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Step into the dazzling world of summer Love Island 2023, where hearts race, emotions soar, and connections are formed under the scorching sun. Yes, we’re here to uncover the burning question on everyone’s lips: Which love island UK couples still together?

But hold on! Before we dive into the thrilling realm of Love Island 2023 and watch love island UK season 10 episode 1 in France, let’s take a moment to reflect on the couples who have stood the test of time from previous seasons. As the summer breeze carries whispers of romance, fans across the globe eagerly await the start of a new season, ready to indulge in the twists, turns, and passionate entanglements that lie ahead.

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Which Love Island UK Couples are still together from Season 1?

Step back in time and journey with us to the very beginning of Love Island UK and learn about Love Island UK couples still together season 1. Season 1 introduced us to a group of hopeful singles seeking love and adventure on a sun-soaked island.

But what happened to the couples who found a connection amidst the palm trees and sparkling shores? Which love island UK couples still together and managed to defy the odds and build lasting relationships beyond the villa?

Continue reading below to discover the captivating love stories that have stood the test of time. Get ready for a trip down memory lane as we uncover the secrets of enduring love in the world of Love Island.

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Kai Fagan and Sanam Harrinanan


The winners of the 2023 winter series, Kai and Sanam, are still going strong and made it to the love island UK couples still together list. They frequently share photos of each other on social media and have been seen attending various celebrity events hand-in-hand.

Kai’s sweet comments on Sanam’s Instagram posts show their affection for each other. Although there’s no news yet about their plans to move in together or their future endeavors, they seem content simply enjoying their time as a couple.

Ron Hall and Lana Jenkins


In the whirlwind of Love Island season 9, the runner-up couple Ron and Lana emerged as a beacon of love, overcoming the hurdles of a long-distance relationship. Ron resides in the lively realm of Essex, while Lana calls the vibrant city of Manchester her home. Despite the geographical divide, their bond remains unshakable.

Undeterred by the miles that separate them, Ron and Lana have set their sights on a shared future. Their unwavering commitment has fueled dreams of owning properties in both of their cherished locales, laying the foundation for a life together. Ron, with stars in his eyes, eagerly envisions a day when he can leave his current abode and embark on a journey to be by Lana’s side.

Will Young and Jessie Wynter

will-and-jessie-love-island (1)

In the dazzling realm of Love Island season 9, the charismatic duo of Will Young and Jessie Wynter reigns supreme. With their infectious eccentricity, they have effortlessly captivated the hearts of viewers, leaving an indelible mark on the show’s legacy by saving their spot on Love Island UK couples still together list.

Their whimsical escapades and side-splitting TikTok videos continue to be a source of joy for fans worldwide. These two lovebirds have mastered the art of infusing laughter into their relationship, forging a connection that knows no bounds.

As the calendar turned to May 2023, a thrilling revelation unfolded. Will, brimming with excitement, unveiled a remarkable achievement: a coveted visa to embark on an adventure Down Under, where he would be warmly embraced by Jessie’s beloved family in Australia. This significant milestone marks a tangible progression in their relationship, igniting anticipation and setting the stage for a thrilling new chapter.

Tanya Manhenga and Shaq Muhammad


Tanya and Shaq, the enchanting duo who claimed an impressive fourth position in the mesmerizing ninth season, have been entwined in a captivating love story from the early stages of their extraordinary journey.

Unyielding and resolute, they have forged an unbreakable bond that shines brightly amidst the glimmering lights of fame. Their graceful presence graces public gatherings, illuminating the world with their unwavering affection.

It is on the digital canvas of Instagram where their heartfelt expressions intertwine, a vivid tapestry of devotion woven with every post and caption. Like a well-aged wine, their connection has matured, growing deeper and stronger as time dances gracefully forward. In this harmonious union, they find solace, basking in the joy of a love that endures, forever enchanted by each other’s presence.

