How to Watch Magpie Murders on BBC iPlayer in France? [For Free]

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Is Magpie Murders on BBC iPlayer?

Yes, the series is available on BBC iPlayer. However, BBC iPlayer is not available in France due to licensing issues. To watch Magpie Murder on BBC iPlayer in France, connect to a premium VPN like ExpressVPN.

A murder mystery within another murder mystery, join Susan Ryeland as she solves the murder of a famous murder mystery writer. The magpie murders TV series has made its way to BBC iPlayer, famous for shows like Inside No.9, and Guilt.

In this guide, we will tell you how to bypass geo-restrictions and watch BBC iPlayer in France. In that way, you can easily access Magpie Murders on BBC iPlayer so without further delay, let’s get started:

How to Watch Magpie Murders on BBC iPlayer in France? [Quick Steps]

Here is how to watch Magpie Murders on BBC iPlayer in France with a premium VPN.

  • Subscribe to a premium VPN like ExpressVPN.
  • Download the application and log in using your credentials.
  • Connect to a server in the UK. [Recommended: Docklands, East London]
  • Go to the BBC iPlayer website and log in.
  • Search for “Magpie Murders TV series UK” and start streaming.

Where can I Watch Magpie Murders?

You can catch the Magpie Murders TV series UK on BBC One and on-demand on BBC iPlayer. Do you understand why BBC iPlayer is the greatest option for you? Because it is completely free! However, you may require a UK TV license, which may cost £159 per year or £13.13 per month.

Get BBC iPlayer free trial by creating an account and start streaming your preferred shows. While you wait for the new episode to be released, you can watch the Women’s FA Cup Finals or RHS Chelsea Flower Show on BBC iPlayer.

You don’t have to delete BBC iPlayer if you get a geo-restriction error. Just connect your device to a premium VPN like ExpressVPN to access the show.

When was Magpie Murders released?

The Magpie Murders TV series release date was 1st April 2023. You can watch the episodes every Saturday at 21:15 UK Standard Time.

If you are wondering what to watch on BBC iPlayer and are a lover of mysteries, we recommend that you look at the Magpie Murders BBC review and watch the show on BBC iPlayer.

You can easily watch Magpie Murders on BBC iPlayer in France and other great shows like Annika and Deborah James by connecting to a reliable and speedy VPN like ExpressVPN.

How many episodes of Magpie Murders are there?

There are 6 Magpie Murders episodes, each of which is 40 minutes. Here is a short synopsis of each episode.

  • Episode 1 – Susan Ryeland, while eagerly awaiting the final manuscript of her favorite author Alan Conway’s mystery series, discovers that the author has been found dead and the last chapter of the manuscript is missing.
  • Episode 2 – While looking for the missing chapter Susan stays with her sister Katie and visits Alan’s house. There she finds that his notes are also missing.
  • Episode 3 –  Susan’s private life turns upside down. She is closing in on the killer while her boss is leaning on her as the next CEO.
  • Episode 4 – As Alan Conway is buried, the mystery of his death begins to get jumbled as his real life and books converge.
  • Episode 5 – Finding that her sister and boss are connected to Conway. Atticus Pünd wraps up his investigation.
  • Episode 6 – Susan finds the final chapter, and it reveals great secrets.

What is Magpie Murders all about?

The show revolves around Susan Ryeland, an editor who receives a manuscript from her favorite author Alan Conway. She finds that the final chapter of the manuscript is missing. She sets out to find the missing final chapter.

While searching for the missing chapter, she finds Alan Conway dead near his mansion. Having committed suicide, she looks through his estate and finds a suicide note but there is something wrong. She must now find out what actually happened and finish the mystery of the final chapter.

Who is in the cast of Magpue Murders?

Here is a look at the Magpie Murders cast.

Cast Character
Lesley Manville Susan Ryeland
Tim McMullan Atticus Pünd
Conleth Hill Alan Conway
Daniel Mays DI Chubb/DS Locke
Claire Rushbrook Katie Williams
Michael Maloney Charles Clover
Alexandros Logothetis Andreas Patakis
Matthew Beard James Fraser/James Taylor
Harry Lawtey Robe

Is there a trailer for Magpie Murders?

Before you watch Magpie Murders on BBC iPlayer in France, let’s have a look at the Magpie Murders trailer.

Why ExpressVPN is the best VPN to Watch Magpie Murders in France on BBC iPlayer?

ExpressVPN is the best VPN for BBC iPlayer which features such as high-speed connectivity, device compatibility, security measures, and an expansive server network. The VPN is truly the best VPN to watch Magpie Murders on BBC iPlayer in France.

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With ExpressVPN, you can watch Magpie Murders on BBC iPlayer in France!

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Magpie Murders


Need more convincing about why you should watch Magpie Murders on BBC iPlayer in France. The show currently has an IMDb rating of 7.5 out of 10 with 4-star reviews.

Magpie Murders although not based on a true story is based on a story. The series is based on the book “Magpie Murders” by Anthony Horowitz. The show follows the storyline with the main character Susan Ryeland wanting to solve the murder of her favorite author Alan Conway and find the missing chapter of his final manuscript.

The show Magpie Murders is book in the series of books featuring Susan Ryeland as the lead written by author Anthony Horowitz. Anthony Horowitz created the character of Susan Ryeland for the novel Magpie Murders.

Wrap Up

If you love a good whodunnit, then Magpie Murders is the show for you. Featuring a great mystery, a murder/suicide, and a great female lead. The show is a must-watch. You can watch Magpie Murders on BBC iPlayer anytime, since the show was released on the platform on 1st April 2023.

Since you are trying to watch Magpie Murders on BBC iPlayer in France along with Men’s FA Cup Final you must do so by connecting to a reliable VPN.

We recommend using ExpressVPN due to the VPNs superior quality and service. We hope that you will check the show out for yourself and watch BBC iPlayer in France with ExpressVPN.

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