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Audiences across the world continue to love Heartland. In Heartland Season 17, many are eager to witness the new challenges, celebrations, and twists regarding Amber Marshall and the community at Heartland Ranch. You’ll learn how to watch Heartland Season 17 in Hong Kong on CBC since the network is limited to Canadian borders.

CBC has a remarkable list of programs that keep viewers glued. You have plenty to pick and stream at your convenience. However, the channel blocks streamers in Hong Kong because of the strict content licensing laws and agreements.

Also, are you a fan of Heartland, the longest-running TV series, eagerly waiting for the release of Season 17? Well, we have good news for you! The much-anticipated Heartland Season 17 will be released on the 1st of October, 2023. Meanwhile, simply read this blog!

You need the assistance of a premium VPN, like ExpressVPN to bypass the setback and watch CBC in Hong Kong anonymously.

Get ready to learn about the season 17 series details, and how to use a VPN to watch the channel from your location without issues.

Watch Heartland season 17 in Hong Kong on CBC- [Easy Steps]

You can watch Heartland season 17 in Hong Kong on CBC with a premium VPN. Below are the easy steps to get you started.

  • Get a reliable and trusted VPN ( we recommend ExpressVPN).
  • Add the VPN to your device and subscribe
  • Find a suitable server in Canada, preferably Toronto
  • Log into your CBC account create one if new
  • Search and watch Heartland season 17 in Hong Kong on CBC.

Where to Watch Heartland season 17 in Hong Kong?

You can watch Heartland season 17 in Hong Kong on CBC. The network announced the great news on their platforms, exciting fans who had waited for the new season. It highlights Amber Marshall and the ranching community.

Check the cost for CBC and create an account with CBC. You can cancel your subscription to CBC once you finish the series. Hopefully, it answers your question, “Where can I watch Heartland season 17 in Hong Kong on CBC?

Why do you need a VPN to watch Heartland season 17 in Hong Kong on CBC?

You need a VPN to watch Heartland season 17 in Hong Kong on CBC because the VPN hides your presence, making you anonymous for streaming on CBC.

Usually, content licensing agreements block users abroad from accessing the network, but with a VPN, you get assigned to a new Canadian IP address that masks your location. When connected, you appear to be streaming from Canada. A tried and tested VPN is ExpressVPN.

When does Heartland season 17 premiere on CBC?

Heartland season 17 release date on CBC is Oct 1, 2023. The channel announced the news on its website, making fans happy. The previous season was exciting, with the ranching life and challenges contributing to the plot. Tune into CBC to follow the events.

Heartland Season 17 Synopsis

In Heartland Season 17, some intense challenges and new adventures await the Bartlett-Fleming family. The Bartlett-Fleming mates are overwhelmed to explore new territories and make new friends.

Their lives are now very different from the past, and new changes are happening every day.

Amy, Lou, Jack, and Tim are still passionate about their beliefs and family values. They are determined to keep their ancestor’s land safe and prosperous as long as they live.

What is the Narrative of Heartland season 17?

The narrative of Heartland season 17 tells the fictional story of Amber Marshall and his community through the life of ranching. In the series, there is more about characters embracing the unexpected and adapting to new experiences. The combination of celebrations makes the entire series exceptional as they are unique.

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What is the Plot of Heartland season 17?

The plot of Heartland season 17 follows the adventures of Amy with his family and the community. The belief that dreams often come true is something the family knows. However, in the series, unexpected events take turns, and the storyline focuses on embracing sudden changes due to unforeseen circumstances.

We have all the information you need from cast to the 30 Heartland Horse Names List. Keep reading to learn more.

That said, you should also check out where is Heartland filmed. All filming locations and how to visit them to catch a glimpse of all the beautiful locations.

Following are the Heartland Season 17 cast and characters:

Cast Acting as
Amber Marshall Amy Fleming
Michelle Morgan Lou Fleming Morris
Gabriel Hogan Peter Morris
Shaun Johnston Jack Bartlett
Jessica Steen Lisa Stillman
Chris Potter Tim Fleming
Alisha Newton Georgie
Jordan Burtchett Quinn
Ruby and Emanuella Spencer Lyndy Fleming
Michelle Nolden Jessica Cook
Kerry James Caleb Odell
Baye McPherson Katie Fleming-Morris
Ava Tran Parker Yang
Drew Davies Logan
Shawn Roberts Sam Langston

Heartland Season 17 might also see Graham Walder return! Discover 3 Heartland Actors Who Live Like Their Characters in Real Life.

Heartland Season 17 Episode Release Schedule

Here’s a brief detail about the Heartland Season 17 Episode Release Schedule. Also, learn 7 Things That Could Happen in Heartland 17.