Ekin-Su and Davide

EKIN-SU AND DAVIDE (Season 9) (1)

The victorious couple from Love Island 2022, Ekin-Su and Davide, are still deeply in love. They have made their relationship a priority since leaving the villa, even moving in together in Manchester.

Their journey has been documented in the series Ekin-Su & Davide: Homecomings, where they traveled to Turkey and Italy to meet each other’s families. Despite facing some challenges and rumors, they have overcome them and are going strong.

Tasha and Andrew

TASHA AND ANDREW (Season 8) (1)

Another love island UK couples still together spot is for Tasha Ghouri and Andrew Le Page, who are the first official love island UK couples still together season 8, to have taken their relationship to new heights.

They have moved in together, got matching tattoos, and embarked on a luxury trip to Australia. Their playful presence on TikTok and attending fancy events together showcases their enduring bond. Tasha has even hinted at an engagement, with their wedding already planned in her mind.

Dami and Indiyah

DAMI AND INDIYAH (Season 8) (1)

Dami and Indiyah, a couple from Love Island season 8, have remained together since leaving the villa and are among the love island UK couples still together. Dami relocated from Ireland to London to be closer to Indiyah, and they have even moved in together. Despite their busy schedules, they make time for date nights and share loving photos on social media.

Their bond has grown stronger, and they continue to discover more about each other in their normal lives outside the villa.

As the sands of time trickle through the hourglass, their connection flourishes, blooming like a resplendent garden. Each passing day unveils new layers of their intricate souls, as they venture beyond the confines of the villa and unearth the depths of their profound bond.

Hand in hand, they navigate the tapestry of ordinary existence, continuously discovering uncharted territories within one another, uncovering the treasures that lie hidden beneath the veneer of their extraordinary love.

Tommy Fury and Molly-Mae Hague


Molly-Mae Hague and Tommy Fury, the dynamic duo from Love Island 2019, have defied the odds and remained a force to be reckoned with. Molly-Mae’s meteoric rise as the Creative Director of Pretty Little Thing and Tommy’s status as the highest-paid male from Love Island have solidified their individual successes.

Together, they have purchased a home, pouring their love into its renovation. Their latest chapter includes the joyous arrival of their baby girl, Bambi, capturing the hearts of fans around the world.

In the realm of Love Island’s transformative love stories, Molly-Mae Hague and Tommy Fury stand as a beacon of hope and resilience. Despite the challenges that come with fame, they have forged their path, achieving remarkable success in their respective careers.

Together, they have built a life, transforming a house into a sanctuary of love. Now, with the arrival of their precious daughter, Bambi, their journey reaches new heights of joy and fulfillment.

Millie Court and Liam Reardon


Millie Court and Liam Reardon, a Love Island UK couples still together season 7, have had their fair share of ups and downs. After a temporary split where Liam participated in the show Celebs Go Dating, they recently reconciled and are back together.

Photos have surfaced of them kissing and cuddling on a holiday, indicating their renewed commitment. The couple is now looking to step away from the limelight, as fame post-Love Island was a source of strain in their relationship. It seems like they have overcome their challenges and are determined to make their relationship work.

Callum Jones and Molly Smith


Callum Jones and Molly Smith found unexpected love in Casa Amor during Love Island. Despite the initial drama with Callum’s former flame Shaughna Phillips, the couple has flourished. They share adorable pictures of their dates and luxurious vacations on Instagram.

They have also taken the big step of moving in together, creating a cozy home with their two dogs. While their journey had a rocky start, Callum and Molly have proven that they are compatible and continue to build a strong relationship. It’s worth noting that Shaughna has since moved on and is expecting her first child.

Nas Majeed and Eva Zapico


Nas Majeed and Eva Zapico, the couple who met and fell in love in Casa Amor during the 2020 winter edition of Love Island, have been going strong ever since and are among the love island UK couples still together. Although they didn’t isolate together initially, they managed to keep their connection alive and eventually moved in together.

