How To Watch Alone Season 10 in France On Discovery Plus?

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Is Alone Season 10 on Discovery Plus? Yes, Alone Season 10 is available on Discovery Plus. However, to watch Alone Season 10 in France on Discovery Plus, you need a fast and secure VPN like ExpressVPN.

As the platform is geo-restricted, you need a VPN to get past geo-restrictions and access Discovery Plus in France. In this way, you can easily stream anything you want without interruptions.

Alone Season 10 is a reality show that follows ten contestants striving to survive in a remote wilderness location, relying on limited supplies and their survival skills. The participants are isolated from each other and document their experiences themselves.

This article will walk you through the process of how to watch Alone Season 10 on Discovery+ in France. So, let’s get started to find out who won the Alone Season 10!

How To Watch Alone Season 10 in France on Discovery Plus – [5 Easy Steps]

Wondering how to watch season 10 of Alone? You can watch Alone Season 10 in France on Discovery Plus by following the below-mentioned easy steps:

  • Subscribe to a safe VPN. We recommend ExpressVPN due to its advanced security features.
  • Install the ExpressVPN app on the streaming device of your choice.
  • Connect to a United States server. We recommend the New York server due to its fast speed.
  • Open the Discovery+ website and log in to your Discovery+ account.
  • Watch Alone Season 10 in France on Discovery Plus.

Where Can I Watch Alone Season 10 for Free?

On Discovery Plus, you can watch Alone Season 10 online free by using a 7-Day of Discovery Plus free trial in France, which the streaming platform offers to its new subscribers.

After seven days of a free trial, you must pay a Discovery Plus price in France to continue the streaming. Apart from this, you can cancel the Discovery Plus subscription if you do not like the streaming platform’s content.

As you understand, how does Alone Season 10 free stream? Now move to the next heading, which tells the platform from where you can watch Alone episode 1 to Alone episode (season 10, episode 10).

Where Can I Watch Alone Season 10 in 2023?

You can watch Alone Season 10 on Discovery Plus through the History Channel, which Discovery Plus owns.

Since Discovery Plus is geo-restricted, so you might wonder, in France, where can I watch Alone Season 10 on Discovery Plus? You can access Alone Season 10 on Discovery Plus from anywhere using any best VPNs, like ExpressVPN.

Wondering, after this show, what to watch on Discovery Plus? You can watch tons of content, from live sports to historical documentaries, reality shows, and supper hit movies.

What is The Release Date of Alone Season 10 on Discovery+?

Wondering when will Alone season 10 be on Discovery Plus? Alone Season 10 release date was June 08, 2023, and it premiered on the History Channel, owned by Discovery Plus. History Channel is home to several popular reality shows, documentaries, movies, and TV series.

Alone (TV series) Season 10 features ten contestants testing their survival abilities in a remote wilderness location with a provided gear list. They document their experiences while being isolated from each other, competing to be the last person standing and winning the grand prize of USD 500,000.

If you’re looking to watch the best Discovery Plus shows in France until then, you’d be surprised that the options are endless.

You can watch Alone Season 10 on Discovery Plus in France and Silos Baking Competition Season 1, TLC Forever, using ExpressVPN. Both these shows were recently released, and people are loving them.

Lastly, want to know spoilers tap out of Alone season 10 Discovery Plus? If yes, then scroll down to our next headings.

What is the Plot of Alone Season 10?

Alone Season 10 is a reality show, so there isn’t any specific plot of Alone Season 10. In Alone Season 10, ten contestants are transported to a remote Northern Saskatchewan, Canada area.

Their survival skills and a limited supply of resources are their only means to withstand the harsh conditions.

With bone-chilling temperatures and dangerous wildlife like black bears, wolves, and moose, they compete to determine who can endure the longest.

The absence of camera crews and any artificial elements adds to the test of their physical and mental resilience.

Contestants self-document their daily struggles, occasionally undergoing medical check-ins. The last individual standing will be awarded a grand prize of $500,000.

The season follows the familiar format of the previous seasons, emphasizing the solitary nature of the competition and the intense challenges the participants face.

Note: To watch Alone: Season 10, Episode 9, and others, you must get ExpressVPN.

Who are the contestants on Alone Season 10?

Excited to know about the cast of Alone Season 10? Following is the list of Alone Season 10 cast:

James “Wyatt” Black Cade Cole
Luke Joseph Olsen Lee Ray DeWilde
Mikey Helton Ann Rosenquist
Jodi Rose Tarcisio “Taz” Ramos Dos Santos
Melanie Sawyer Alan Tenta

How Many Episodes Does Alone Season 10 Have?

Curious to find out how many episodes in season 10 Alone? There are 11 episodes of Alone Season 10. In the last episode, the finale, a new winner was added to the list of winners from previous seasons.

