red is based on true events. Following his true-crime drama Body Brokers, John Swab returned to the genre with this fictitious narrative.

Principal photography occurred in Tulsa, Oklahoma, in August and September 2020. This is John Swab’s fourth film shot in Tulsa. His last three feature films had been shot in and around Tulsa.

Ida Red is a classic freeform folk ballad of uncertain origins in the Civil War era, according to historian Lee Roy Chapman. The Fiddlin’ Powers and Family made the initial recording of Ida Red in 1924.


Ida Red is an intriguing criminal thriller film that people all around the world are anticipating. While it is available on Paramount Plus Showtime, viewers in South Korea may experience geo-blocking restrictions.

With our guide, we have tried our best to answer all the queries like Ida Red where to watch. Now, all you need is your subscription to watch the movie on Paramount Plus

A reliable VPN is essential to bypass these limitations to watch Ida Redin South Korea on Paramount Plus. You can access Paramount Plus and watch this intriguing series from anywhere using ExpressVPN.