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Interested in Rugby matches? Well, good news because you can now watch Rugby World Cup 2023 in Hong Kong on Discovery Plus using ExpressVPN.

Rugby World Cup 2023 online is available on Discovery Plus UK via TNT Sports which is geo-restricted.  That’s when a VPN can help you access it by masking your IP address. This way you can easily watch Discovery Plus in Hong Kong  as well as stream the event without buffer or lag.

The Rugby World Cup is an international rugby union tournament, which is one of the most prestigious and widely watched sporting events in the world. Where nations collide and legends arise, the Rugby World Cup is where passion meets the pitch, and champions are crowned with the thunderous roar of the global rugby family

Keep on reading to find out how to watch Rugby World Cup 2023 in Hong Kong.

How To Watch Rugby World Cup 2023 in Hong Kong on Discovery Plus? [5 Easy Steps]

Read these simple steps to learn how to watch Rugby World Cup 2023 in Hong Kong on Discovery Plus:

  1. Get a premium VPN like ExpressVPN.
  2. Download the VPN app on your device and launch it.
  3. Create a connection with the UK-Docklands server.
  4. Open the Discovery+ website and sign into your account.
  5. Go to TNT Sports and watch Rugby World Cup 2023 in Hong Kong on Discovery Plus.

Where to Watch Rugby World Cup 2023 Online?

Wondering, “Where to watch Rugby World Cup 2023?” Tune into Discovery Plus now and access TNT Sports to watch the Rugby World Cup 2023 streaming. This is your cue to get a Discovery Plus subscription. If you don’t have one, check out the Discovery Plus pricing here!

You can also catch Rugby World Cup 2023 free of cost by using the Discovery Plus free trial. This trial is available for all new subscribers and lasts for about seven days.

Just make sure to use ExpressVPN to get past geo-restrictions and enjoy Rugby World Cup 2023 on TNT Sports live as well as other best sports on Discovery Plus like MotoGP 2023 live Stream or watch India vs Pakistan Asia Cup 2023 in Hong Kong.

Now that you know where to watch Rugby World Cup 2023, check out the next heading to learn more about the start date.

When is the Rugby World Cup 2023?

The 2023 Rugby World Cup fixtures have been unveiled and will be available to stream from September 8, 2023, to October 28, 2023. Set the dates on your calendars now to watch Rugby World Cup 2023 in Hong Kong on Discovery Plus!

Where is the Rugby World Cup 2023 happening?

The 2023 Rugby World Cup venue this year is Stade de France, north of Paris. The competition will be contested on the bicentennial anniversary of William Webb Ellis’ “invention” of the profession. Get your Rugby World Cup 2023 tickets now!

You can also watch Rugby World Cup 2023 in Hong Kong on Discovery Plus by using ExpressVPN.

City Stadium Capacity
Bordeaux Stade de Bordeaux 42,060
Lille Stade Pierre Mauroy 50,096
Lyon OL Stadium 58,883
Marseille Stade de Marseille 67,847
Nantes Stade de la Beaujoire 35,520
Nice Stade de Nice 35,983
Saint Denis Stade de France 80,023
Saint-Étienne Stade Geoffroy-Guichard 41,965
Toulouse Stadium de Toulouse 33,103

Schedule for Rugby World Cup 2023

The Rugby World Cup 2023 schedule has been made official and fans are more than excited. Before you watch Rugby World Cup 2023 on TNT Sports live, check out the schedule here:

Date Team 1 Team 2 Time
September 8 France New Zealand 8.15 pm
September 9 Italy Namibia 12.00 pm
September 9 Ireland Romania 2.30 pm
September 9 Australia Georgia 5.00 pm
September 9 England Argentina 8.00 pm
September 10 Japan Chile 12.00 pm
September 10 South Africa Scotland 4.45 pm
September 10 Wales Fiji 8.00 pm
September 14 France Uruguay TBD
September 15 New Zealand Namibia 8.00 pm
September 16 Samoa Chile 2.00 pm
September 16 Wales Portugal 4.45 pm
September 16 Ireland Tonga 8.00 pm
September 17 South Africa Romania 2.00 pm
September 17 Australia Fiji 4.45 pm
September 17 England Japan 8.00 pm
September 20 Italy Uruguay 4.45 pm
September 21 France Namibia 8.00 pm
September 22 Argentina Samoa 4.45 pm
September 23 Georgia Portugal 1.00 pm
September 23 England Chile 4.45 pm
September 23 South Africa Ireland 8.00 pm
September 24 Scotland Tonga 4.45 pm
September 24 Wales Australia 8.00 pm
September 27 Uruguay Namibia 4.45 pm
September 28 Japan Samoa 8.00 pm
September 29 New Zealand Italy 8.00 pm
September 30 Argentina Chile 2.00 pm
September 30 Fiji Georgia 4.45 pm
September 30 Scotland Romania 8.00 pm
October 1 Australia Portugal 4.45 pm
October 1 South Africa Tonga 8.00 pm
October 5 New Zealand Uruguay 8.00 pm
October 6 France Italy 8.00 pm
October 7 Wales Georgia 2.00 pm
October 7 England Samoa 4.45 pm
October 7 Ireland Scotland 8.00 pm
October 8 Japan Argentina 12.00 pm
October 8 Tonga Romania 4.45 pm
October 8 Fiji Portugal 8.00 pm
October 14 Winner Pool C Runner-up Pool D TBD
October 14 Winner Pool B Runner-up Pool A TBD
October 15 Winner Pool D Runner-up Pool C TBD
October 15 Winner Pool A Runner-up Pool B TBD
October 20 Winner Quarter-final 1 Winner Quarter-final 2 TBD
October 21 Winner Quarter-final 3 Winner Quarter-final 3 TBD
October 27 Runner-up Semi-final 1 Runner-up Semi-final 2 TBD
October 28 Winner Semi-final 1 Winner Semi-final 2 TBD

