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In today’s interconnected world, accessing region-restricted content from China while in Hong Kong poses a significant challenge. A common question arises: “Is there a free VPN that works in China?” Yes, UrbanVPN works just fine. Read on!

Although finding the best free VPN with Chinese servers in Hong Kong can be crucial for this purpose, it also entails risks. My thorough research and testing have pinpointed a few stellar options that balance robust security features with user accessibility.

While no service is entirely risk-free, the best free VPN service for Hong Kong may offer a secure and dependable method for protecting online privacy and accessing Chinese content.

Though I have tested over 35 free VPNs, I often recommend ExpressVPN for its safe and reliable features, even though it’s not entirely free. It offers a free trial that is very effective. Let’s dive into more options below.

Quick Overview: Best Free VPN With Chinese Servers in Hong Kong in 2024

Finding a VPN that provides access to Chinese servers without costing a dime is a tall order. Here’s a quick look at the best options available:

  1. ExpressVPN: Best Free Trial VPN with Chinese Servers – Notably reliable with extensive server presence in China.
  2. Best Free VPN with Chinese Servers – Offers robust security features suitable for accessing Chinese content securely.
  3. UrbanVPN: User-friendly Free VPN with Chinese Servers – A great choice for easy access with a user-friendly interface.

Why Do You Need a Free VPN With Chinese Servers in Hong Kong?

You may need a free VPN with Chinese servers for the following reasons:

Access Restricted Content:

One of the primary reasons to use a VPN with Chinese servers is to get a Chinese IP Address in Hong Kong and access region-restricted content that’s only available within China. This includes local websites, news portals, and streaming services that do not allow access from IP addresses outside of China.

Overcome Censorship:

China is known for its strict internet censorship laws. A VPN with servers in China can help users bypass these restrictions, allowing them to access a broader range of information and services, including social media platforms and international news that might be blocked.

Maintain Privacy and Security:

Using a VPN enhances your privacy and security by encrypting your internet connection. This is especially important if you are trying to access sensitive information or communicate privately without being subject to surveillance or monitoring by ISPs or government entities.

Best Free VPNs With Chinese Servers in Hong Kong (In-Depth Analysis)

Let’s move on to the in-depth analysis of the best free VPNs with Chinese servers. This section will cover the key features and benefits of each provider you’ve mentioned.

1. ExpressVPN: Best Free Trial VPN For Chinese Servers

Expressvpn-in-Hong Kong

ExpressVPN‘s free trial is highly suited for accessing Chinese servers, offering powerful features and exceptional ease of use. It’s recognized for its quick connectivity and robust security measures, making it a prime choice for users seeking unrestricted access to China.

Server Locations

ExpressVPN boasts an extensive server network of servers across 105 countries, including strategically positioned ones near China for optimal access and 2 in Hong Kong. This vast network allows for reliable connections and minimal latency. For detailed information, visit the ExpressVPN server list for US users in Hong Kong.

ExpressVPN-Unblocking-with-nearby-servers-in-Hong Kong

Connect to ExpressVPN servers in Hong Kong if you want to unblock Chinese sites.

Streaming Capabilities

The ExpressVPN MediaStreamer in Hong Kong feature, enhances the streaming experience by supporting a variety of devices and platforms, making it easier to access and stream content from Chinese platforms smoothly.

Unblocking-streaming-sites-in-Hong Kong

Using ExpressVPN’s servers helped me unblock QQ Music and many other geo-restricted sites.

Speed Test

ExpressVPN delivers outstanding performance, with speed tests showing download speeds of 89.42 Mbps and upload speeds of 84.64 Mbps. These speeds ensure efficient streaming, gaming, and browsing, maintaining quality even on bandwidth-intensive tasks. Full details are available in the ExpressVPN speed test review in Hong Kong.

ExpressVPN-offers-fast-download-and-upload-speeds-for-buffer-free streaming-in-Hong Kong

ExpressVPN offers fast download and upload speeds for buffer-free streaming.


Security is paramount with ExpressVPN, which uses AES-256 encryption—the same standard used by security experts worldwide. Moreover, the  ExpressVPN kill switch in Hong Kong also secures your internet traffic, ensuring no data leaks even if your connection drops.

