How to Setup PureVPN on Router in Germany in 2023

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The privacy issues prevalent in modern society have created a strong demand for solutions to keep your privacy and online security from falling through the often invisible cracks behind digital communication networks.

PureVPN is among the best-rated VPN services fighting the battle against invasions of privacy, so users can exercise some control over their own autonomy and privacy on the internet.

But most users seek PureVPN as a single-dimensional VPN app working on a single device. The truth is, you could install PureVPN on router in Germany and turn the entire area within the range of your Wi-Fi a protective blanket of sorts, keeping all devices connected to the secure VPN tunnel.

In this article, I’m going to explain how to set up PureVPN on router in Germany including most of the commonly used router devices.

Reasons for Installing PureVPN on Router in Germany

PureVPN is an all-around solid VPN service that delivers good performance for all kinds of tasks from streaming and torrenting to maintaining a high level of security on the Internet.

If you configure PureVPN on router in Germany, not only can you enjoy all these excellent benefits for all your devices, you can do so simply with a flip on the router switch. This is the convenience of having your router be running PureVPN.

As such, any of your devices that has a connection to your router will automatically be linked to the VPN server that you have set on PureVPN, granting you the privacy and online freedom you need.

Setup Instructions for PureVPN on Common Routers in Germany

The method of installing PureVPN on a router varies for different router types and models though the general steps are approximately the same. I will demonstrate the setup process for some of the most common routers and list them down in the order of difficulty, starting with Setting a VPN on a Netgear Nighthawk Router which happens to be the easiest to setup PureVPN on router in Germany.

Difficulty Level: Noob

So, you’re not very tech-savvy? No problem. The setup instructions for the routers below are so simple even your grandma could do it.

PureVPN Setup on Setting a VPN on a Netgear Nighthawk Router

The installation process of PureVPN on Setting a VPN on a Netgear Nighthawk Router is refreshingly simple.

These are the necessary setup steps:

  1. Get a PureVPN subscription if you haven’t already
  2. Open your Netgear control panel
  3. Click on the Advanced tab, then VPN client in the sidebar
  4. Click on Enable VPN Client
  5. Choose PureVPN in VPN Server
  6. Select the desired protocol in VPN Protocol
  7. Choose a preferred server location in the Country and City drop-down menu
  8. Enter your PureVPN username and password
  9. When all is done, click on Connect


Install PureVPN on Linksys Router

It is relatively easy to set up PureVPN on Linksys router in Germany and just takes 5 minutes.

Follow the steps below:

1) Open your Linksys router panel

2) Click on Setup > Basic Setup

3) Select PPTP from the Internet Connection Type drop-down menu


4) Now select “Obtain IP Address Automatically

5) Find the IP address of your desired PureVPN server from here and put this address in the Server IP Address field

6) Enter your PureVPN Username & Password in the respective fields

7)Scroll down and select Save Settings


With these steps, PureVPN will be ready to offer you the protection you need for all your devices connected to the best VPN for router in Germany.

Difficulty level: Intermediate

Okay, you know a thing or two about IP addresses, DNS, and routers. That’s great. You can probably install PureVPN on the following routers without much trouble in Germany.

D-Link routers can be configured to run PureVPN’s PPTP protocol for basic security and online access freedom.

  1. Open your D-Link control panel
  2. Click on Setup > Internet
  3. Manual Internet Connection Setup


  1. Select PPTP(Username/Password) in the Internet Connection Type menu
  2. In Address Mode, select Dynamic IP
  3. Enter the server address of your desired location in the PPTP Server IP Address (you can find PureVPN server addresses here)
  4. In the username and password fields, enter the login details provided by PureVPN
  5. Select your preference in the Reconnect Mode
  6. Press Save when all the above changes are done


PureVPN can be installed on TP-Link routers using the PPTP protocol only.

Follow the steps below to complete this setup:

  1. Open your router control panel by visiting the appropriate URL from your browser (check router manual to find the URL)
  2. On the sidebar, navigate to Network > WAN


  1. In the WAN Connection Type menu, select PPTP/Russia PPTP
  2. Type in your PureVPN username and password against the appropriate fields
  3. Choose Dynamic IP
  4. Insert the address of your desired PureVPN server in the Server IP Address/Name field. You can find server addresses of all supported locations here.
  5. Click on DHCP and enter the Primary and Secondary DNS addresses as shown below and press Save:


  1. Now in the sidebar, click Security > Basic Security, then enable SPI firewall, PPTP passthrough, L2TP passthrough, and IPSec passthrough. Press Save when you’re done


  1. Click on Connect Automatically or Connect Manually depending on your preference.


  1. Click on Save to complete the setup

These steps will enable PureVPN (on PPTP VPN protocol) on most TP-Link router models in Germany.