Episode No. Title Release Date Plot
Episode 1 The Path Less Travelled October 1, 2023 Amy had an unexpected visitor at the ranch when Mallory, who was expecting, showed up with a wild horse. The family drama continues.
Episode 2 Taking the Reins October 8, 2023 Circumstances bring Amy and Edward a lot closer and they start to develop certain feelings.
Episode 3 The Heart Wants October 15, 2023 Amy lends a hand to Caleb as they work together to care for his son’s pony. Lou and Jessica start a new business venture.
Episode 4 A Piece Apart October 22, 2023 Amy deals with Lyndy’s fear of horses. Not only does Logan accuse himself of Miley’s injury this season
Episode 5 How To Say Goodbye October 29, 2023 The previous season was exciting, with the ranching life and challenges contributing to the plot
Episode 6 TBA November 5, 2023 TBA
Episode 7 TBA November 12, 2023 TBA
Episode 8 TBA November 19, 2023 TBA
Episode 9 TBA November 26, 2023 TBA
Episode 10 TBA December 3, 2023 TBA

In episode 1, The Path Less Traveled (aired on 1st October 2023), Tim spots a billboard that resembles an old ad featuring Jack from Garland Foods. This episode sets the stage for the upcoming local election. To know more, stay connected to watch Heartland Season 17 Episode 1 in Hong Kong on CBC:

In episode 2: “Taking the Reins” (aired on October 8th), we saw that Amy and Jack work together to retrain Edwin’s horse for carriage racing, which brings Amy and Edwin closer. Meanwhile, Logan takes on his first client horse, and the family navigates election night. To find out what happens next, watch Heartland Season 17 Episode 2 in Hong Kong on CBC:

Episode 3: “The Heart Wants” (aired on October 15th) showed how Amy and Caleb team up to address issues with Caleb’s new pony while Logan continues to work on a new horse. Additionally, some action sequences were highlighted in this episode. What are those sequences? Watch Heartland Season 17 Episode 3 in Hong Kong on CBC to know.

Episode 4: “A Piece Apart” (aired on October 22nd) revealed that Amy faces Lyndy’s newfound fear of horses. Meanwhile, Logan is burdened with guilt over Miley’s accident, and Tim rallies the family to ensure Shane’s return to Heartland is a warm one. Sounds interesting, right? learn more about Amy and Lyndy by watching Heartland Season 17 Episode 4 in Hong Kong on CBC:

The Season 17 Episode 5 preview talks about the Canadian family and how they’re going through challenges to ensure they manage life. Amy is the main person at the center of the episode. She is struggling with love and looking ahead to save his grandpa’s ranch. The Heartland Season 17 Episode 5 full episode premiers soon and will be available on CBC. You can Watch Heartland Season 17 Episode 5 in Hong Kong on CBC with ExpressVPN.

The Heartland Season 17 Episode 6 full episode premiers on 5th Nov and will be available on CBC. You can watch Heartland Season 17 Episode 6 in Hong Kong on CBC with ExpressVPN.

The Heartland Season 17 Episode 7 full episode premiers on 12th Nov and will be available on CBC. You can watch Heartland Season 17 Episode 7 in Hong Kong on CBC with ExpressVPN.

The Heartland Season 17 Episode 8 full episode premiers on 19th Nov and will be available on CBC. You can watch Heartland Season 17 Episode 8 in Hong Kong on CBC with ExpressVPN.

The Heartland Season 17 Episode 9 full episode premiers on 26th Nov and will be available on CBC. You can watch Heartland Season 17 Episode 9 in Hong Kong on CBC with ExpressVPN.

The Heartland Season 17 Episode 10 full episode premiers on 3rd December and will be available on CBC. You can watch Heartland Season 17 Episode 10 in Hong Kong on CBC with ExpressVPN.

Is Heartland based on a book?

Yes, Heartland is based on 25 novel series written by the talented Lauren Brooke. This novel series started in 2000 and has captivated the fans since then. The series elaborates on the life and family bond of Amy Fleming. It’s a heartwarming journey of love, resilience, and the deep bond between humans and these majestic creatures.

Where can I watch Heartland Seasons 15 16 and 17?

Catch the previous season of Heartland including Seasons 15, 16, and 17, exclusively on CBC and CBC GEM. The series fans can watch Heartland seasons 15,16 and 17 online for free via CBC GEM’s free trial service. You can also check out Heartland All Seasons Recap.

For ex-pats residing in Hong Kong ExpressVPN subscription is mandatory for accessing the series, as CBC will not allow any non-Canadian IP address to stream their content.