Customer Support

ExpressVPN stands out for its responsive customer support available around the clock. Whether you have a technical issue or need setup assistance, their team is ready to help via live chat or email. Extensive customer service details can be explored in the comprehensive ExpressVPN review in Hong Kong.

Pricing & 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

While ExpressVPN’s pricing reflects its premium features, starting from HKD 52.1/mo (US$ 6.67/mo) - Save up to 49% with exclusive 1-year plans + 3 months free, it remains accessible thanks to a 30-day money-back guarantee. This offer allows users to fully evaluate its capabilities without financial commitment, providing peace of mind.

ExpressVPN remains a leading choice for users accessing VPN services with Chinese servers. Whether you aim to find the Best Free VPN For China in Hong Kong, ExpressVPN offers a solution tailored to your needs.


  • Extensive server network with reliable access to Chinese servers.
  • High-speed connections ideal for streaming and browsing.
  • Advanced security features ensuring user data protection.


  • Premium pricing may not suit everyone’s budget.

2. Best Free VPN with Chinese Servers

hide-in-Hong Kong offers the best free VPN with Chinese servers that focus on maintaining user privacy and enabling access to region-restricted content, such as that available in China. It’s recognized for its strong commitment to security and respect for user anonymity.

Server Locations has an impressive array of servers located around the globe, including near China, which are optimized for speed and reliability. This distribution ensures users can access Chinese content with reduced latency and increased connection stability.

watch-hide-in-Hong Kong

We used Hide me’s free servers to unblock Crave TV in China

Streaming Capabilities

The VPN excels in enabling access to streaming content from China by overcoming geo-restrictions effectively. allows users to stream their favorite Chinese movies, shows, and live events with minimal buffering, thanks to its optimized network.

Speed Test has consistently shown good performance in speed tests, offering decent download and upload speeds that facilitate smooth video streaming, fast downloads, and responsive browsing. This performance is crucial for users who need efficient access to internet resources from abroad.

hide-me-speed-test-in-Hong Kong speed result on a 100 Mbps connection as it is the best free VPN with Chinese server.


Security is a cornerstone of’s offerings, employing advanced encryption protocols and a strict no-logs policy to ensure user data and online activities remain private and untraceable. These features make a safe choice for users concerned about online surveillance and data theft.

Device Compatibility:

Additionally, those looking for device-specific options might search best free VPN with Chinese servers iOS or best free VPN with Chinese servers for iPhone to find apps optimized for Apple devices; this VPN is one of teh best options.

Customer Support prides itself on providing excellent customer support, with a knowledgeable team ready to assist users via live chat or email. Their quick response times and effective problem-solving help enhance the overall user experience.

Pricing & 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

While offers both free and paid plans, the free version provides significant functionality with a data cap. For those who need more from their VPN, paid plans come with a 30-day money-back guarantee, allowing users to test its full capabilities risk-free.

More about their servers can be explored in the VPN Review in Hong Kong.


  • Strong server performance ensures reliable access to restricted content.
  • High-level security features protect user privacy effectively.
  • The free version is robust enough for basic streaming and browsing needs.


  • The data cap on the free plan may limit extended usage, which could be a concern for heavy data users.

3. UrbanVPN: User-Friendly Free VPN for Chinese Servers

urbanvpn-in-Hong Kong

UrbanVPN stands out as a user-friendly, completely free VPN option that’s particularly appealing for casual users who need access to Chinese servers without any financial commitment. It’s praised for its straightforward interface and easy setup.

Server Locations

UrbanVPN offers a diverse network of servers, including those strategically placed to provide access to Chinese content. This wide range of servers helps maintain decent speeds and reliable connections for users globally. For more details, visit the Urban VPN Review in Hong Kong.

TRT1-unblocked-by-urbanvpn-Chinese-server-in-Hong Kong

TRT1 unblocked UrbanVPN with Chinese server after a couple of tries.

Streaming Capabilities

This VPN can bypass geographical restrictions, allowing users to enjoy Chinese streaming services and other region-locked content. Although performance may vary, UrbanVPN generally provides a satisfactory streaming experience for free users.

Speed Test

In performance tests, UrbanVPN has demonstrated fair speed results, achieving download speeds that support basic streaming and web browsing. This makes it suitable for users with moderate internet usage who prioritize cost over high-speed requirements.