Here is the list of episodes of the show:

Episode# Episode Name Release Date
1 Game On June 08, 2023
2 Ties That Bind June 15, 2023
3 Growing Pains June 22, 2023
4 Lake of Thieves June 29, 2023
5 Spirit Bear July 02, 2023
6 King’s Gambit July 13, 2023
7 Aftermath July 20, 2023
8 Infestation July 27, 2023
9 Splintered August 03, 2023
10 Rats August 10, 2023
11 By Any Means August 17, 2023

Episode 1 – Game On – June 8th

Alone Season 10 Episode 1 features ten participants competing for a chance to claim the $500,000 prize in the highly isolated northern Saskatchewan.

As they embark on their quest for sustenance and shelter in the wilderness, a critical error proves costly for one of the survivalists. It will premiere on June 08, 2023.

Episode 2 – Ties That Bind – June 15th

Alone Season 10 Episode 2 showcases the survivalists’ ongoing challenges as they strive to adapt to their surroundings. With winter looming, the approaching signs of the harsh season inspire them to set their strategies in motion.

This episode is scheduled to premiere on June 15, 2023.

Episode 3 – Growing Pains – June 22nd

Set to premiere on June 22, 2023, Alone Season 10 Episode 3 delves into the participants’ journey as they overcome the initial shock of their wilderness immersion. The capacity to think creatively becomes a valuable asset for some, while others face the consequences of unconventional approaches.

The dilemma of prioritizing between constructing a long-term shelter or focusing on securing sustenance early on adds further complexity to their decision-making.

Episode 4 – Lake of Thieves – 29th June

The fourth episode of Alone Season 10 showcases the participants finding their stride while grappling with the growing sense of solitude. Loneliness takes its toll on survivalists as they navigate the harsh wilderness.

However, a seemingly insignificant decision leads to a catastrophic mistake for one contestant, while another must confront a menacing predator in a thrilling encounter.

Episode 5 – Spirit Bear – 2nd July

The survivalists shift as new difficulties put their fortitude to the test; one competitor loses a crucial resource, while another is pushed to the very edge. This episode will premiere on July 02, 2023, so watch Alone new season!

Episode 6 – King’s Gambit – 13th July

A sudden change tests the survivalists’ shelters and determination in the weather. At the same time, one finds innovative ways to occupy their time, while the other struggles to adapt to the situation and cope.

Episode 7 – Aftermath – 20th July

The people left in the competition still face the consequences of what they did. One person is running out of food, and another reveals something that could hurt their chances of winning half a million dollars.

Episode 8 – Infestation – 27th July

With winter coming soon, survivalists need help to keep up with their solitary lifestyle. One contestant is having trouble with unwanted visitors at night, while another is reaching their breaking point.

Episode 9 – Splintered – 3rd August

As the winter season arrives, the survivalists face adapting to the colder weather. One prepares for the long and dark days ahead, while the other is surprised to come across something unexpected.

Episode 10 – Rats – 10th August

Watch Alone: season 10, episode 10, witnesses participants’ struggle. Because the survivors near day 50, conditions at Reindeer Lake become more difficult. During these cold weather conditions, personal demons bubble to the surface, making desperation more pronounced.

Episode 11 – By Any Means – 17th August

As the competition draws closer, the three remaining survivalists steel themselves for the showdown. Despite their best efforts, one of the participants struggles to maintain their body heat, while others take dangerous risks on the icy terrain.

Ultimately, only one will emerge victorious and claim the coveted $500,000 prize.

Who Did Tap Out in the Last Episode of Alone Season 10?

Here is the spoiler about all participants that tapped out from Alone Season 10 out of 10 isolated participants due to frightening, food, mental breakdown, missing their families, and injury:

Episode Tap Out Participant Name Age Reason Survival Days Place
Ep 3 Lee Ray DeWild 59 years Starvation 18 days Alaska
Ep 3 Ann Rosenquist 56 years Starvation 19 days Wisconsin
Ep 4 Luke Olsen 39 years Medical 20 days Hawaii
Ep 4 Jodi Rose 45 years Food 22 days Wyoming
Ep 5 Cade Cole 28 years Injury 23 days Wyoming
Ep 6 Wyatt Black 52 years Injury 27 days Columbia
Ep 7 Colter Barnes 31 years Injury 29 days Rome
Ep 9 Theresa Emmerich Kamper 31 years Injury 29 days Rome

Who Won Alone Season 10?

Are you ready to know who is the winner of Alone Season 10? The Alone season 10, won by Alen Tenta.

A teacher from British Columbia just won Season 10 of the show “Alone”! Alan Tenta, who teaches high school, emerged as the winner of the survivalist reality show on the History Channel. He hails from Columbia Valley, B.C. Congrats to him!

Wondering how many days did Alan last on Alone? Alan survived 56 days in the wilderness, braving the harsh conditions of Vancouver Island. After the show, he generously shared his survival tips on his social media pages.