Their social media accounts show that they enjoyed a vacation in Venice together. Despite their low-key presence on the show, Nas and Eva have managed to build a solid and enduring relationship.

Camilla Thurlow and Jamie Jewitt


Camilla Thurlow and Jamie Jewitt, love island UK season 3 couples still together, have not only remained together but have also reached major relationship milestones. This is the couple from the love island UK best season. After Camilla’s tumultuous experience with Johnny in the villa, she found true love with Jamie. Their connection deepened outside the villa, fueled by their shared passion for philanthropy.

In 2017, they left the show as a couple and their relationship continued to flourish. In February 2021, they got engaged, and in October 2020, they welcomed their first child into the world. Their journey of love culminated in a wedding in September 2021, and they recently became parents again with the arrival of their second baby in May 2022. Camilla and Jamie’s story is a shining example of love and commitment that has blossomed from a reality TV show.

Dom Lever and Jess Shears


Dom Lever and Jess Shears, also from Love Island season 3, wasted no time in taking their relationship to the next level after leaving the villa. The couple surprised everyone by getting married live on Good Morning Britain in 2018. Since then, they have welcomed two beautiful babies into their lives, with their second child arriving in June 2022.

Dom and Jess prefer to keep a low profile these days but frequently share adorable family moments on social media. Their journey showcases the lasting connections that can form on Love Island and the joy that comes with building a family together.

Olivia Buckland and Alex Bowen


Olivia Buckland and Alex Bowen made Love Island history as the first love island UK couples still together season 2 to tie the knot. They fell in love during their time in the villa in 2016 and took their relationship outside of the show. In 2018, they got married, and since then, they have been living in their dream home together.

Both individually and as a couple, Olivia and Alex have been successful in their careers and have ventured into joint business projects. Their happiness multiplied with the arrival of their first child, a baby boy named Abel Jacob Bowen, in June 2022. Olivia and Alex’s journey showcases the long-lasting love that can emerge from the Love Island experience.

Nathan Massey and Cara Delahoyde


Nathan Massey and Cara De La Hoyde, winners of Love Island season 2, shared an instant connection from the beginning. Their love story started in the villa and has continued to blossom ever since. Like their fellow Love Island couple Olivia and Alex, Nathan and Cara got married in 2018.

They now have two children together, a boy and a girl, and their relationship remains strong and filled with love. The couple’s journey showcases the enduring power of their initial connection and the joy that comes with building a family. With the presence of their adorable Love Island babies, Nathan and Cara’s story warms the hearts of fans worldwide.

These Love Island UK couples from various seasons have proven that love can thrive even after leaving the villa. Their stories serve as a reminder that genuine connections can withstand the challenges of fame, distance, and time. Stay tuned for more updates on these couples and their journeys of love and growth.


Love Island’s victorious couple, Millie Court and Liam Reardon, have sadly decided to part ways after a year of being together. In a heartfelt message to their devoted fans, they expressed their deep disappointment while also embracing the excitement of what lies ahead in their individual journeys. Though their separation brings sorrow, they remain grateful for the memories they shared and look forward to the new horizons that await them.

Following a ruthless elimination in Love Island, David Salako became the first contestant to be dumped from the show. During the second re-coupling of the series, David was left single, forcing him to bid farewell to the villa.

Tasha and Andrew, a couple from the 2022 series of Love Island UK, have captured the hearts of viewers and are widely regarded as the epitome of an ideal pairing. Their dynamic is characterized by a delightful blend of fun and wholesomeness, while Tasha’s remarkable persona solidifies her status as one of the most remarkable women to grace the earth.

Wrapping UP!

The captivating world of Love Island season 9 has taken us on a rollercoaster of emotions, introducing us to which Love Island UK couples still together whose love stories continue to inspire and delight. From the eccentric charm of Will Young and Jessie Wynter to the steadfast bond of Tanya and Shaq, these couples have left an indelible mark on our hearts.

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