URBANVPN-SPEED-TEST-With-chinese-servers-in-Hong Kong

UrbanVPN speed result on a 100 Mbps connection as it is the best free VPN with Chinese server.


UrbanVPN strongly emphasizes user security, offering basic encryption to keep users’ online activities private from ISPs and third-party trackers. While it may not offer the advanced security features of premium VPNs, it still maintains a level of security that can be sufficient for general users.

Regardless of the platform, finding a “VPN with China server free” remains a priority for many users seeking unrestricted access to Chinese content without compromising on security.

Device Compatibility:

Apart from the usual devices, Android users often search for “Best free VPN with Chinese servers for Android” or “Free VPN for Android in China” to ensure compatibility and efficiency. A VPN like UrbanVPN is a perfect solution for Android users.

Customer Support

UrbanVPN offers limited customer support as a free service, mostly accessible through their website. Users can find troubleshooting guides and FAQs to help resolve common issues independently.

Pricing & Accessibility

UrbanVPN is completely free, making it an accessible option for everyone. There is no paid version, so users have access to all available features at no cost, which is particularly appealing for those on a tight budget.

For a more in-depth look, check out the Urban VPN Review in Hong Kong.


  • Completely free service with no subscription costs.
  • Decent access to Chinese servers for basic browsing and streaming.
  • User-friendly interface ideal for beginners.


  • Variable performance and speed compared to paid VPN services.

Best Free VPN With Chinese Servers in Hong Kong – Testing Methodology

To determine the best free VPNs that offer access to Chinese servers, our testing methodology was designed to evaluate each VPN across several key performance indicators rigorously. These indicators are essential for users who need reliable, secure, and efficient online access in China. Below are the detailed criteria used in our testing process:

Access to Chinese Servers:

I specifically tested each VPN’s ability to connect to servers in or near China, essential for accessing local content and services. The effectiveness of each VPN in maintaining stable and persistent connections to these servers was a primary focus.

Strong Security Measures:

Given the stringent internet regulations in China, strong security features are paramount. I evaluated the encryption methods, security protocols, and additional security features like kill switches and DNS leak protection. Each VPN was tested for its ability to protect users’ data and ensure anonymity.

High Data Allowance:

For free VPN services, data allowance is often a limiting factor. I assessed each VPN for the generosity of its data cap, as a higher data allowance is crucial for streaming, downloading, and extensive browsing without interruptions.

Fast Connection Speeds:

Speed tests were conducted to measure each VPN’s performance regarding download and upload speeds when connected to Chinese servers. Fast speeds are crucial for a seamless internet experience, particularly when streaming high-definition video or engaging in other bandwidth-intensive activities.

Device Compatibility:

The ability to support a wide range of devices and operating systems is essential for user convenience. I tested each VPN on various platforms, including Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS, to ensure users can secure all their devices with a single VPN service.

For desktop users, the query best free VPN with Chinese servers for PC can lead to solutions that provide robust desktop performance.

Usability Testing:

Ease of use is also critical, particularly for less tech-savvy users. I evaluated the user interface and the simplicity of setting up and configuring the VPN on all supported devices.

Discussion Threads

Various platforms can offer insights into user experiences and recommendations when searching for the best VPN options. For instance, discussions on the best free VPN with Chinese servers Reddit often highlight user reviews and real-world testimonials about VPN performance in China.

Troubleshooting Common Issues with VPNs With Chinese Servers in Hong Kong

Using a VPN to access servers in China can sometimes lead to technical difficulties. Here are five common issues and their practical solutions:

1. Difficulty Connecting to Servers:

Users often face challenges when attempting to connect to VPN servers located in China. This is typically due to network congestion or server overload. To resolve this issue, try connecting during off-peak hours or switch to a different server if your VPN provides multiple regional options.

2. Slow Connection Speeds:

Slow speeds are a frequent complaint among VPN users, particularly when connecting to distant servers like those in China. To improve your connection speed, close unnecessary applications on your device that may be using bandwidth, or try connecting to a server that is geographically closer to your actual location, if available.

3. VPN Blocks and Censorship:

China’s sophisticated censorship system, the Great Firewall, can detect and block VPN traffic. If your VPN is suddenly inaccessible, switch to a VPN protocol that is better disguised against detection, such as OpenVPN or WireGuard. Checking for updates or contacting your VPN provider for advice can also be beneficial.

