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Are you eager to catch the Premier League Matchday 28 fixtures live on Sky Sports, but geo-restrictions are standing in your way? Don’t worry! You can still watch the Premier League Matchday 28 fixtures in the Germany on Sky Sports with the help of a reliable VPN. After thorough testing, I’ve found that ExpressVPN is the best choice for bypassing geo-restrictions on Sky Sports. With its high-speed servers located in the UK and secure connections, you can enjoy Sky Sports streaming without any hassle.

To catch the Premier League Matchday 28 fixtures on Sky Sports, football fans need to ensure they have a UK IP address, which can be achieved through a dependable VPN. By connecting to the UK server, viewers can access Sky Sports in Germany, providing an experience similar to that of a UK resident.

This VPN service not only bypasses geo-restrictions but also guarantees a secure and high-quality streaming experience for watching the Premier League 2023/24 in Germany on Sky Sports.

Watch Premier League Matchday 28 Fixtures in Germany on Sky Sports [Quick Steps]

Follow these quick steps to watch Premier League matchday 28 fixtures in Germany on Sky Sports:

  1. Subscribe to a trusted VPN service. ExpressVPN is my top choice.
  2. Connect to a server located in the UK.
  3. Access Sky Sports through the official app or website.
  4. Watch Premier League Matchday 28 Fixtures in Germany on Sky Sports!

Watch Premier League Matchday 28 Fixtures in Germany?

You can watch Premier League matchday 28 fixtures in the Germany on Sky Sports. To avoid geo-restriction, ensure you’re connected via ExpressVPN, a virtual ticket with highly encrypted regional IP addresses.

If you’re considering subscribing, the Sky Sports price varies depending on your chosen package. You can visit the Sky Sports website to check the current pricing options.

With ExpressVPN, you cannot only watch Premier League Darts Brighton in Germany on Sky Sports but also enjoy the same subscription costs as it is for UK citizens, so don’t forget to pair a VPN connection before investing in Sky Sports.

If you decide to cancel your subscription, you can do so easily by logging into your account on the Sky Sports website or contacting their customer service.

Why Do We Need a VPN to Watch Premier League Matchday 28 Fixtures in Germany on Sky Sports?

Watching Premier League matchday 28 fixtures in the Germany on Sky Sports requires a VPN due to geo-restrictions imposed by broadcasters. These restrictions are in place to comply with licensing agreements and broadcasting rights, which dictate where certain content can be viewed.

Without a VPN, when you try to access Sky Sports in the Germany, the website or app detects your location based on your IP address and blocks access to the content meant for viewers within the UK.

However, with a VPN, you can bypass these geo-restrictions by getting a UK IP address. This way, when you access the platform, your connection appears to be coming from within the UK, allowing you to watch Super Rugby Week 3 Fixtures in Germany on Sky Sports as if you were physically located there.

Also, if you’re going to use a free VPN for Sky Sports, remember that they have slower speeds, limited server locations, or data quotas. For a smooth viewing experience, use ExpressVPN, a dependable premium VPN service.

What is the Premier League?

The Premier League is the highest level of the English football league system, consisting of 20 clubs that compete in a system of promotion and relegation with the English Football League. It is a prestigious European league, with seasons typically running from August to May.

The league was formed in February 1992 by clubs in the Football League First Division, aiming to crown the English champions.

What is the Format of Premier League?

The Premier League format involves 20 teams playing each other twice in a round-robin system, resulting in 38 matches per season. Teams earn three points for a win, one for a draw, and none for a loss, with final standings based on accumulated points.

The bottom three teams face relegation to the EFL Championship, while the top two from the Championship are promoted. The team determines the league champion with the most points at the season’s end.

Additionally, Premier League clubs participate in domestic and European cup competitions such as the FA Cup and UEFA Champions League.

Premier League Matchday 28: Date and Time in Germany

The Premier League Matchday 28 is scheduled for 9 March to 10 March, 2024.

The matches will kick off at different times, the first game will commence at 9th March 2024 at 23:30:00 (UTC+1).

Where will Premier League Matchday 28 Games be Held?

