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Wondering how to watch The Dog House in France on Channel 4? This comprehensive guide has got you covered. Dog lovers everywhere, get ready, for we’ve got a show for you that’s sure to become one of your favorites. The Dog House is a warm fuzzy reality show that revolves around how shelter workers care for dogs in distress and those very same dogs finding new homes.

Unfortunately, Channel 4 is only available for streaming in the UK and Ireland only. But a VPN (Virtual Private Network) is a solution for viewers outside the British Isles. A VPN allows you to sidestep location-based restrictions by changing your IP address to one from a different part of the world.

Continue reading to learn more about The Dog House series and how to watch Channel 4 in France using a trusty VPN like ExpressVPN.

Watch The Dog House in France on Channel 4- [Easy Steps]

Follow these easy steps to watch The Dog House in France on Channel 4.

  1. Subscribe to a premium VPN. (We recommend ExpressVPN)
  2. Download and install the VPN.
  3. Connect to a UK server.
  4. Visit Channel 4’s website.
  5. Search and watch The Dog House in France on Channel 4.

Where to Watch The Dog House in France?

The Dog House TV series is available to stream on Channel 4. But if you are living in France and Ireland, then due to Channel 4’s location restrictions, it won’t be possible for you to watch the best shows on Channel 4 through your normal internet connection. But you do not need to worry.

Simply download a VPN to help you swap your IP address with a British or Irish IP address. Now, you can binge-watch the entire Dog House series in France.

Those viewers interested in a Channel 4 subscription must check the Channel 4 cost. If you don’t want to pay, we’ve got a hack for you. Go for the Channel 4 free trial, but cancel the Channel 4 subscription before the free trial period expires if you don’t think the platform is for you and want to save yourself from the charges.

Why Do We Need a VPN to Watch The Dog House in France on Channel 4?

To watch The Dog House in France on Channel 4, you’ll need a top-tier VPN. Channel 4 is geo-restricted beyond the UK borders. Since the best movies on Channel 4 are only meant for those in the UK, the trick is to hop onto those UK servers via your VPN – that’s how you can enjoy it from any corner of the globe.

A Channel 4 best VPN gets you past these location hurdles. It hooks you up with a UK IP address, disguising where you are and making it seem right within the United Kingdom. So, you can watch the Dog House from the comfort of your home. Moreover, if you are having issues with Channel 4 not working with VPN, check out our comprehensive guide.

What is The Dog House Release Date?

The Dog House was released on Channel 4 on the 30th of July 2020. Now, with an impressive four seasons in its belt, the show’s latest season ended on 16th February 2023, so if you haven’t had the chance to catch any of The Dog House seasons, head over to Channel 4 and start your heartwarming journey today.

What is the Plot of The Dog House TV Series?

The Dog House is an observational reality show that revolves around the staff and dogs of Wood Green Animal Shelter. The staff deeply cares for these homeless dogs and tries their hardest to find loving new owners for these unfortunate dogs.

Who is in the Cast of The Dog House Series?

The Dog House is a reality TV show and thus portrays actual people and real staff members of the Wood Green Animal Shelter. But as far as a formal cast is concerned, The Dog House features the spectacular voice talents of Andrew Buchan and Perry Fitzpatrick as narrators.

Is There a Trailer of The Dog House?

Yes, there’s a trailer out there for the Dog House. You can catch it on the following link:

What is The Dog House Genre?

The Dog House is a reality TV show that lets the viewer observe the lives of unfortunate homeless dogs in the Wood Green Animal Shelter and how the staff deeply cares for them and finds prospective owners. We are sure the animal lovers out there would love streaming the show.

How Many Seasons are There of The Dog House?

Four seasons of The Dog House are currently available for streaming on Channel 4. You can catch all four seasons and the best-trending movies on Channel 4. So grab your popcorn and your ExpressVPN subscription in France, settle in, and enjoy these heartwarming tales.

Where Can I Watch All Seasons of The Dog House?

You can watch all four seasons of The Dog House on Channel 4. However, if you are in France be sure to use a trusty VPN, like ExpressVPN, when watching this warm fuzzy show in France.

The Dog House Season 1 Episode Guide

The Dog House Season 1 had eight episodes and was released on 30th July, 2020. Here’s a brief description of what happened in these episodes:

Episode 1
Could anxious Terrier Tiny discover a fresh start with Heather and Elliot, a couple in their thirties, after his owner is placed in care? And is Mozart the furry companion that Paul is on the hunt for?