4. IP or DNS Leaks:

An IP or DNS leak can expose your real location, rendering the VPN ineffective. To troubleshoot, ensure your VPN has an integrated kill switch and DNS leak protection. You can also test for leaks using online tools and contact customer support if the problem persists.

5. Frequent Disconnections:

If your VPN connection drops frequently, it might be due to instability in your internet connection or VPN app glitches. Ensure your internet connection is stable, update the VPN app, or reinstall it if necessary. Switching to a lighter encryption protocol can sometimes help maintain a more stable connection.

Which Chinese Streaming Platforms Can Free VPNs Unblock in Hong Kong?

Free VPNs with servers in or near China can be quite effective in bypassing geographical restrictions imposed by Chinese streaming platforms. Here are several popular services that users often seek access to:

  • LeTV
  • Bilibili
  • Tencent Video
  • Youku
  • iQIYI
  • Mango TV

Risks and Limitations You Can Face Using Free VPNs For China

Using a free VPN to access content in China involves several risks and limitations. Here are five crucial points to consider:

1. Limited Data and Bandwidth:

Free VPNs often impose strict data caps and bandwidth limitations. This can severely restrict your ability to stream video, download files, or even browse content-intensive websites, which can be particularly frustrating when accessing media-rich Chinese platforms.

2. Slower Connection Speeds:

Due to overcrowded servers and limited resources, free VPNs frequently offer slower connection speeds than their paid counterparts. This can lead to buffering and long load times, especially when streaming high-quality video content from Chinese services.

3. Security Vulnerabilities:

Free VPNs may not invest heavily in robust security protocols, leaving users vulnerable to various security threats, including data breaches and malware. The lack of strong encryption and secure VPN tunnels can be particularly problematic when bypassing the stringent internet censorship in China.

4. Privacy Concerns:

Many free VPN providers rely on tracking and logging user activity to generate revenue through advertisements or by selling data to third parties. This practice can compromise your privacy and contradicts the primary purpose of using a VPN, especially in a surveillance-heavy region like China.

5. Limited Server Options:

Free VPNs typically have fewer server options, limiting your ability to find a stable and fast connection to Chinese servers. Additionally, with more limited server locations, there’s a higher chance that Chinese censorship mechanisms will detect and block these servers.

These limitations underscore the importance of carefully choosing a VPN service, especially when the goal is to access content from a region with complex regulations and active internet monitoring like China. For users who require reliable and secure access, considering a paid VPN might be a worthwhile investment.

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FAQs – Best Free VPN With Chinese servers In Hong Kong

Windscribe is currently regarded as the best free VPN for China, particularly due to its obfuscation technology, which helps bypass the Great Firewall. Windscribe’s free version includes a server location near mainland China in Hong Kong, which is crucial for accessing Chinese content.

Yes, VPNs are legal in China for corporations, but the Chinese government regulates their use strictly. Individual users face significant scrutiny, and the government has taken steps to block VPN services that do not comply with local regulations.

Thus, while not illegal, using a VPN in China can be challenging due to strict regulations and the need for VPN providers to have a government license​.

Here are some of the benefits of using a VPN with Chinese servers:

  • VPNs with Chinese servers enable users to access local Chinese content, websites, and services that are geo-restricted to China.
  • They help bypass China’s Great Firewall, allowing access to blocked websites and international news outlets.
  • Using a VPN enhances privacy and security by encrypting your internet connection and protecting your data from surveillance.
  • VPNs hide your IP address, providing anonymity while browsing.
  • Some VPNs optimize server connections, potentially improving network performance and reducing latency.​


In conclusion, finding the best free VPN with Chinese servers in Hong Kong can be challenging due to strict regional restrictions and the varied performance of different VPN services. While free VPNs like Windscribe offer some access to Chinese content with limited capabilities, those requiring more robust and reliable service might consider options like ExpressVPN.

Although not entirely free, ExpressVPN offers a free trial with superior security, extensive server availability, and excellent speeds. This makes it an excellent choice for those needing dependable access to Chinese servers. Opt for the ExpressVPN free trial to experience its premium features firsthand.

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