How to Watch The Dumping Ground Series 11 in Hong Kong on BBC iPlayer

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We know you are eagerly anticipating The Dumping Ground Series 11, set to premiere on January 26, 2024, and you won’t want to miss in Hong Kong. Fear not! We’ve got you covered on how to watch The Dumping Ground Series 11 in Hong Kong on BBC iPlayer using a reliable VPN service like ExpressVPN.

With our suggested VPN provider, you can easily bypass the geo-restrictions and watch BBC iPlayer in Hong Kong. The Dumping Ground Series 11 unfolds with gripping drama and heartwarming moments. You will be immersed in the lives of a diverse group of children navigating the challenges of growing up in care.

How to Watch The Dumping Ground Series 11 in Hong Kong on BBC iPlayer? [5 Quick Steps]

Here are the easy steps to watch The Dumping Ground Series 11 in Hong Kong on BBC iPlayer.

  1. Sign up for a trustworthy VPN service such as ExpressVPN.
  2. Download and install the VPN application on your preferred devices.
  3. Sign in to your VPN app and connect to the UK server (preferably Docklands).
  4. Visit the official BBC iPlayer website and sign in to your account.
  5. Now, search and stream The Dumping Ground Series 11 in Hong Kong on BBC iPlayer.

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Don’t Worry! You don’t need to bear the BBC iPlayer cost in Hong Kong to watch The Dumping Ground Season 11 online from anywhere as it is a free service.

Where to watch The Dumping Ground: Series 11 in Hong Kong?

You can watch The Dumping Ground: Series 11 on the official BBC iPlayer platform. Tune in to BBC iPlayer to catch all the action and drama unfolding in this highly anticipated series. However, if you are in Hong Kong, you must subscribe to a premium VPN service, such as ExpressVPN, to watch the popular show online on the platform.

BBC iPlayer offers a visually stunning platform to witness The Dumping Ground Series 11. Immerse yourself in the vibrant world of Series on CBeebies, and let the captivating animation and compelling storytelling transport you to a realm of wonder. The show is also available on CBeebies, a part of the BBC platform.

While gearing up for The Dumping Ground Series 11, why not explore more entertainment options? Our carefully curated collection of the best BBC iPlayer shows in Hong Kong ensures you stay entertained with the finest picks in the world of shows, movies, and sports.

What is the Dumping Ground: Series 11 Release date?

The Dumping Ground: Series 11 is set to premiere on January 26, 2024. Mark your calendars and get ready to tune in to BBC iPlayer and CBBC for this highly anticipated event in Hong Kong. Don’t miss the excitement as the series unfolds on that date!

How To Watch The Dumping Ground Series 11 Online Free in Hong Kong on BBC iPlayer?

You can watch The Dumping Ground Season 11 in Hong Kong for free on BBC iPlayer, given that there is no membership cost. It implies that you can access your preferred series online without requiring a BBC iPlayer free trial in Hong Kong.

Besides The Dumping Ground Series 11 show, are you looking for what to watch on BBC iPlayer in Hong Kong? Don’t worry, ExpressVPN allows you to watch amazing content on this platform in Hong Kong.

While you have the option to cancel BBC iPlayer in Hong Kong at any time to search for alternative streaming services, we advise you to maintain your account since this network provides a worth-watching selection of free series.

What is The Dumping Ground based on?

The Dumping Ground is a British children’s drama series about the lives of children living in a care home called Ashdene Ridge. The series provides a heartwarming and realistic portrayal of the challenges, friendships, and adventures these diverse groups of kids experience as they navigate the ups and downs of growing up in care.

Spanning ten seasons, the show introduces a variety of characters, each with their unique stories and backgrounds. In The Dumping Ground: Series 11, the plot continues to delve into the lives of the young residents of Ashdene Ridge. The gripping narrative explores the personal journeys of the characters, focusing on their growth, relationships, and the challenges they face.

As the series progresses, viewers can expect new faces, compelling storylines, and unexpected twists that add to the overall charm of this beloved show. Further, the series remains true to its roots, offering a compelling mix of relatable stories and engaging characters. Subscribe to ExpressVPN and indulge in the series to find out more.

How many episodes are in Series 11 of The Dumping Ground?

The Dumping Ground: Series 11 consists of 24 episodes, each contributing to the ongoing narrative of the young residents at Ashdene Ridge. The episodes are scheduled for release starting on January 26, 2024, with titles and plotlines that promise to captivate and engage the audience.

Here is a breakdown of the episodes in The Dumping Ground: Series 11:

Episode Number Title Release Date
Episode 1 New Beginnings January 26, 2024
Episode 2 Second Chances February 2, 2024
Episode 3 Lost and Found February 9, 2024
Episode 4 Breaking Point February 16, 2024
Episode 5 Coming Together February 23, 2024
Episode 6 Invisible March 1, 2024
Episode 7 Missing March 8, 2024
Episode 8 A Star is Born March 15, 2024
Episode 9 Family Matters March 22, 2024
Episode 10 Cross My Heart March 29, 2024
Episode 11 Believe in Me April 5, 2024
Episode 12 Unforgettable April 12, 2024
Episode 13 A Matter of Life and Death April 19, 2024
Episode 14 In the Dark April 26, 2024
Episode 15 Holding On May 3, 2024
Episode 16 A Friend in Need May 10, 2024
Episode 17 The Ties That Bind May 17, 2024
Episode 18 Trust Me May 24, 2024
Episode 19 The Big Day May 31, 2024
Episode 20 Lost for Words June 7, 2024
Episode 21 New Horizons June 14, 2024
Episode 22 Dark Days June 21, 2024
Episode 23 Lost and Found June 28, 2024
Episode 24 Broken July 5, 2024

Who is in The Dumping Ground Series 11 Cast?