What are the Groups at the 2023 Rugby World Cup?

Since there are four pools, with five teams each this year, here are the Rugby World Cup 2023 groups:

Pool Teams
Pool A New Zealand, France, Italy, Uruguay, Namibia
Pool B South Africa, Ireland, Scotland, Tonga, Romania
Pool C Wales, Australia, Fiji, Georgia, Portugal
Pool D England, Japan, Argentina, Samoa, Chile

When are the Knockout Rounds at the 2023 Rugby World Cup?

The quarter-final matches are set for October 14th and 15th, followed by the semi-finals on October 20th and 21st. Afterward, there will be a third-place playoff on the 27th, culminating in the final match on the 28th.

Brace yourself to watch Rugby World Cup 2023 in Hong Kong on Discovery Plus by using ExpressVPN.

Who are the Favourites in Rugby World Cup 2023?

For this year’s Rugby World Cup 2023 streaming, numerous analysts are designating New Zealand as the top contenders in the tournament. The All Blacks share a three-time World Cup victory record with South Africa.

In 2015, they made history as the first team to secure the trophy thrice while successfully defending it. Aaron Smith, who has amassed 117 caps, might play a pivotal role in New Zealand’s triumph this year, particularly as he remembers the recent semi-final defeat to England in 2019.

How Much is the Ticket for Rugby World Cup 2023?

Want to buy the Rugby World Cup 2023 tickets, but have no idea how much they cost? Do not worry because we can help you with the price list for this year as ticket prices for matches in this World Cup are not uniform. They commence at 950 euros and have a maximum of 10 euros.

Moreover, there are comprehensive packages available, encompassing tickets for all Rugby World Cup matches alongside the regular ticket costs. Furthermore, the pricing can fluctuate based on the specific package and match.

How to Get Tickets for the Rugby World Cup 2023?

As previously mentioned, you can still purchase a limited quantity of tickets from the official Rugby World Cup website. However, if you’re interested in acquiring a ticket package for all 48 matches, including the final, we suggest exploring

How Much Do You Need to Pay to Stream Rugby World Cup 2023 Online?

For individuals who choose to subscribe to TNT Sports directly via their Discovery+ subscription, the cost amounts to £29.99* per month.

This comprehensive package not only grants access to TNT Sports but also encompasses Eurosport channels and a variety of entertainment content, ensuring subscribers receive a well-rounded entertainment experience.

Now that we have talked about Rugby World Cup Fixtures: The France 2023 as well as all the other details you need to know, let us get into why you would need ExpressVPN to enhance your streaming experience.

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Rugby World Cup 2023

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Yes, the Rugby World Cup is typically held every four years. This international rugby union tournament is organized by World Rugby (formerly known as the International Rugby Board or IRB), and teams from around the world compete for the championship.

New Zealand has won the most Rugby World Cup tournaments. The New Zealand national rugby team, known as the All Blacks, has been incredibly successful in the tournament, winning multiple times.

During the pool stage, there are a total of 40 matches (20 matches in each pool). After the pool stage, the top two teams from each pool advance to the knockout stage, which includes quarterfinals, semifinals, and ultimately the final match. In total, a Rugby World Cup tournament can have around 48 to 50 matches, depending on the specific tournament format and structure in that particular year.

The competition is set to commence on September 8th, with the inaugural match featuring the host country France against New Zealand. The New Zealand national rugby team, commonly known as the ‘All Blacks’, holds a strong position as a potential victor in the tournament.

Wrap Up

To repeat everything that was stated above, you can now watch Rugby World Cup 2023 in Hong Kong on Discovery Plus using ExpressVPN.

Rugby union is a team sport played with an oval ball, and it is characterized by physical play, strategic team movements, and intense competition. Get ready to scrum down and tackle the excitement!

Don’t miss the chance to witness history unfold – Enjoy!