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To unlock Youku’s vast library outside Hong Kong, a reliable VPN is your gateway to limitless entertainment. Youku, a premier video hosting service, offers an extensive range of content, making it a sought-after platform for viewers globally. However, accessing Youku outside Hong Kong poses significant challenges due to geo-restrictions.

This guide has meticulously researched to bring you the best free VPN for Youku , emphasizing security features and rigorous testing to mitigate risks associated with Best free VPN for Hong Kong services. While the internet is fraught with vulnerabilities, the VPNs recommended here stand out for their commitment to user privacy and security.

I’ve explored over 35 free VPN services and found Windscribe and ProtonvPN to be the frontrunners. However, ExpressVPN, with its unmatched security and free trial, is a top recommendation. Find out more in my guide:

Quick Overview: Best Free VPN for Youku

Discover the best free VPN for Youku , emphasizing security, accessibility, and seamless streaming:

  1. ExpressVPN – Best free trial VPN for Youku . With its fast servers and robust security features, It offers a top-tier free trial perfect for streaming Youku content without interruption.
  2. WindscribeBest free VPN for Youku . Its robust server presence in Hong Kong stands out, making it the best free VPN for accessing Youku outside China. Its commitment to user privacy and substantial data allowances ensure a seamless streaming experience.
  3. ProtonVPN – User-friendly VPN for Youku . As the most user-friendly VPN for Youku, it provides easy access to Youku outside Hong Kong. With dedicated servers in the region, ProtonVPN guarantees a straightforward and secure streaming session.

Detailed Analysis and FAQs

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Why do you need a VPN for Youku ?

Accessing Youku from  requires a VPN for several compelling reasons:

  • Overcome Geo-restrictions: Youku implements geo-restrictions that block access to its content . A VPN allows you to connect to a server in Hong Kong, making it appear that you are accessing the site from within the country, bypassing these restrictions.
  • Maintain Privacy: When you access Youku, your internet service provider (ISP) can monitor your activities. A VPN encrypts your internet connection, keeping your viewing habits private from ISPs and potential snoops.
  • Enhanced Security: Public Wi-Fi networks expose you to various security risks. A VPN provides a secure, encrypted tunnel for your data, protecting your information from hackers and cyber threats.
  • Access to a Wider Content Library: Some Youku content is exclusive to the Chinese market. Using a VPN, you unlock the full range of Youku’s library, including shows, movies, and live events unavailable in your region.
  • Improved Streaming Quality: ISPs may throttle bandwidth for streaming services, leading to buffering and slow loading times. A VPN can prevent ISP throttling, ensuring a smoother streaming experience.
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3 Free VPNs for Youku – In-depth Analysis

Below is the detailed analysis of the best free VPN for Youku :

ExpressVPN – Best free trial VPN for Youku

ExpressVPN-outside-Hong Kong

ExpressVPN stands out as the best free trial VPN for accessing Youku , thanks to its exceptional speed and reliability, which are crucial for streaming high-definition videos without interruption.

Server Locations

With its network spanning 105 countries, including 2 server locations in Hong Kong, ExpressVPN provides users outside Hong Kong unparalleled access to Youku’s extensive library. This expansive server coverage ensures users can enjoy a seamless streaming experience, including accessing global content as effortlessly as the ExpressVPN server list For Hong Kong Users demonstrates.

youku-outside-Hong Kong-unblocked-by-expressvpn

ExpressVPN unblocks Youku using its Hong Kong – 2 servers within seconds.

Security and Privacy

ExpressVPN’s commitment to user security is evident through its advanced encryption protocols, designed to safeguard your online activities from prying eyes. The service’s robust security measures are complemented by its ExpressVPN Kill Switch in Hong Kong feature, which acts as a safety net by halting all internet traffic if your VPN connection drops, ensuring your privacy is intact.

For those wondering about its efficacy in security, discussions on whether Is ExpressVPN Safe in Hong Kong? provide further insights into its reliability.