Episode 2
A Pomeranian, two years of age, makes its way to Wood Green after spending its life confined in a cage on a puppy farm.

Episode 3
Ralphie, the Yorkshire Terrier, might be small in size but carries a massive attitude. He’s on a mission to charm potential owners. Meanwhile, ten German Shepherd puppies make their entrance at Wood Green, all set for some socialization.

Episode 4
Will the stray Labrador named Leah manage to capture the heart of eight-year-old Georgia? Buddy, a lively French Bulldog, is in search of a permanent home. Additionally, a mourning spaniel named Mr. Blue arrives at the center.

Episode 5
Terrier pups Bobo and Lenny, each distinct in appearance and character, are on the hunt for a forever home. In a separate encounter, 82-year-old Alan crosses paths with Ruby, a lovely Lhasa Apso.

Episode 6
Midnight, a small terrier, is searching for a potential forever home with a young couple. Meanwhile, nervous young Labrador Loki is looking for a new home with experienced dog owner Sharron.

Episode 7
A poodle cross faces challenges finding a home due to his behavior. Meanwhile, Janet, seeking companionship after her husband’s passing, forms a connection with Bichon Frise, also called Bruce.

Episode 8
A lurcher with a fractured tail arrives alongside the stray warden. Also in the mix are Joey, a confident small collie cross puppy, and Gizmo, a springy toy poodle grappling with social anxieties; both are in search of homes.

The Dog House Season 2 Episode Guide

The Dog House Season 2, with an additional episode, hit dog lovers’ screen on 11th March 2021. Below, you’ll find info about all nine episodes:

Episode 1
Will Ryan and Katie, a couple full of love, be smitten by Kevin, the French bulldog? Is it possible for an eight-stone Newfoundland to become part of the Coxon family? Additionally, a grandmother who recently lost her husband is on the hunt for some canine companionship.

Episode 2
After a recent breakup, Jess yearns for unconditional love. Could Staffordshire Bull Terrier Gloria be the perfect companion she’s looking for? Meanwhile, Rocco, the mischievous Jack Russell, is in search of a new place to call home.

Episode 3
Rohan encounters Friday, a Patterdale Terrier puppy, but wonders if Friday’s enthusiasm might be a bit much for the nine-year-old. Additionally, could Grant, the stray Westie, be in for a stroke of good luck with the arrival of Casper and Sid?

Episode 4
With excitement, eleven-year-old Pharaoh finally crosses paths with his dream dog, Gizmo, the pug. Meanwhile, the spirited Jack Russell named Rocco might just find his perfect match with the adventurous Job family, marking a potential third time’s the charm.

Episode 5
A family ends up with more than they expected, not just one dog but two. Louise and Angela are smitten by Trinity, the lurcher puppy, finding him utterly adorable – until he starts chewing up everything in sight.

Episode 6
Dave, the three-legged Labrador, is on the hunt for a new best friend. On the other hand, Obi, the spirited setter poodle, brings both joy and chaos, which might be the perfect addition that Mike and Tracey are seeking in their lives.

Episode 7
Lexi is in search of a fluffy bedtime buddy. Jasmine’s desire for a furry friend grows as her twin sister prepares to head to university. Plus, a unique cross of a lurcher and an Old English sheepdog aids a priest in rediscovering his playful side.

Episode 8
Olympic gold medalist Victoria Pendleton pays a visit to Wood Green to find a dog she can co-parent with her mother. Additionally, lovebirds Shai and Orin cross paths with Polo, the lurcher.

Episode 9 Zoe, the most friendly beagle around, is hoping to win over Venessa and her son Jacob. Meanwhile, Stanley, the Staffie, encounters Linda and Richard, who are passionate about dogs. And the question remains

The Dog House Season 3 Episode Guide

The Dog House Season 3 went back to its roots with 8 episodes. Here’s a brief info about all eight episodes:

Episode 1
Several rescue dogs are in search of caring new owners. Among them are Olivia, the blind spaniel, Vinnie, the Staffie, and a timid pooch named Cech.

Episode 2
Will Patch, the brilliant Border Collie, use his tricks to persuade Megan that he’s the smart choice? Moreover, how will workaholic David react to Pebbles, the ultimate couch potato?