Premier League matchday 28 fixtures will be held in the following venues:

Match Venue
Arsenal vs Brentford Emirates Stadium
Aston Villa vs Tottenham Hotspur Villa Park
Liverpool vs Manchester City Anfield
Manchester United vs Everton Old Trafford
Crystal Palace vs Luton Town Selhurst Park
Bournemouth vs Sheffield United Vitality Stadium
Wolves vs Fulham Molineux Stadium
West Ham vs Burnley London Stadium
Brighton vs Nottingham Forest Falmer Stadium
Chelsea vs Newcastle Stamford Bridge

Premier League Matchday 28 Teams

On March 9th, Arsenal will play against Brentford, and on March 10th, Aston Villa will face Tottenham Hotspur, followed by Liverpool against Manchester City, as part of Premier League Matchday 28.

Can I Stream Premier League Matchday 28 Live? 

Yes, you can stream Premier League matchday 28 live on Sky Sports.

But if you’re in the Germany, you may face Sky Sports geo-limitations.

So, to access the matches live with unlimited bandwidth without buffering, use ExpressVPN. Download its app and connect to the UK server to stream Matchday 28 fixtures.

Can I Watch Premier League Matchday 28 for Free? 

Yes & No, since there’s no Sky Sports free trial available so watching the Premier League Matchday 28 is not possible; however, there are other third-party platforms that offer a limited version of Sky Sports in their package.

But in the Germany, use ExpressVPN to appear from the UK so you can watch Premier League matchday 28 games live easily.

What are the Important Matches for Premier League Matchday 28?

The important matches for Premier League matchday 28 are:

Date & Time (ET) Match
Saturday, 9 March, 7:30 am Man Utd vs. Everton
Saturday, 9 March AFC Bournemouth vs. Sheff Utd
Saturday, 9 March Crystal Palace vs. Luton Town
Saturday, 9 March Wolves vs. Fulham
Saturday, 9 March, 12:30 pm Arsenal vs. Brentford
Sunday, 10 March, 9 am Aston Villa vs. Spurs
Sunday, 10 March, 10 am Brighton vs. Nott’m Forest
Sunday, 10 March, 10 am West Ham vs. Burnley
Sunday, 10 March, 11:45 am Liverpool vs. Man City
Monday, 11 March, 4 pm Chelsea vs. Newcastle

Premier League Matchday 28 Head-to-Head Stats

Premier League matchday 28 previous stats are:

Position Club Played GD Points
1 Liverpool 28 +49 69
2 Man City 28 +55 68
3 Spurs 28 +26 60
4 Arsenal 28 +22 56
5 Man Utd 28 +19 55
6 Chelsea 27 +18 53
7 Wolves 28 0 40
8 Watford 28 -1 40
9 Everton 28 0 36
10 West Ham 28 -6 36
11 Leicester 28 -5 35
12 Bournemouth 28 -14 34
13 Newcastle 28 -8 31
14 Crystal Palace 28 -6 30
15 Burnley 28 -19 30
16 Brighton 27 -12 27
17 Southampton 28 -16 27
18 Cardiff 28 -30 25
19 Fulham 28 -37 17
20 Huddersfield 28 -35 14

What is the Ticket Price of Premier League Matchday 28?

The Premier League Matchday 28 ticket price may vary depend on each match. According to SeatPick, these prices are:

Match Location Starting Ticket Price
Manchester United vs Everton Old Trafford, Manchester, United Kingdom $96+
Wolves vs Fulham Molineux Stadium, Wolverhampton, United Kingdom $83+
Bournemouth vs Sheffield United Dean Court (Vitality Stadium), Bournemouth, England $749+
Crystal Palace vs Luton Town Selhurst Park, London, England $79+
Arsenal vs Brentford Emirates Stadium, London, England $217+
Aston Villa vs Tottenham Hotspur Villa Park, Birmingham, England $98+
West Ham United vs Burnley London Stadium, London, England $29+
Brighton vs Nottingham Forest The Amex Stadium, Brighton, England $85+
Liverpool vs Manchester City Anfield, Liverpool, England $603+

How to Buy Ticket for Premier League Matchday 28 Matches?

To purchase tickets for Premier League Matchday 28 matches, simply visit Seatpick. Select your desired match, seating category, and ticket quantity, then proceed to checkout.

Enter your payment and delivery details, review your order, and complete the purchase.

What are the Predictions for Premier League Matchday 28?

For Premier League Matchday 28 in March 2024, key predictions include Manchester United winning 2-1 against Everton, Bournemouth expected to secure a 3-1 victory over Sheffield United, and Crystal Palace aiming for a 2-0 win against Luton.

