Does PureVPN Work with Disney Plus in Hong Kong?

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It’s been more than a year since Disney Plus was launched and the service has already grown outstandingly in popularity in Hong Kong. Unfortunately, Disney Plus is geo-restricted in Hong Kong.

This means that people located in Hong Kong will need a VPN to access Disney Plus, but most VPNs end up getting detected and blocked by Disney.

Thankfully, this is not a problem you’re likely to face as in this blog we found out, will PureVPN work with Disney Plus in Hong Kong? The answer is Yes and you can find out how below.. You can also watch Disney Plus in Mexico with PureVPN.

I tested PureVPN’s ability to access Disney Plus in Hong Kong and made short videos to record whether the VPN is indeed good for Disney Plus streaming in regions where it is geo-restricted, but first, let’s see the exact steps you need to perform to unblock Disney Plus with PureVPN in Hong Kong. Check out the best VPN recommended and tested by us in 2023.

Does PureVPN Work With Disney Plus in Hong Kong: Steps for Unblocking

Step 1: Subscribe to PureVPN in Hong Kong.

Step 2: Download and install PureVPN App on your device.

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Step 3: Launch PureVPN and enter your login details.

purevpn-login-screen-in-Hong Kong

Step 4: Connect to the Canadian server location.

connecting-to-purevpn-canada-in-Hong Kong

Step 5: Once connected, visit Disney Plus and enjoy streaming your favorite shows and movies in Hong Kong.

PureVPN-unblocking-disney-plus-in-Hong Kong

Testing PureVPN with Disney Plus in Hong Kong

Before testing will PureVPN work with Disney Plus in Hong Kong, I reached customer support of PureVPN and inquired if their VPN service supports Disney Plus. The support representative answered in the affirmative and told me the following server locations will enable Disney Plus unblocking in Hong Kong:

PureVPN-customer-chat in-Hong Kong

With this information, I set out to test PureVPN on these exact servers to confirm what I learned about the VPN’s unblocking capability when it comes to Disney Plus and the answer to Does PureVPN work with Disney Plus in Hong Kong. Here are my results:

Accessing Disney Plus in Hong Kong through Canadian Server

Using the Canada server, I was able to instantly access Disney Plus with PureVPN in Hong Kong.  I was able to stream the movie “The Fault In Our Stars“. The video quality is excellent (HD) and I hardly had to wait 5 seconds for the buffering to finish.

Accessing Disney Plus in Hong Kong through Australia Server

Australia is geographically located quite far from my physical location, so it is natural to expect higher pings leading to longer buffering times and possibly lower video quality of the stream. I was able to stream the show “Once Upon A Time” in Hong Kong. This time, it took me a little longer to buffer the video and the picture quality is obviously not that great (SD).

However, users that are physically located close to Australia probably won’t experience this problem due to better pings and connectivity.

Accessing Disney Plus in Hong Kong through the US Server

As I mentioned earlier, the PureVPN customer support representative pointed out three server locations that should work well for Disney Plus in Hong Kong: US, Canada, and Australia.

Although I was able to unblock Disney Plus in Hong Kong through the Canada and Australia server locations, the US server, unfortunately, didn’t work in my case and I only got a blank screen upon visiting Disney Plus through the PureVPN US server. So if PureVPN work with Disnet Plus in Hong Kong through the US server is not successful.

This could be an issue on my side only or a temporary problem that disney plus not working in Hong Kong with PureVPN on a broader scale. But to the best of my knowledge, it is the Canada and Australia servers that will definitely work for you if you want to unblock Disney Plus in Hong Kong.

Does PureVPN Ensure High-Quality Disney Plus Streaming in Hong Kong?

PureVPN certainly ensures high-quality streaming. I received HD quality when connected to the Canada server, which proves that PureVPN is perfectly capable of delivering high-quality streams on Disney Plus in Hong Kong.

However, the quality decidedly dropped when I was streaming through the Australia server but this is probably not the VPN’s fault, but that of the distances involved between my real location and the Australian server I was connected to.

For best results, you should always connect to the server closest to you while making sure that Disney Plus is available in said server location. This will ensure that the quality of your streams in HD and even higher if your Internet connection can support it.

Is PureVPN Fast Enough for Disney Plus in Hong Kong?

PureVPN generally offers decent speeds, but it is not the fastest. Nonetheless, if you have a good enough Internet connection, PureVPN is more than capable of ensuring high-quality streaming on Disney Plus in Hong Kong with minimal buffering.

For instance, when connected to the Canada server, this is the speed test result of PureVPN in Hong Kong.

  • Ping: 299 ms
  • Download: 51.67 Mbps
  • Upload speed: 65.42 Mbps

These are good enough not only for streaming but also for torrents and P2P sharing with PureVPN in Hong Kong. So, overall, PureVPN is a pretty good package for fans of Disney Plus streaming in Hong Kong or if you simply prefer downloading movies through torrents (for legal, strictly non-commercial use).

PureVPN’s Free Trial in Hong Kong

Unfortunately, there’s no legitimately free trial on offer from PureVPN that you can use to see for yourself, does PureVPN work with Disney Pus in Hong Kong. What you can get through is a paid trial version of PureVPN that costs $0.99 in Hong Kong.

This trial version will work for 7 days, after which you will have to pay the price of the full monthly or year subscription unless you cancel PureVPN in Hong Kong before this time period ends. For more information, see this guide pm PureVPN free trial in Hong Kong.

The trial comes with the full set of features that the paid subscription offers. For instance, you get the 10 multi-logins which will allow you to set up PureVPN on Firestick in Hong Kong, PureVPN on Kodi in Hong Kong, as well as PureVPN on Roku in Hong Kong.

Closing Thoughts

Does PureVPN work with Disney Plus in Hong Kong? Yes it does on certain servers (Canada and Australia as per my testing). Indeed, PureVPN is generally quite powerful for unblocking streaming services in Hong Kong. You can easily access different Netflix with PureVPN in Hong Kong, for instance.

If you experience any issues using PureVPN, you can see this guide regarding PureVPN not working in Hong Kong for any reason.

To learn more about this VPN in general, see our PureVPN review in Hong Kong.

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