Gear List of Alone Season 10 Contestants

Below are the categories in which participants choose the things:

Clothing Shelter
Cooking Materials Survival Tools

Clothing Allowed in Alone Season 10

Apparel Quantity
Hunting boots 1 pair
Arctic Winter boots 1 pair
T-shirt 1
Woolen Shirt 1
Cotton Sweater 2
Woolen Socks 6 pair
Fury caps 2
Neck gaiter 2
Scarf 1
Gloves 4 pair
Briefs 2 pair
Jackets 1
Bibs 2 pair
Pants 2 pair
Shell 1
Thermal Underwear 2 pair
Gaiters 1 pair
Leather belt 1
Toothbrush 1
Glasses 1 pair
Photograph 1

Shelter Allowed to Use in Alone Season 10

Item Quantity
Ground cloth 12×12
Climbing rope 8-mm
Paracord 80 m
Cotton cord 40 m
Sleeping bag 1
Bivi bag 1
Sleeping bag 1
Hammock 1
Bar of soap 1
Toothpaste 1
Face flannel 1
Dental floss 1
Bio shower soap 1
Shaving razor 1
Towel 1
Comb 1

Cooking Items Allowed in Alone Season 10

Item Quantity
Longbow 1
Gill net 1
Foraging bag 1
Trapping wire 1
Steel ball bearing 1
Beef jerky 2 LB
Lentils mix 2 LB
Military biscuit 2 LB
Chocolate 2 LB
Pemmican 2 LB
Flour 1 LB
Rice 2 LB
Fat 2 LB
Large Pot 1
Frying Pan 1
Enamel bowl 1
Spoon 1
Water bottle 1

Tools Allowed in Alone Season 10

Pocket knife
Hunting knife
Sharpening stone
Duct tape
Sewing kit
Ice spikes

Prohibited Items in Alone Season 10


Explosives or gunpowder

Compass Unapproved technology
Animal poison Beauty products Fishing rods Map
Animal calls




Fire pits Stoves
iodine tablets Firearms of any kind Decoys Scopes of any kind
Sunscreen/chapstick Shelters Tree stands Goggles
beverage Inflatable boats propane lanterns Fishing traps

What’s the Winning Prize Money of Alone Season 10?

$500,000 is the winning prize money for the Alone Season 10 winner. The recent season of the popular reality show on the History Channel, Alone Season 10, showcased the bravery of top energetic members who fight the conditions to stand at last to win the prize.

Note: To watch Alone Season 10 on Discovery Plus in France with the help of a reliable VPN like ExpressVPN.

Winners of Alone Previous Seasons: Daring Survivors Who Survived in the Wilderness

Below are the names of winners of all previous seasons of Alone:

Season Name Age Survival Days Country
Season 1 Alan Kay 40 years 56 days Blairsville, Georgia
Season 2 David McIntyre 50 years 66 days Kentwood, Michigan
Season 3 Zachary Fowler 36 years 87 days Appleton, Maine
Season 4 Ted & Jim Baird Jim, 35 years and Ted, 32 years 75 days Toronto, Ontario
Season 5 Sam Larson 24 years 60 days Lincoln, Nebraska
Season 6 Jordan Jonas 35 years 77 days Lynchburg, Virginia
Season 7 Roland Welker 47 years 100 days Red Devil, Alaska
Season 8 Clay Hayes 40 years 74 days Milton, Florida
Season 9 Juan Pablo Quiñonez 30 years 78 days Ex- location Guadalajara, Mexico. Current Location Pinawa, Manitoba
Season 10 Woniya Thibeault 45 years 50 days Grass Valley, CA

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Alone Season 10 Online


Alone Season 10 is filmed at three distinct locations: Patagonia in Argentina, Nahuel Huapi National Park, Argentina, and the northern region of Vancouver Island in British Columbia, Canada. Each Alone season 10 location presents unique challenges for the contestants as they navigate the wilderness and strive to survive.

8.4/10 is the IMDb rating of Alone Season 10. It is considered one of the highest ratings of this show. You can watch this super hit show in the USA. And if you are in France, you need a secure VPN like ExpressVPN to watch Alone Season 10.

Season 10 of Alone was filmed in the fall of 2022 in Northern Saskatchewan, specifically around Reindeer Lake. You can watch season 10 of Alone on Discovery Plus.

The first season of Alone was aired on June 18, 2015, marking the beginning of the popular survival competition series. This season introduced viewers to the concept of contestants being isolated in the wilderness and tested on their survival skills. It set the foundation for the subsequent seasons, captivating audiences with its unique and gripping format.

If someone competing wants to quit, they can use a satellite phone to call for help. This is called “tapping out.”

Currently, out of 10, 5 participants tapped out from the 10th season of Alone.

Final Thoughts!

In short, you can watch Alone Season 10 in France on Discovery Plus using a trustworthy VPN like  ExpressVPN.

Alone Season 10 is a survival competition in Northern Saskatchewan. Ten contestants must endure the harsh environment and avoid predators to win a grand prize valued at USD 500,000.

The show is on Discovery Plus, which is geo-restricted, so get a VPN and stream Alone Season 10 (2023)!

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