Episode 3 Eager to win over Nicole and Sam, Rolo, the lively Staffie, unleashes his playful charm. Pim suspects that Dexter, the beagle, might be just as stubborn as his wife. And the question lingers
Episode 4 Get ready for a puppy-filled adventure as nine-year-old Kiya takes on the incredible task of selecting a new companion from an adorable litter of tiny cockapoos. The question remains
Episode 5
Prepare for an adorable showdown as two puppies compete to win the hearts of Sonia, Andy, and their two daughters. Meanwhile, lurcher Manuel’s prospects are on the rise as he crosses paths with Luke and Kath.

Episode 6
Dave, the three-legged Labrador, is on the hunt for a new best friend. On the other hand, Obi, the spirited setter poodle, brings both joy and chaos, which might be the perfect addition that Mike and Tracey are seeking in their lives.

Episode 7 Harry, the saluki puppy, showcases his adorable kangaroo jumps. The question remains
Episode 8
Sammy, the retriever, is in search of a new best friend. Adventure enthusiast Katherine is seeking a dog that can keep up with her hikes. Could Margot, the spirited collie, be the ideal match for them?

The Dog House Season 4 Episode Guide

The latest season of The Dog House again has eight episodes, read below to find their info:

Episode 1
Is Percy, the lively cockapoo puppy, the perfect match for deaf parents Hannah and Craig and their spirited boys?

Episode 2
On the hunt for a new home and a fresh beginning are Millie and Max, a pair of ‘jugs.’ Joining them is Rex, a small pooch; Albie, the Jack Russell puppy; and the crafty escape artist Lily, a beagle.

Episode 3 Harry, a pup adopted during lockdown, initially fearful of the world, is making a heartwarming return to a family seeking affection. Meanwhile, Lily, the beagle, faces a decision
Episode 4 Buddy the Clown, an American Bulldog, brings his spirited personality to the table, testing the waters with the bold duo Katie and James. Terrier Tiddles gets a chance to shine with a makeover. And the question arises
Episode 5 Albie, the Jack Russell puppy, gets another shot at finding a home, this time with 10-year-old George. Meanwhile, a mistreated lurcher named Sam seeks the solace of a loving environment. The question remains
Episode 6
Duchess, the regal Basset Hound, returns with her charm in full force. The endearing and playful Peaches bring joy to Jane and Alan. Plus, the wise old timer, Hettie, showcases her youthful spirit to a family.

Episode 7
Hurricane, the husky, crosses paths with the spirited lurcher Peaches. Meanwhile, the energetic Jack Russell Rosie, known for chasing butterflies and cats, now sets her sights on 10-year-old Mitchell. Is her need for speed a bit overwhelming?

Episode 8 A lively French bulldog forms a strong connection with drag queen John. The adventurous lurcher Peaches finds herself with not one but two potential matches. However, the question remains

Where Was The Dog House Filmed?

All the seasons of The Dog House were filmed at the Wood Green Animal Shelter in Godmanchester, Cambridgeshire, United Kingdom. The show is entirely filmed in the charity center, which spreads over almost 43 acres and gives their dogs the love and care they need.

What Happened at the End of The Dog House?

In the eighth episode of the latest season of The Dog House, we get to know a spirited French bulldog who forges a deep bond with drag queen John. The daring lurcher Peaches finds herself with not just one but two possible matches. Yet, the lingering question is: Will the dog facing the toughest streak of luck ever discover a forever home?

Will There be a Season 5 of The Dog House?

There’s no official news regarding the fifth season of The Dog House. But, based on the show’s immense popularity and overall high rating, the fifth season may air sometime in the first quarter of 2024.

Why ExpressVPN is the Best VPN to Watch The Dog House in France on Channel 4?

ExpressVPN is the best VPN to watch The Dog House in France on Channel 4 because its rapid connection speed and comprehensive security make it an ideal choice to stream content from Channel 4.

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What Else is Worth Watching on Channel 4?

Here are some of the best and popular content to view on Channel 4


The Dog House is the dog dating show on Channel 4.

There are eight episodes in season 4 of The Dog House.

Yes, Elisha Duffy, the receptionist, is also an actress.

Wrap Up

The Dog House is the perfect show for dog lovers looking to fulfill their dog cravings. Watching poor homeless dogs being cared for and adopted will lift anyone’s spirits! But, viewers in France must use a VPN like ExpressVPN to watch The Dog House in France on Channel 4.

In a nutshell, ExpressVPN emerges as the ultimate solution for a secure and unrestricted online experience. With its powerful features, extensive server network, and robust security measures, ExpressVPN offers a seamless browsing journey. Elevate your digital presence today and enjoy the benefits of top-tier privacy and global connectivity with ExpressVPN!

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