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How much is ESPN+? Well, ESPN+ offers a competitive subscription model for sports enthusiasts, with pricing set at EUR€ 10.11 /mo or EUR€ 101.25 /mo . Subscribers have several choices regarding making the payment for ESPN Plus cost in Netherlands, even selecting the bundled package with Disney Plus.

ESPN Plus, a US-based streaming platform, caters to live sports broadcasts, original series, documentaries, and news. Sadly, the platform is region-locked, so you’ll need a VPN here. An ExpressVPN subscription is your pass to access ESPN Plus in Netherlands. Let’s look at the ESPN+ subscription options and the potential savings available with a bundle.

ESPN Plus Cost in Netherlands (Subscription Options)

ESPN Plus subscription cost cater to a diverse audience, offering both monthly and yearly plans to suit different preferences and needs. Here’s a quick overview of the cost of ESPN Plus:

Subscription Option Price
ESPN+ (ESPN Plus cost per month) EUR€ 10.11 /mo
ESPN+ (ESPN Plus cost per year) EUR€ 101.25 /yr

Note: ESPN doesn’t have any active promos right now, although other parties might at their own discretion.

If you’re encountering an issue like ESPN Plus not working on Firestick in Netherlands, follow the troubleshooting steps provided by the service and get back to the game!

You may also go for ExpressVPN to bypass geo-restrictions and access ESPN Plus as it is the best VPN for ESPN Plus in Netherlands.

What’s the ESPN+ Cost with the Disney Bundle?

For those looking to expand their entertainment options, ESPN Plus is available as part of the Disney Bundle, which also includes Disney+ and Hulu. This ESPN Plus bundle cost is offered in three variants:

Subscription Package Content Included ESPN+ Pricing
Disney Bundle Duo Basic Disney+, Hulu (With Ads) EUR€ 9.12 /mo
Disney Bundle Trio Basic Disney+, Hulu, ESPN+ (All With Ads) EUR€ 13.68 /mo
Disney Bundle Trio Premium Disney+ (No Ads), Hulu (No Ads), ESPN+ (With Ads) EUR€ 22.81 /mo

Note: The Legacy Disney Bundle (Disney+, Hulu with Ads, ESPN+ with Ads) is no longer available for purchase. Existing subscribers can keep their plans. Disney+ (with Ads) is not supported on all devices yet. To sign up, visit Hulu if you don’t have an existing Disney Bundle, standalone Disney+, or ESPN+ subscription. You can sign up for ESPN Plus on TV in Netherlands along with other streaming devices as well.

Occasionally, there might be glitches with subscriptions, such as ESPN Plus not working with Hulu bundle in Netherlands. Yet, these issues are often easily fixed.

What’s the ESPN Plus Cost with Pay-Per-View?

With an existing ESPN+ subscription, you have the option to buy live UFC PPV events separately. For new or monthly ESPN+ subscribers, an ESPN PPV price and package includes an annual ESPN Plus subscription.

Subscription Package ESPN+ Pricing
UFC Pay-Per-View Per Event EUR€ 73.63 /mo
UFC Pay-Per-View Annually EUR€ 124.22 /mo

Does ESPN Plus Offer an Ad-Free Option?

No, ESPN Plus doesn’t offer an ad-free option at the moment.

While ESPN+ itself includes ads during live content streaming, subscribers to the Trio Premium package can enjoy ad-free experiences on Hulu and Disney+, offering a more uninterrupted viewing experience.

With the ESPN app cost being zero, you definitely grab ESPN Plus Free Trial in Netherlands. For more information on ESPN Plus cost in Netherlands, keep on reading as I discuss gift options next.

How to Give the Gift of ESPN Plus

ESPN Plus offers a gift subscription option at EUR€ 101.25 /mo exclusive to ESPN+ content. It’s important to note that this gift subscription cannot be used for Pay-Per-View events or the Disney Bundle, making it an ideal present for the dedicated sports fan in your life.

With the ESPN Plus price being cost-effective, there’s no reason to give the gift of this subscription-based streaming platform. Moreover, You can enjoy watching ESPN Plus on Apple TV in Netherlands along with FireStick, Roku, and Samsung TV.

Note: You can stop and cancel ESPN Plus in Netherlands if you’re not happy with the shows. Later, you can sign up again when they have better stuff you like.

ESPN+ is home to a plethora of must-watch sports events, exclusive series, and original programming, catering to a broad spectrum of sports fans. From live games to in-depth analysis and documentaries, here is the list of best ESPN+ shows in Netherlands in 2024

Here are the sporting events you can watch on ESPN+ in April 2024:


The most cost-effective method to subscribe to ESPN+ in Netherlands is through the annual plan at EUR€ 101.25 /mo , saving over 15% compared to monthly billing. Alternatively, the Disney Bundle offers a combination of ESPN+, Disney+, and Hulu starting at EUR€ 13.68 /mo , providing a comprehensive entertainment package at a competitive price.

As of 2024, ESPN+ does not offer a free trial, requiring a subscription purchase for access. This ensures that viewers are committing to the platform for their sports content needs. Additionally, you’ll need ExpressVPN to access ESPN Plus in Netherlands.

ESPN+ subscribers gain access to a wide range of exclusive content, live sports, and more, which is separate from the traditional ESPN cable channel. While it complements the ESPN experience, it does not replicate the cable channel’s offerings.

Yes, ESPN Plus is definitely worth it. However, assessing the value of ESPN Plus greatly depends on your sports viewing habits. With its vast array of live sports, original programming, and exclusive series, ESPN Plus offers significant value for dedicated sports fans.

Catch your favorite sports on ESPN+! Choose from these flexible options:

  • Monthly: Enjoy all the action for EUR€ 10.11 /mo .
  • Annual: Save over 15% with an ESPN Plus yearly cost at EUR€ 101.25 /mo .
  • Bundle: Get ESPN+ (with ads) together with Disney+ (with ads) and Hulu (with ads) for a discounted price of EUR€ 13.68 /mo .
    (Visit to learn more!)

While ESPN+ live streams come with ads, but on-demand content is yours to enjoy ad-free. So, if you are craving an ad-free experience across all three services, then for the Bundle ESPN+ with Hulu (with Ads) and Disney+ (with Ads), upgrade to the Trio Premium plan!

Wrapping Up

With all said and done, you’re probably clear on everything related to ESPN Plus cost in Netherlands.

ESPN+ presents a versatile and cost-effective option for sports enthusiasts in Netherlands, offering a range of ESPN subscription cost plans and bundles to suit various needs and preferences. By using these plans, you can access Peacock TV abroad using premium VPNs like ExpressVPN.