The highlight match between Liverpool and Manchester City is predicted to end in a 2-2 draw, showcasing the fierce competition at the top of the table. Chelsea and Newcastle United’s game is anticipated to conclude with a 1-1 draw.

What is the Schedule for Premier League 2024?

The Premier League 2024 schedule is as follows:

The Premier League 2024 schedule for February is as follows.

Match Day Date Match Time Results
Match Day 23 Sat 3 Feb 2024 Everton v Spurs 12:30 2-2
Sheff Utd v Aston Villa 17:30 0-5
Sun 4 Feb 2024 AFC Bournemouth v Nott’m Forest 14:00 1-1
Chelsea v Wolves 14:00 2-4
Man Utd v West Ham 14:00 3-0
Arsenal v Liverpool 16:30 3-1
Mon 5 Feb 2024 Brentford v Man City 20:00 1-3
Match Day 24 Sat 10 Feb 2024 Man City v Everton 12:30 2-0
Nottm Forest vs Newcastle 17:30 2-3
Sun 11 Feb 2024 West Ham vs Arsenal 14:00 0-6
Aston Villa v Man Utd 16:30 1-2
Mon 12 Feb 2024 Crystal Palace vs Chelsea 20:00 1-3
Match Day 25 Sat 17 Feb 2024 Brentford v Liverpool 12:30 1-4
Man City v Chelsea 17:30 1-1
Sun 18 Feb 2024 Sheff Utd v Brighton 14:00 0-5
Luton Town v Man Utd 16:30 1-2
Mon 19 Feb 2024 Everton v Crystal Palace 20:00 1-1
Tue 20 Feb 2024 Man City v Brentford 19:30 1-0
Match Day 26 Fri 23 Feb 2024 Chelsea v Spurs 20:00 3-0
Sat 24 Feb 2024 Aston Villa vs Nottingham Forest 15:00 4-2
Brighton and Hove Albion vs Everton 15:00 1-1
Manchester United vs Fullham 15:00 1-2
Bournemouth vs Manchester City 17:30 0-1
Arsenal vs New Castle United 20:00 4-1
Sun 25 Feb 2024 Wolves vs Sheffield United 13:30 1-0
Mon 26 Feb 2024 West Ham United vs Brentford 20:00 4-2
Match Day 27 Saturday 2nd March Brentford vs. Chelsea 15:00 2-2
Everton vs. West Ham United 15:00 1-3
Fulham vs. Brighton and Hove Albion 15:00 3-0
Newcastle United vs. Wolverhampton Wanderers 15:00 3-0
Nottingham Forest vs. Liverpool 15:00 0-1
Tottenham Hotspur vs. Crystal Palace 15:00 3-1
Luton Town vs. Aston Villa 17:30 2-3
Sunday 3rd March Burnley vs. Bournemouth 13:00 0-2
Manchester City vs. Manchester United 15:30 3-1
Monday 4th March Sheffield United vs. Arsenal 20:00 0-4
Match Day 28 Saturday 9th March Manchester United vs. Everton 12:30 2-0
Bournemouth vs. Sheffield United 15:00 2-2
Crystal Palace vs. Luton Town 15:00 1-1
Wolverhampton Wanderers vs. Fulham 15:00 2-1
Arsenal vs. Brentford 17:30 2-1
Sunday 10th March Aston Villa vs. Tottenham Hotspur 13:00 0-4
Brighton and Hove Albion vs. Nottingham Forest 14:00 1-0
West Ham United vs. Burnley 14:00 2-2
Liverpool vs. Manchester City 15:45 1-1
Match Day 29 Monday 11th March Chelsea vs. Newcastle United 20:00 3-2
Wednesday 13th March Bournemouth vs. Luton Town 19:30
Saturday 16th March Arsenal vs. Chelsea Postponed Fixture Clash
Burnley vs. Brentford 15:00
Luton Town vs. Nottingham Forest 15:00
Fulham vs. Tottenham Hotspur 17:30
Sunday 17th March Everton vs. Liverpool Postponed Fixture Clash
West Ham United vs. Aston Villa 14:00
Match Day 30 Saturday 30th March Newcastle United vs. West Ham United 12:30
Bournemouth vs. Everton 15:00
Chelsea vs. Burnley 15:00
Nottingham Forest vs. Crystal Palace 15:00
Sheffield United vs. Fulham 15:00
Tottenham Hotspur vs. Luton Town 15:00
Aston Villa vs. Wolverhampton Wanderers 17:30
Brentford vs. Manchester United 20:00
Sunday 31st March Liverpool vs. Brighton and Hove Albion 14:00
Manchester City vs. Arsenal 16:30

Is There Any Price Money for Match Winner?