ExpressVPN stands out for its exceptional connection speeds, facilitating a buffering-free streaming experience crucial for enjoying Youku’s content; the ExpressVPN speed test in Hong Kong offered download and upload speed of 89.42 Mbps and 84.64 Mbps respectively.

ExpressVPN-Speed-test-outside-Hong Kong

ExpressVPN provides excellent speeds for Youku.

Media Streamer

The inclusion of the MediaStreamer feature by ExpressVPN caters to devices that do not support VPNs by default, offering an enriched streaming experience. This functionality is particularly advantageous for accessing geo-restricted content like Youku, illustrating how the  ExpressVPN MediaStreamer in Hong Kong can enhance your viewing pleasure.

Ease of Use

ExpressVPN ensures a user-friendly experience across various devices, including Android and Smart TV, highlighting its versatility and ease of setup. This commitment to ease of use is crucial for users who wish to enjoy Youku content on a broader range of devices, as evidenced by guides on using ExpressVPN on Android TV in Hong Kong and ExpressVPN on  Smart TV in Hong Kong.


The pricing structure of ExpressVPN is crafted to reflect its premium features, balancing cost with high-end service quality. For those evaluating the investment in such a service, detailed information on ExpressVPN Price in Hong Kong offers a clear perspective on its value proposition.


  • High-speed servers ideal for streaming Youku
  • Advanced security features and no-logging policy
  • Wide range of server locations worldwide


  • The free trial is time-limited
Get ExpressVPN Free Trial for Youku 30-day money-back guarantee

2. Windscribe – Best Free VPN for Youku

Windscribe-outside-Hong Kong

Windscribe is considered the best free VPN for Youku  outside Hong Kongdue to its generous data allowance and strong privacy features. It provides users with a substantial amount of free data monthly, which is particularly useful for streaming high-bandwidth content like videos on Youku.


Windscribe’s network encompasses many locations worldwide, including 11 server locations free of cost, providing users with extensive options for connecting and streaming content. This extensive server presence is crucial for accessing Youku content outside Hong Kong, ensuring reliable and fast connections regardless of the user’s location.

youku-unblocked-by-windscribe-hong-kong-server-outside-Hong Kong

Windscribe unblocked Youku with its HK server for me.

Security and Privacy

Windscribe is highly regarded for its robust security measures. The VPN employs strong encryption standards, ensuring your online activities remain private and secure. Windscribe’s commitment to user privacy is further evidenced by its strict no-logs policy, ensuring that none of your browsing history is stored or tracked.


Fast connection speeds are essential for streaming Youku content without buffering, and Windscribe delivers in this aspect; the Windscribe speed test in Hong Kong gave download and upload speed of 65.21 Mbps and 34.75 Mbps respectively.

Windscribe-speed-test-outside-Hong Kong

Windscribe offered fast speeds on its Hong Kong server.

Ease of Use

Windscribe stands out for its user-friendly interface and compatibility with various devices. Whether you’re looking to use Windscribe on FireStick for accessing Youku or engage in torrenting securely, the VPN provides straightforward guides and reliable performance across platforms.

Users can enjoy using Windscribe on FireStick in Hong Kong and Windscribe torrenting in Hong Kong to enhance your streaming and downloading experience.

Plans / Free Trial

Windscribe offers a versatile range of plans, including a generous free trial that makes it an attractive option for users seeking a free VPN for Youku. For those considering Windscribe, exploring the Windscribe free trial in Hong Kong provides valuable information on how to get started with the service and the benefits available, ensuring you can enjoy Youku content with minimal restrictions.


  • Generous data allowance for a free plan
  • Strong encryption and security features
  • Access to a decent number of server locations


  • Speeds can be inconsistent
  • Data cap might limit extended streaming sessions
Get Windscribe for Youku 30-day money-back guarantee

3. ProtonVPN – Secure Free VPN for Youku

ProtonVPN-outside-Hong Kong

ProtonVPN is a highly secure free VPN perfect for accessing Youku , offering an intuitive interface that’s ideal for those who may not be tech-savvy. Its simplicity does not compromise security, as it provides strong encryption and privacy measures to protect your online activities.