Here’s What the Cast Have Said About Season 17

The cast of Heartland embraced their joy with comments on the official release update on the Facebook page. Below are some of the sentiments.

Michelle Morgan said, “Heartland entering the 17th season in an industry where a series is lucky to get a second or third season is hard to wrap your head around. I attribute the longevity of Heartland to a perfect alchemy of all the most important elements in television.

We have a good story engine and great chemistry between the different actors on the set. We have a stunning and unique setting, a little piece of southern Alberta known as the foothills.

We have many knowledgeable local cowboys and cowgirls to guide the show and keep it authentically grounded in the Western world. But the most important element is that it is a multi-generational show that anyone in the family can watch and enjoy.”

Amber Marshall said, “It is hard to believe I have been part of 250 Heartland episodes. When I look back and do the math, I’ve spent over 1700 days on set which is roughly 24,000 hours. I really can’t imagine a better group of people to create something so special. We are all so proud of this show”

Chris Potter said, “In 2007, Heartland presented an opportunity of great promise. Over the course of its seasons, the promise realized, Heartland has become a dream. A way of life for many of us involved in its ongoing creation.

As we celebrate our 250th episode milestone it is with admiration for, and congratulations to, every person involved in making the show throughout the seasons. For me, the dream goes on until I ride my horse into the Heartland sunset. What a ride it’s been so far!”

Shaun Johnston said, “250 episodes of Heartland! That sure is a beautiful thing. Working on Heartland has been the greatest gift in my professional lifetime for me. Having been in the Heartland family since the very first day of production all those many years back I am proud to say that I am honored, humbled, and privileged to be Jack Bartlett. Thank you, CBC. And thank you, fans of Heartland”.

How many episodes are in season 17 of Heartland?

There are 10 episodes of season 17 of Heartland. The official announcement for the start of the first episodes was great news for streams. Each episode will be out weekly, beginning with Heartland season 17, allowing viewers to enjoy streaming for an hour and follow the storyline.

The drama has now had about 250 episodes since it started. You can also check out the 10 Best Heartland Episodes Ranked by Fans.

Is Lisa in season 17 of Heartland?

Yes, Lisa is in Season 17 on Heartland. Her real name is Jessica Steen, and her role as Lisa Stillman is key. She has been on the cast list for a while and will continue with her impressive roles. Tune in to the channel with the best VPN for CBC to follow the storyline.

Who is returning to Heartland Season 17?

Season 17 is here, and most cast members still play their roles. However, surprise names will be getting back to action. Drew Davies as Logan and Shawn Roberts as Sam Langston will be back. The two have had a fantastic screen time in season 16. Other surprise returns will likely be Jessica Amlee (Mallory) and Jake Church (Jake).

Is there any trailer for Heartland season 17?

Yes, there is a trailer for Heartland season 17 on YouTube. The brief trailer previews the events you’ll find in the latest season. There is regret, encouragement from the father, and unforgiving challenges. Despite the tough times, there is always encouragement to keep pushing and working through the challenges.

What is the IMDb Rating of Heartland season 17?

The IMDb Rating of Heartland season 17 is not yet out. However, the previous ratings of the drama series have been exceptional, with fans showing their love for the storyline. Once the ratings for season 17 are out, we will keep you updated. In the meantime, watch Heartland online free, as you wait for the official streaming of Heartland season 17.

Why ExpressVPN is the Best VPN to Watch Heartland Season 17 in Hong Kong on CBC

ExpressVPN is the best VPN to watch Heartland Season 17 in Hong Kong on CBC because it has premium features to unblock the network from anywhere. The VPN has servers in many countries. It is fast and affordable.

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Heartland Season 17

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No, Ty will not be in Heartland Season 17 as he has moved to focus on other things in life. He has appeared in 1 season.

No, Heartland Season 17 will come out on CBC on 1st October 2023 in Canada. Therefore, fans will need a VPN like ExpressVPN to watch Heartland season 17 in Hong Kong on CBC.

No, at the moment, the Heartland Season 18 has not been officially announced, and there is no trailer for it.

Quinn proposes to Georgie as soon as he realizes her thoughts about moving away to Brussels.

You can watch Heartland season 17 in Hong Kong on CBC free on a new account. Create the account and sign up for a free trial for CBC. Use a VPN if streaming from abroad.

Wrap Up

The interesting story of Amy and the family and community has the aspect of adapting to change and being resilient. You can follow the storyline on CBC for season 17. However, the network is geo-restricted. Therefore, you need a premium VPN to watch Heartland season 17 in Hong Kong on CBC.

We recommended ExpressVPN as it has a history of exceptional security and reliability. It is also affordable. Get your subscription now and stream anything on CBC from your location without issues.