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Based in Hong Kong [SAFE]
Price $1.70/mo
Servers 10 (03 Countries)
Logs No Logs
Multi Login 1
Refund N/A
Recommended No
Website Flashvpn

FlashVPN is a free VPN proxy only available for Android users. The VPN provider is based in Hong Kong and delivers its services through 10 servers worldwide.

As compared to other VPNs like ExpressVPN or Surfshark, the provider does not have a huge server spread. Furthermore, it does not support Netflix in Hong Kong and torrenting as well.

Likewise, the service does not provide any information about tunneling protocols or encryption levels at all.

This is the reason I do not recommend FlashVPN to privacy seekers.

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FlashVPN free VPN review in Hong Kong – Rating Criteria

I have tested FlashVPN as per my own devised 8-step criteria that include:

  1. Pricing – What is the cost of FlashVPN in Hong Kong?
  2. Security – Protocols & Encryption
  3. Jurisdiction – Where is FlashVPN located?
  4. Speed – Not much impressive
  5. Streaming – Does it Support Netflix & Torrenting in Hong Kong?
  6. Leaks – IP, DNS & WebRTC Tests
  7. Trustworthiness – Logging Policy & Customer Support
  8. Compatibility – Apps & Supported Devices

Pricing – What is the cost of FlashVPN in Hong Kong?

It has a free plan and VIP (Premium) plans, which are quite budget-friendly. These are some of its pricing plans for the premium version:

Pricing-FlashVPN-in-Hong Kong

It seems obvious that a 21-month plan is available at a reasonable price. Surprisingly, there is no information available regarding refunds whatsoever.

However, if you’re looking for a more premium VPN at low rates, check out our list of best VPN deals to get amazing discounts and save money!

Security – Protocols & Encryption

On the security front, the Hong Kong-based provider has not met the security requirements at all.

FlashVPN would have to inform its users about tunneling protocols and encryption levels in the right way.

At present, it does not specify anywhere if it offers 128-bit or 256-bit encryption. The industry-standard encryption is 256-bit military-grade encryption that prevents your data from being seen by the government, ISPs, or hackers.

Jurisdiction – Where is FlashVPN located?

Under the Google Play Store section, the information reveals its physical address i.e. 128 Aberdeen.

Finding this location on Google, I found out that it was based in Hong Kong. which is free from 5, 9, or 14 Eyes surveillance. Its jurisdiction makes it one of the best VPN for Hong Kong.

As the service has no official website, it did not say anything about where it was based.

Server Locations

Interestingly, both of its pricing plan either free or paid offers the same amount of servers.

Countries, where FlashVPN provides its servers, are France, the US, Canada, the UK, Germany, Singapore, and Japan. As you can see, there are no such countries that have strict internet regulations i.e. China, Russia, etc.

Hence, there are no obfuscated servers offered by Flash VPN.

Speed in Hong Kong – Not much impressive

During our FlashVPN free VPN review in Hong Kong, the provider did not provide appreciable connection speeds in general.

When I connected to its Singaporean server while using a 25 Mbps internet connection, I received just 8.39 Mbps download speed in return:

Speed-FlashVPN-in-Hong Kong
From the above image, you can see a noticeable decline of 66% in speed.

Streaming – Does it unblock Netflix or support Torrenting in Hong Kong?

Needless to say, it does not unblock Netflix nor does it unblocks iPlayer in Hong Kong.

It doesn’t have that many servers that can unblock the powerful restrictions of Netflix. Not even good premium VPNs are able to counter its restrictions, be it a free VPN. Similarly, it is not a good option to perform torrenting tasks anonymously.

For that purpose, you will need to use other VPNs that assist the P2P activities of netizens.

Leaks – IP, DNS & WebRTC Tests

Interestingly, FlashVPN passed all the leak tests hassle-free. Here are the screenshots as proof:

IP Leak:

IP-Leak-FlashVPN-in-Hong Kong


DNS Leak:

DNS-Leak-FlashVPN-in-Hong Kong

WebRTC Leak:

WebRTC-Leak-FlashVPN-in-Hong Kong

Trustworthiness – Logging Policy & Customer Support

Unfortunately in our FlashVPN free VPN review in Hong Kong, the provider does not follow a no-logging policy.

You can explore their privacy policy given under the FlashVPN app on Play Store. Before proceeding further, I’d like to remind you that when I downloaded this app, it required me to allow GPS location for my device.

It means they track their users’ actual locations. Moreover, they can disclose your crucial information as and when needed. This includes handing out data to law enforcement agencies.

In addition, they store their subscribers’ data on their UK and US servers. If you do not want any VPN to track your online activity, you better learn which VPN does not log your data.

Customer Support

It does not provide customer support or any live chat support.

But there’s an email available on the Play Store that addresses the FlashVPN app developer.

Compatibility – Apps & Supported Devices

In terms of compatibility, the service only supports the Android platform. You cannot secure your other devices with FlashVPN be it Windows, Mac, iOS, or Linux.

The whole process of installation is simple and does not need any rocket science.

Comparison between ExpressVPN & FlashVPN

I have described the different features of both these services under one roof. Hence, you are able to make the right decision about your privacy.

Features ExpressVPN FlashVPN
Price HKD52.18/mo (US$ 6.67/mo) - Grab 3 Free Months + 49% OFF 12-Month Plan $1.70/mo
Servers 3000+ in 94 Countries 10 in 3 Countries
Compatibility All Devices Android
Jurisdiction The British Virgin Islands Hong Kong
Logging Policy Zero Logs Keep Logs
Customer Support Live Chat & Email Support Email
Trust Pilot Score 4.6 N/A
Website ExpressVPN FlashVPN

Alternatives to FlashVPN in Hong Kong

To use VPNs other than FlashVPN, explore our list which consists of the:

Do I Recommend FlashVPN in Hong Kong?

No, I do not recommend FlashVPN in Hong Kong.

My verdict to be honest is NOT to use such a VPN that collects your information and discloses it to whomever they like.

If your data is not your preference, then I would not stop anyone from using this service. If you’re not secure even when you have to pay for such a service, then what’s the whole point of a VPN?

Based on this FlashVPN Free VPN review in Hong Kong, I would give a 2.5/5.0 stars rating overall.