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Are you in for a gripping legal thriller? If so, you can watch The Killing Kind Complete Series in Hong Kong on Paramount Plus UK library by using a reliable and premium VPN like ExpressVPN.

Although Paramount Plus originates from the United States, its content libraries are geo-restricted, and such is the case with Paramount Plus UK. Just like a VPN helps you watch Paramount Plus in Hong Kong, you can leverage your VPN’s UK servers to watch The Killing Kind Paramount+ Plus series.

The Killing Kind is the latest British thriller TV series adapted from Jane Casey’s novel. The series centers around Ingrid Lewis (Emma Appleton), a lawyer trying to get at peace in her life after becoming intimately involved with a perilous former client John Webster (Colin Morgan). However, her world turns unexpectedly when she crosses paths with Webster yet again.

Continue reading our guide to find out how you can watch The Killing Kind Complete Series in Hong Kong on Paramount Plus.

Watch The Killing Kind Complete Series in Hong Kong on Paramount Plus  – (Quick Guide)

Follow these easy steps to watch The Killing Kind Complete Series in Hong Kong on Paramount Plus:

  1. Subscribe to a reliable VPN provider like ExpressVPN.
  2. Download the VPN app on your device.
  3. Connect to a fast UK server (preferably London).
  4. Log in to your Paramount Plus account or get a new subscription.
  5. Start streaming The Killing Kind 2023 TV series!

Note: To view Paramount Plus UK content, you must have a paid subscription. If you haven’t previously subscribed, we suggest signing up for a complimentary Paramount Plus free trial.

Where can I watch The Killing Kind Complete Series Online?

Viewers are mulling over where to watch The Killing Kind. You can watch The Killing Kind Complete Series Online on Paramount Plus UK. However, if you are in Hong Kong, you’ll need a premium VPN like ExpressVPN to access the Paramount Plus UK library, where the series will be exclusively available.

If you’re considering getting a subscription, you must be wondering how much is Paramount Plus. Be sure to check out different Paramount Plus plans and select the package that suits your needs. Additionally, there’s a 7-day free trial available that lets you enjoy the best shows on Paramount Plus, giving you the chance to binge-watch without spending a penny.

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When is The Killing Kind Series Premiere?

The Killing Kind TV series release date on Paramount Plus is September 7, 2023. All of the episodes of the series will premiere on The Killing Kind TV series release date, so the viewers can enjoy the series in a box set form.

See the Killing Kind thriller series release timing listed below according to different time zones. So, check out your time zone and mark your calendar to watch The Killing Kind Complete Series in Hong Kong on Paramount Plus.

Time Zones Time
Pacific Time (PT), United States 1:00 PM
Mountain Time (MT), United States 2:00 PM
Central Time (CT), United States 3:00 PM
Central European Time (CET) 10:00 PM
India Standard Time (IST) 01:30 AM (next day)
Singapore Time (SGT) 4:00 AM (next day)
China Standard Time (CST) 4:00 AM (next day)
Japan Standard Time (JST) 5:00 AM (next day)
Sydney Time 6:00 AM (next day)
Melbourne Time 6:00 AM (next day)

The Killing Kind Season 1 Episode Guide?

The Killing Kind Season 1 comprises a total of six episodes. The Killing Kind 2023 release date is September 7, 2023. All of the episodes are set for a simultaneous boxset release on the premiere day. So mark your calendar, and don’t forget to catch the Killing Kind thriller series on Paramount Plus.

See The Killing Kind TV series episodes guide listed below:

Episodes Release date
Episode 1 September 7, 2023
Episode 2 September 7, 2023
Episode 3 September 7, 2023
Episode 4 September 7, 2023
Episode 5 September 7, 2023
Episode 6 September 7, 2023

The cast of The Thriller Series (The Killing Kind)

See the Killing Kind thriller series’ talented cast, including Emma Appleton, listed below, along with the characters listed in front of them:

Cast Characters
Emma Appleton Ingrid Lewis
Elliot Barnes-Worrell Mark Orpen
Sara Powell Belinda Grey
Olivia D’Lima Suzanne
Nicholas Rowe Angus Grey
Sophie Stanton DI Jill Winstanley
Rob Jarvis Tom Martins
Kerr Logan DS Luke Nash
Richard Dixon Judge Peter Stuart
Simon Meacock Mr. Wilson
Stuart Fox Daniel Pole
Bethany Muir Emma Seaton
Jacquetta May Anne Orpen
Marc Danbury Locksmith
Demelza O’Sullivan Police Tech
Jake Neads Receptionist
Phil Aizlewood Gavin
Jane Paul-Gets Coroner

Quick Overview of the Thriller Series  (The Killing Kind)

“The Killing Kind” delves into the English justice system, following Ingrid Appleton, a lawyer attempting to mend her reputation after representing a client with a dark history of making people vanish.

However, her past case takes an unexpected turn when the client resurfaces, harboring a deep grudge and determined to make Ingrid pay for her previous loss. And this is The Killing Kind summary of the plot.

This miniseries is an adaptation of the book of the same title and includes key members of the production team such as the author, Jane Casey, alongside Paula Cuddy, Jill Green, and producer Andy Litvin.

In the latest Thriller Series The Killing Kind, Emma Appleton is driven to discover the truth.

In the latest thrilling series, “The Killing Kind,” Emma Appleton takes on the role of a defense barrister. This Paramount+ series explores the high-stakes world of lawyers and barristers, delving into the complexities that arise when a personal relationship with a client becomes entangled with the pursuit of truth, regardless of the consequences.

Although the newly unveiled The Killing Kind trailer is just one minute in duration, it packs in an array of elements, including car chases and explosive scenes, and concludes with a haunting question: Can you place your trust in the person you dread the most?

The Killing Kind | Official Trailer

If you are planning to watch The Killing Kind Complete Series in Hong Kong on Paramount Plus, you must take a look at the Killing Kind trailer.

Watch The Killing Kind TV series trailer below:

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Watch-The-Killing-Kind-Complete-Series-in-Hong Kong-On-Paramount-Plus 

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What else can I watch on Paramount Plus besides The Killing Kind?

Here is what to watch on Paramount Plus besides streaming The Killing Kind thriller series:

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What Channel is Paramount Plus on DIRECTV? Paramount Plus is not available as a channel on Directv; instead, it functions as a streaming service. To enjoy its content on your television, you’ll need to install the Paramount Plus app. This is possible if you own a smart TV that supports app downloads.

The Killing Kind 2023


The genre of The Killing Kinds series is Thriller. You can watch the Killing Kind thriller series on Paramount Plus in Hong Kong using a premium VPN like ExpressVPN.

The writer of The Killing Kind novel that the series is based on is Jane Casey. Born and raised in Dublin, Jane Casey is a bestselling crime writer with twelve crime novels for adults, including ten in the Maeve Kerrigan series and three novels for teenagers in the Jess Tennant series.

Wrap Up

The upcoming drama thriller, The Killing Kind, is set to release on September 7, 2023, and will definitely keep you hooked at the edge of your seats. You can watch The Killing Kind Complete Series in Hong Kong on Paramount Plus UK by using a trusted VPN app with fast UK servers.

Secure your ExpressVPN subscription immediately and immerse in a gripping legal thriller. This VPN offers fast speed, an extensive UK server network, and top-of-the-line security features.