The Dumping Ground Series 11 features a talented ensemble cast, each contributing to the richness of the show’s narrative. Here’s a list of the cast members, along with the characters they bring to life:

Cast Roles
Sarah Rayson Floss Guppy
Stacy Liu May-Li Wang
Kia Pegg Jody Jackson
Miles Butler-Hughton Tyler Lewis
Connor Byrne Mike Milligan
Annabelle Davis Sasha Bellman
Ruben Reuter Finn McLaine
Jasmine Uson Taz De Souza
Carma Hylton Candi-Rose
Hannah Moncur Chloe Reeves
Lewis G. Hamilton Ryan Reeves
Cole Wealleans-Watts Jay Wallis
Leo James Bird Wallis
Josh Sangha Sid Khan
Mia McKenna-Bruce Tee Taylor
Amy-Leigh Hickman Carmen Howle
Reece Buttery Mo Michaels
Connor Lawson Alex Walker
Gwen Curran Billie Trent
Nelly Currant Toni Trent
Philip Graham Scott Harry Jones
Kasey McKellar Bailey Wharton
Akuc Bol Kazima Tako
Yousef Naseer Joseph Stubbs
Emily Burnett Charlie Morris
Louis Payne Scott Jenson
Anya Cooke Katy White
Joe Maw Johnny Taylor
Ava Potter Bec Hyde
Jethro Baliba Archie Able
Halle Cassell Clem Stephens
Chris Slater Frank Matthews
Daniel Pearson Rick
Leanne Dunstan Faith Davis
Alexander Aze Dexter Bellman
Jeff the Giraffe Self
Freddy Smith Kyle Lawton
William Wyn Davies Ben
Lara Mehmet Bonnie Vasiliou
Massimo Cull Fraser Vasiliou
Sage Mischief
Florrie Wilkinson Sabrina Moxley
Jessie Williams Lily Kettle
Jed Jefferson Max Riley
Owen Phillips Wes Oldfield
Chloe Lea Viv
Jessica Revell Elektra Perkins
Hugo Nash Hugo Little
Andrea Hall Doreen
Kay Purcell Gina Conway
Liv De-Vulgt Ruby Butler
Little Hug Self

Is there a trailer for The Dumping Ground Series 11?

Yes, the anticipation for The Dumping Ground Series 11 is reaching a fever pitch, and lucky for you, there’s a trailer to heighten the excitement! Just when you thought the suspense couldn’t get any more intense, the trailer drops, giving you a thrilling sneak peek into the upcoming drama.

So, before you watch The Dumping Ground Series 11 in Hong Kong on BBC iPlayer, let’s check the preview below:

Social Media Hype for The Dumping Ground Series 11

The buzz is palpable as The Dumping Ground Series 11 gears up for its much-anticipated premiere on January 26, 2024. Across social media platforms, fans unite in excitement, creating a virtual storm of anticipation.

To join in on the social media extravaganza, check out the official handles and hashtags dedicated to The Dumping Ground Series 11:

ExpressVPN: The Best VPN to Watch The Dumping Ground Series 11 in Hong Kong on BBC iPlayer

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The VPN can handle up to 8 simultaneous connections, so you and your loved ones may simply watch your favorite shows online.

Moreover, it has a major feature known as MediaStreamers, which allows you to catch up on The Dumping Ground and watch full episodes in Hong Kong on non-VPN-compatible devices.

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The Dumping Ground Series 11

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Yes, the dramatic conclusion of Season 10, the storyline seamlessly transitions into Season 11. In the final episode of Season 10, we all witnessed significant developments, including the closure of the beloved care home Ashdene Ridge.

Season 11 promises to continue the engaging and heartfelt stories that fans have come to love, building upon the foundation laid in the compelling Season 10 finale.

The Dumping Ground was primarily filmed in Newcastle upon Tyne and Northumberland, United Kingdom. The production utilized various locations, including the sets, theme music, and exterior shots, to create the series’ authentic backdrop.

Notable filming locations include the vibrant city of Newcastle, known for its rich cultural atmosphere, and the picturesque Wallington Hall in Northumberland. These settings contribute to the immersive storytelling, providing a realistic and engaging backdrop for the events at Ashdene Ridge.

The Dumping Ground is officially broadcast on CBBC (Children’s BBC), and episodes are available for streaming on BBC iPlayer. However, watching CBBC and BBC iPlayer in Hong Kong may be subject to geo-restrictions.

But, by subscribing to ExpressVPN, you can easily bypass the restrictions and access all the content libraries on BBC iPlayer for free online.

Yes, The Dumping Ground is primarily intended for a younger audience and is classified as a children’s television series. It airs on CBBC (Children’s BBC), a dedicated channel catering to children and young viewers. Explore friendship, challenges, and growth at Ashdene Ridge Care Home.

You can watch the old seasons of The Dumping Ground in Hong Kong on BBC iPlayer by utilizing a VPN such as ExpressVPN. BBC iPlayer is the official platform for streaming BBC programs, including The Dumping Ground, but it is typically restricted to users within the UK.

To bypass these geo-restrictions, sign up for ExpressVPN and connect to a server located in the UK. Once connected, you’ll have unrestricted access to the entire library of old Dumping Ground episodes.

Wrapping Up

Finally, after going through our guide, you can easily watch The Dumping Ground Series 11 in Hong Kong on BBC iPlayer and CBBC for free with the help of our suggested VPN service, such as ExpressVPN, which bypasses geo-restrictions and helps you to stream your favorite shows on the platform without any trouble.

The Dumping Ground: Diverse kids thrive at Ashdene Ridge Care Home. So, hurry up and get the VPN to tune into BBC iPlayer to stream all the episodes online.

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