ASUS PureVPN Installation Using OpenVPN Protocol

PPTP is an outdated VPN protocol that isn’t recommended because of inherent security vulnerabilities. OpenVPN and IKEv2 are the recommended protocols for stronger security. Using Asus routers, you can take advantage of PureVPN’s OpenVPN protocol.

These are the steps for installation:

  1. Download PureVPN .ovpn configuration files from this page.
  2. Now open the Asus router control panel by entering the appropriate URL in your browser (this is usually 168.1.1)
  3. In the sidebar, click on VPN in the Advanced Settings


  1. Now Click on VPN Client > Add profile


  1. Click on the OpenVPN tab and enter the following details:

a) Description: Choose any name for the VPN connection

b) Username: Insert your PureVPN username as given by the provider username

c) Password: Insert your PureVPN password as given by the provider username

d) Now click Choose File and upload .ovpn configuration files which you downloaded before (choose the files for your desired server location) and click on Upload


  1. After uploading is complete, click on “Import the CA file or edit the .ovpn file manually” and click on Edit


  1. Open the location where your .ovpn files are saved and find CA.crt, open it in Notepad, copy its contents, and paste it under Certificate Authority
  2. Open WDC.key in Notepad, copy its contents, and paste it under Static Key (optional) and click on Save, then OK, and press Activate


This should establish the OpenVPN connection of PureVPN on your Asus router.

Arris PureVPN Installation Using PPTP Protocol

  1. Open your Arris router control panel
  2. Click on the Wan Setup tab and then on PPTP on the sidebar
  3. Click on Enable PPTP
  4. Enter your PureVPN username and password
  5. Type in the address of your desired PureVPN server in the Server Host Name field (you can find PureVPN server addresses here)
  6. In the Server Address field, choose “Get automatically from ISP”. Skip this step if there is no such option
  7. Enable Idle Timeout and set it to 300
  8. Enable Keep-alive and set it to 30
  9. Leave other fields black
  10. Apply the changes


With these steps, your Arris router should now be configured with PureVPN’s PPTP protocol.

Difficulty level: Ultra

The installation methods for the following router is only either for gluttons for punishment or computer geeks with a fairly strong heart and sufficient prior tinkering experience in the digital world.

Install PureVPN on Mikrotik Router (PPTP)

  1. Get a subscription to PureVPN if you’ve yet not
  2. Open the Mikrotik control panel
  3. Click PPP > PPTP client


  1. In the General tab, type in PureVPN-PPTP in the Name field


  1. Next, Click Dial Out and enter the desired PureVPN server address in the Connect To field (Find list of PureVPN server addresses here)
  2. Now, enter your PureVPN username and password in the appropriate fields
  3. Check the Dial on Demand and Add Default Route
  4. Click on Apply/OK to save your settings.

Note: If you face any problem in connecting VPN then uncheck ‘Add Default Route’


  1. Now, from the main menu, navigate to IP > Firewall.


  1. In the NAT tab, add a New Nat Rule. Select scrnatin the chain drop-down menu and PureVPN-PPTP from Out Interface List.


  1. Now, click the Action tab and select masquerade from the dropdown list. Click Apply/OK to save the settings.


  1. Click on the Mangle tab then Add a New Rule. In the General tab, select prerouting from the chain list. From here, you will have to enter an IP address you wish to connect with. It would be helpful to consult PureVPN customer support for assistance here.


  1. Click on the Action tab and select mark routing in the Action drop-down menu. Type PureVPN-PPTP in New Routing Mark field and click OK/Apply.


  1. Now on the main menu, select IP > Routes


  1. Now click the ‘+’ icon to add a new route. Enter in the Dst. Address, select PureVPN-PPTP from Gateway. Then select PureVPN-PPTP from the Routing Mark. Click Apply/OK to save your settings.


  1. Click IP >DNS


  1. Now check the box against “Allow Remote Requests”, and save the settings.


  1. Now click IP > DHCP Server


  1. Type in and in DNS Servers fields. Click Apply/OK to save your settings


  1. Click Interfaces from the main menu, then click open PureVPN-PPTP interface


  1. In the status tab, click enable.

Now you’ve finally set up PureVPN PPTP on your Mikrotik router in Germany.

Final Thoughts – PureVPN on Router in Germany

PureVPN has excellent compatibility with almost every recognized router available in the market. The setup instructions aren’t outstandingly difficult to follow; if you pay attention, you can do the installation without much hassle. In case if you face difficulty you can contact to the customer support or if you don’t want to continue the usage of it services you can easily cancel PureVPN subscription in Germany plan with the help of some steps guided by support.

So, if you are a satisfied PureVPN customer, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t upgrade the security for all of your devices equally by installing PureVPN on router in Germany.

You can also check out our ExpressVPN router guide in Germany for a step-by-step tutorial. To set up ExpressVPN on a Netgear router in Germany is one the most efficient and practical ways to secure your entire network. Therefore, we have provided you with the necessary steps to configure your router with ExpressVPN easily. This will allow you to enjoy a more secure and private online experience.

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