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Watch The Shepherd in Germany on Disney Plus

If you firmly believe in miracles and see hope as an important factor in life, you must definitely watch Disney Plus’s upcoming short film, The Shepherd. This mini-movie will be released on the Disney Plus platform on December 1, 2023.

Since Disney Plus is geographically limited to the United States of America, international viewers of the Disney Plus platform will have a question about how to watch The Shepherd in Germany on Disney Plus. Foreign audiences are entangled in geo-restriction issues on every attempt to enter this America-exclusive platform.

After extensive research on this issue, I present you with a simple fix for this. By employing a top-tier VPN like ExpressVPN, you can watch Disney Plus in Germany. It will also allow you unbounded access to watch best shows on Disney Plus and best movies on Disney Plus.

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Watch The Shepherd in Germany on Disney Plus- [Easy Steps]

By following the five uncomplicated guidelines provided below, you can watch The Shepherd in Germany on Disney Plus using a leading VPN:

  1. Pick a budget-friendly VPN service. (I recommend ExpressVPN)
  2. Get and configure the VPN app on any device you like.
  3. Initiate your VPN connection with a server in the USA. (New York server is suggested.)
  4. Enter your Disney Plus account via the Disney Plus app/website.
  5. Search and watch The Shepherd in Germany on Disney Plus.

Where to watch The Shepherd in Germany?

The upcoming British short film, The Shepherd 2023, will be available to stream on the Disney Plus platform.

But cross-border residing drama movie fans will need to perform an extra action when accessing Disney Plus from abroad areas to watch The Shepherd film 2023—leverage an optimal VPN service such as ExpressVPN.

Don’t forget to take advantage of the free trial for Disney Plus when streaming on it for the first time. Also, consider the cost for Disney Plus to move forward with your subscription decision.

If you want to cancel subscription of Disney Plus, you must first visit the account settings option on Disney Plus’s website/app.

Why do you need a VPN to watch The Shepherd in Germany on Disney Plus?

Streamers need to depend on a credible VPN to watch The Shepherd in Germany on Disney Plus because it will help them get over the geographic constraints employed in their location.

It will mask their accurate IP address location and switch it to any US IP address. For this purpose, I encourage employing ExpressVPN, which is considered the best VPN for Disney Plus.

When does The Shepherd premiere on Disney Plus?

The British mini-film, The Shepherd, is being released on the Disney Plus Platform on Friday, December 1, 2023.

This drama movie was initially released on August 10, 2023 at the HollyShorts Film Festival.

Short film enthusiasts, remember The Shepherd release date and clear your schedule for this date to enjoy this mini-film.

What is the Narrative of The Shepherd?

The Shepherd film 2023 revolves around miracles and hopes. While traveling to his hometown to spend Christmas Eve there, an optimistic vampire pilot suddenly finds himself surrounded by unwelcomed problems and issues with the plane, like no signals on the radio, a power cutout, low fuel, and more.

During this time, he remains optimistic and suddenly receives help from a mysterious source.

What is the Plot of The Shepherd?

The Shepherd Disney+ plot is about a young pilot of the Royal Air Force (RAF) named Freddie Hooke who, while flying to his hometown for Christmas Eve on his plane, encounters several serious problems and challenges like the plane’s power disruption, radio signal loss, low fuel and more on the North Sea.

He remains hopeful and optimistic instead of getting tense and anxious about the situation. Suddenly, a miracle occurs; a generous stranger helps him and gets him out of this horrible situation.

Is there any trailer for The Shepherd?

Yes, The Shepherd trailer has been released and is now made available on YouTube. For a glimpse of The Shepherd movie, you can open the below-provided tab:

Is The Shepherd based on a true story?

No, The Shepherd Disney+ 2023 short film is not based on a true story or any real-life events. It is a completely fictional story that is based on the fictional novel having the same title and written by Frederick Forsyth.

Why ExpressVPN is the Best VPN to Watch The Shepherd in Germany on Disney Plus?

ExpressVPN is the best VPN to watch The Shepherd in Germany on Disney Plus because it is a top-level, authentic VPN service with fast-speed VPN servers, premium defense features, state-of-the-art personal data protection measures, wallet-friendly subscription packages, and more.

Read on to learn more about ExpressVPN’s abilities:

ExpressVPN: The Best VPN to Watch The Shepherd in Germany on Disney Plus

ExpressVPN boasts comprehensive and state-of-the-art VPN server infrastructure. Currently, their server network comprises over 3000 servers spread across 105 countries. They house a remarkable team that is consistently working on improving and adding server locations within their network.


Confused about which American-based VPN server to join to watch The Shepherd in Germany on Disney Plus? Immediately switch to the Smart Location feature that automatically finds and launches the link with the best available US server. We recommend selecting the New York server if you want to connect to a US server manually.

To increase your protection while using the internet via ExpressVPN, it offers leading-edge features like Threat Manager, VPN Split Tunneling, IP/DNS Leak Protection, Block Internet Connection Throttling, Lightway Protocol, TrustedServer Technology, Network Lock, Uncapped Bandwidth, Automated Kill Switch, and many others.

ExpressVPN also allows P2P file sharing and torrenting on its connections. It also has extensions available for different browsers, including Chrome, Opera, Microsoft Edge, and more.

ExpressVPN is compatible with international streaming sites like HBO Max, Paramount+, Amazon Prime, Disney Plus, Netflix America, Discovery+, and more.

You can use a free VPN as well to access Disney Plus but most of the time, you’ll be facing errors like Disney Plus Not Working.

ExpressVPN gives you the freedom to choose and subscribe to either monthly, quarterly, or yearly plans. It costs EUR 6.26/mo (US$ 6.67/mo) - Save up to 49% with exclusive 1-year plans + 3 months free. With this offer, you have the chance to save 49%. A risk-free option, a 30-day money-back guarantee, is also available for new users.

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The Shepherd


The near-death experience and the power of optimism shown in the movie are the main reasons why The Shepherd movie became famous.

Yes, The Shepherd Disney+ short film, is worth watching because it has a superb plot that will keep you on the edge of your seat throughout its 38-minute runtime.

The Shepherd film 2023 has yet to receive an IMDb rating.

Wrap Up

The short film The Shepherd is ready to debut on the Disney Plus network on December 1, 2023. We hope you found this comprehensive guide beneficial and helpful in learning how to watch The Shepherd in Germany on Disney Plus and surpass its location constraints.

Every excited viewer awaiting this short film must ensure before the above-mentioned date that their gadgets are equipped with ExpressVPN.