ProtonVPN’s network spans across multiple countries, offering users global access to enjoy content like Youku seamlessly . The broad server distribution is key to its effectiveness in bypassing geo-restrictions and ensuring a smooth streaming experience.

youku-unblocked-by-protonvpn-hong-kong-server-in-Hong Kong

ProtonVPN can also unblock Youku with its Hong Kong server.


ProtonVPN prioritizes your online security and privacy, employing strong encryption and no-logging policies to keep your data safe. For those concerned about its safety, Is ProtonVPN safe to use in Hong Kong? provides comprehensive insights into its security measures.


The enjoyment of Youku’s extensive content library without lag or buffering hinges on your VPN’s performance. The ProtonVPN speed test in Hong Kong offered download and upload speeds of 65.12 Mbps and 59.32 Mbps, respectively.

ProtonVPN-speed-test-outside-Hong Kong

ProtonVPN speeds are good enough for streaming Youku.

Ease of Use

ProtonVPN is renowned for its user-friendly interface, making it an excellent choice for VPN beginners and seasoned users alike. Its simplicity is further exemplified when using ProtonVPN on various devices, such as Roku, enhancing your streaming sessions on Youku.

Plans / Free Trial

Exploring ProtonVPN free trial in Hong Kong offers a no-risk opportunity to assess its compatibility with your streaming needs, especially for accessing Youku. This trial underscores ProtonVPN’s confidence in its value and service quality.


  • User-friendly interface, ideal for beginners
  • Strong emphasis on privacy and security
  • Provides servers in multiple countries


  • The free version has a very low data limit
  • Not all servers can bypass geo-restrictions effectively
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How to Choose the Best Free VPN for Youku

When searching for the best free VPN to unlock Youku , a popular Chinese streaming service, or anywhere else in the world, it’s essential to consider several critical factors.

Consider the Available Server Locations

The ability to bypass Youku’s geo-restrictions hinges on the VPN’s server locations. Opt for a VPN with servers in regions where Youku is accessible, ensuring you can connect and stream content seamlessly.

Speed and Data Limitations

Free VPNs often impose speed and data caps, hindering your streaming experience. Look for services that offer sufficient data and fast speeds to enjoy Youku without buffering or interruptions.

Security Features

A top-notch free VPN should offer robust security features to protect your online activities. This includes strong encryption, protection against DNS leaks, and a kill switch to safeguard your data if the VPN connection drops unexpectedly.

No-logs Policy

Privacy is paramount, so choose a free VPN with a strict no-logs policy. This ensures your browsing history and online activities aren’t recorded or stored, maintaining your anonymity.

Independent Audits

Trustworthy VPNs undergo independent audits to verify their security and privacy claims. These audits provide a layer of transparency and reliability, showing the VPN’s commitment to protecting its users.


The jurisdiction under which free VPN operates can affect its ability to protect your privacy. Opt for VPNs headquartered in countries with strong privacy laws, avoiding those based in regions known for intrusive surveillance or data retention practices.

Simultaneous Connections

Consider how many devices you want to use with the free VPN. A service that allows multiple simultaneous connections means you can secure various devices with a single account, enhancing your overall security.

Free Trial or Money-back Guarantee

A free trial or money-back guarantee is invaluable, allowing you to test the VPN’s capabilities without risk. ExpressVPN stands out in this regard, offering a free trial that lets users experience its premium service.

How to watch Youku with free VPN

Here is how to watch Youku with a free VPN :

  1. Select a VPN that offers servers in regions where Youku is available, like ExpressVPN.
  2. Register for the VPN service. Consider using ExpressVPN’s free trial for high-quality service.
  3. Download the VPN app for your device and follow the installation prompts.
  4. Open the VPN app and connect to a server located in Hong Kong or mainland China.
  5. Once connected, navigate to the Youku website or app. You should now have access to its content.
  6. Choose your preferred show or movie on Youku and start streaming!
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Free VPN to avoid  for Youku

Here are some free VPNs you might want to avoid if you’re planning to access Youku:

  • Hoxx VPN: While it offers free options, its ability to bypass geo-restrictions consistently, especially for services like Youku, is questionable. Moreover, concerns about logging policies and data security make it a less desirable option. Read Hoxx VPN review in Hong Kong for more details.
  • Hola VPN: Hola VPN operates differently by using a peer-to-peer network, which poses significant security and privacy risks. This structure can expose your connection to other users, making it unsuitable for secure and private streaming on Youku. Read Hola VPN review in Hong Kong for more details.
  • VPN: Although VPN provides a free tier, it comes with limitations in data and server access that can hinder your streaming experience on Youku. The free version’s data cap and speed restrictions are significant drawbacks for uninterrupted streaming. Read review in Hong Kong for more details.

Comparison table for best free VPN for Youku

Below is a comparison of all the best free VPN for Youku :

Features windscribe-logo proton-vpn-logo expressvpn-logo
Server Locations Servers in 11+ countries Servers in 20+ countries Servers in 105 countries
Data Allowance 10GB/month Unlimited bandwidth Unlimited (during trial)
Speed Good, with minor slowdowns Moderate, suitable for streaming Excellent, optimized for streaming
Security Strong encryption, kill switch Strong encryption, GhostBear feature for obfuscation 256-bit AES encryption, kill switch, split tunneling
Privacy/No-logs Policy No identifying logs No-logs policy Strict no-logs policy
Simultaneous Connections Unlimited 10 devices 8 devices
Jurisdiction Canada (Five Eyes) Switzerland (outside 14 Eyes) British Virgin Islands (outside 14 Eyes)
Ease of Use User-friendly interface Extremely simple and intuitive User-friendly across all devices
Free Trial/Money-back Guarantee Free tier available Free tier available 30-day money-back guarantee

What are the risks of using a free VPN to access Youku

Using a free VPN to access Youku can come with several risks that may affect your online security, privacy, and overall streaming experience. Here are some of the potential risks to be aware of:

  • Limited Security Features: Free VPNs often lack robust security measures, leaving your data vulnerable to cyber threats and hackers.
  • Data Logging and Selling: Some free VPN providers log your browsing activity and may sell your data to third parties for marketing or surveillance purposes.
  • Bandwidth Throttling: Free VPNs might limit your bandwidth, resulting in slow streaming speeds and frequent buffering when accessing Youku.
  • Limited Data Allowance: Many free VPN services impose data caps, restricting how much content you can stream from Youku before running out of data.
  • Ads and Spam: To generate revenue, free VPNs might bombard you with intrusive ads or spam, disrupting your viewing experience.
  • Limited Server Options: Free VPNs typically offer a restricted number of servers, which can lead to overcrowded servers, reduced speeds, and difficulty accessing Youku content.
  • Malware Risks: Some disreputable free VPN apps may contain malware that can infect your device, compromising your privacy and security.

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FAQ: Best Free VPN for Youku

Yes, using a VPN, including free ones, to watch Youku is generally legal in most countries. However, it’s important to respect Youku’s terms of service and be aware of the VPN regulations in your country.

Free VPNs can vary in safety and reliability for watching Youku. While some may offer decent access, they often come with limitations like reduced security features, potential data logging, and bandwidth caps, which can affect your streaming experience and privacy. For secure and uninterrupted viewing, considering a reputable VPN with robust security measures and reliable server connections is advisable

Yes, you can use a free VPN to watch Youku on various devices, including smartphones, tablets, laptops, and smart TVs. However, ensure the VPN you choose supports the specific platform you intend to use and be aware of the potential limitations and risks associated with free VPN services.


In conclusion, finding the best free VPN for Youku involves navigating through a myriad of options, each with its own set of features and limitations. While free VPNs can offer a temporary solution for accessing Youku , they often come with risks and restrictions that can compromise your streaming experience.

For a more reliable and secure option, consider the ExpressVPN free trial. It provides robust security features, high-speed connections, and extensive server options, ensuring an optimal Youku streaming experience without the common pitfalls of free VPNs.

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