In the Premier League, there is no specific prize money awarded for winning an individual match. The financial rewards distributed by the Premier League to clubs are based on their final standings at the end of the season, TV rights distribution, and other commercial revenues.

The rewards for finishing in different league positions vary, with the champions receiving an estimated total of close to £150m, including prize money, TV money, and sponsorship bonuses. The difference in prize money between each position is relatively minor, averaging around £2.5m.

Additionally, relegated teams receive parachute payments to mitigate the financial impact of dropping out of the top flight.

What are the Odds for Premier League Matchday 28?

Home Team Away Team
Manchester United Everton
-138 +350
Draw +275
Crystal Palace Luton Town
-120 +300
Draw +270
Bournemouth Sheffield United
-225 +500
Draw +375
Wolverhampton Wanderers Fulham
+120 +210
Draw +250
Arsenal Brentford
-300 +700
Draw +450
Aston Villa Tottenham Hotspur
+138 +160
Draw +300
Brighton & Hove Albion Nottingham Forest
-175 +400
Draw +333
West Ham United Burnley
-138 +333
Draw +290
Liverpool Manchester City
+188 +120
Draw +275

Why ExpressVPN is the Best VPN to Watch Premier League Matchday 28 Fixtures in Germany on Sky Sports?

ExpressVPN is the best VPN to watch Premier League matchday 28 fixtures in Germany on Sky Sports because it offers exceptionally fast connection speeds for streaming live sports in HD without buffering or interruptions.

Here are the reasons why ExpressVPN is known to be the best VPN for streaming Premier League.

ExpressVPN: The Best VPN to Watch Premier League Matchday 28 Fixtures in Germany on Sky Sports?

ExpressVPN is the best VPN for Sky Sports and for watching Premier League matchday 28 fixtures in Germany because it has consistently high download and upload speeds with no buffering and smooth streaming throughout the entire match.

This is crucial, as streaming services often throttle bandwidth for VPN users, but ExpressVPN’s optimized network helps overcome this issue.

With a vast network of servers in 105 countries, including the UK, ExpressVPN allows you to easily find a server with low load and minimal congestion. This further improves streaming quality by reducing lag and buffering issues.


Watch Premier League Matchday 28 Fixtures in Germany on Sky Sports with ExpressVPN!

Recommended Server:London, Wembley, and the Docklands

ExpressVPN offers user-friendly apps for various devices (phones, tablets, computers, smart TVs), making it easy to set up and connect to a UK server quickly, even for non-technical users. This ensures you can watch Betfred Super League Week 4 Fixtures in Germany on Sky sports on all devices.

ExpressVPN prioritizes user security and privacy with features like military-grade encryption, leak protection, and a strict no-logs policy. These safeguards ensure your connection is secure and your online activity remains private while using a VPN, even when accessing geo-restricted content.

For just EUR 6.2/mo (US$ 6.67/mo) - Save up to 49% with exclusive 1-year plans + 3 months free, you gain access to Sky Sports along with several other leading UK streaming platforms such as Channel 4, Netflix, Disney Plus, and more.

Premier League Matchday 28 Fixtures

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No, Arsenal and Brentford are not considered traditional rivals in the Premier League.

The most favored team among all matches from matchday 28 appears to be Chelsea in their match against Newcastle, with odds of -250.

Aston Villa is favored due to their home advantage at Villa Park and Tottenham Hotspur’s strong attacking prowess, the match is expected to be highly competitive.

Liverpool’s biggest rival is traditionally considered to be Manchester United.

Yes, you can watch Premier League Matchday 28 matches in Germany on your mobile device through the Sky Sports app. But use a VPN.


Premier League fans can still watch Premier League matchday 28 fixtures  in Germany on Sky Sports with the help of ExpressVPN.

ExpressVPN’s exceptional speeds, robust security features, and user-friendly interface make it the perfect companion for streaming Premier League matches in Germany.

So, get ExpressVPN, choose your favorite team, and get ready for an unforgettable matchday experience!

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