How to Watch Extras in Germany on BBC iPlayer

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Are you trying to figure out where to watch Extras (TV series) in Germany? You can easily watch Extras in Germany on BBC iPlayer for free with the help of a top-notch VPN service such as ExpressVPN.

BBC iPlayer is not available in Germany due to legal rights issues. However, you can watch BBC iPlayer in Germany with the help of our top recommended VPN service which helps you to watch all seasons of Extras in Germany on BBC iPlayer.

The new comedy series on BBC iPlayer 2023 Extras was released on 21 July 2005 on BBC One. The show follows the story of Andy Millman, an actor with an ambition to be popular but reduced to work as an extra with a useless agent. You can stream Extras series comedy BBC episodes for free using ExpressVPN.

Read our guide below to learn how to watch Extras in Germany on BBC iPlayer.

How to Watch Watch Extras in Germany on BBC iPlayer? [Easy Steps]

Following are the quick steps to watch Extras in Germany on BBC iPlayer.

  1. Subscribe to a top-notch VPN service such as ExpressVPN.
  2. Download and install the VPN application on your preferred devices.
  3. Sign in to your VPN app and connect to the UK server (preferably Docklands).
  4. Visit the BBC iPlayer official website and sign in to your account.
  5. Now, search and watch Extras in Germany on BBC iPlayer online free.

Where to Watch Extras in Germany?

You can easily watch Extras in Germany on BBC iPlayer free along with BBC One. However, you must subscribe to a top-notch VPN service, such as ExpressVPN, to watch BBC online in Germany free.

The VoD streaming platform does not require any additional charges from you since it is free to stream, which means you don’t have to try to get a BBC iPlayer free trial as it does not provide it. The only BBC iPlayer cost you have to bear is the UK TV License fee.

Moreover, BBC iPlayer provides popular shows and movies, and you can access some of them, including David Wilsons Crime Files and Panorama Boohoo’s Broken Promises on the streaming service with the help of ExpressVPN.

What is the Release Date of Extras on BBC iPlayer?

Extras (TV series) Season 1 was released on 21 July 2005 on BBC One. However, the series got massive hit reviews and scheduled its second season and released it on 16 September 2006. Moreover, you can stream the seasons of Extras on BBC iPlayer for free.

What is Extras Series About?

Extras is a British sitcom starring Ricky Gervais as Andy Millman, who is an extra actor but wants to do something big as he wants to be a popular celebrity. Andy is fed up with life working as an extra who is always being cut out of scenes just as he manages to get his face on the camera.

Andy has an agent who never does any good for him as she is useless, and Andy always blames her for being able to work on bigger projects as she informs the directors that Andy is a fat in figure. However, Andy thinks about kissing celebrities, but these inappropriate ideas get him kicked out of the set.

However, in Season 2, Andy writes a script and delivers it to a guy who, in turn, passes it along to the BBC, as the channel loves his script and wants to work with him. Later in the Christmas special episode, Andy becomes famous and fires his client to get much bigger clients. But, unfortunately, things don’t go well when Andy’s career is at stake in Extras series BBC iPlayer season 2.

Who Is in The Cast of Extras Series?

There are many actors in Extra’s famous cast. Therefore, you can check the full cast of Extras including series 1, series 2, and the Christmas special below:

Cast Character
Ricky Gervais Maggie Jacobs
Ashley Jensen Darren Lamb
Stephen Merchant Shaun Williamson
Shaun Williamson Greg
Shaun Pye Kimberley
Sarah Moyle Gobbler
Andrew Buckley Brains
Jamie Chapman Damon Beesley
Martin Savage Iain Morris
Guy Henry Liza Tarbuck
Liza Tarbuck Bunny
Gerard Kelly Make-up Woman
Sarah Preston Jonathan Ross
Jonathan Ross Ben Stiller
Ben Stiller Dullard
Steve Speirs Goran
Boris Boscovic Dan
Michael Wildman Jon
Steve Jackson Suzanne
Charlotte Palmer Minister
Patrick Malahide Lizzie
Rebecca Gethings Francesca
Francesca Martinez Daniel Radcliffe
Daniel Radcliffe David Bowie
David Bowie Robert Lindsay
Robert Lindsay Samuel L. Jackson
Samuel L. Jackson Kate Winslet
Kate Winslet Patrick Stewart
Patrick Stewart Ross Kemp
Ross Kemp Diana Rigg
Diana Rigg Clive Owen1 episode, 2007
Clive Owen Vinnie Jones
Vinnie Jones Les Dennis
Les Dennis Jackie Greer
Liza Sadovy Mike
John Kirk Actress
Grace Kingslene Robert De Niro
Robert De Niro Warwick
Warwick Davis Chris Martin
Chris Martin Keith Chegwin
Keith Chegwin George Michael1 episode, 2007
George Michael Simone Reynolds
Nicky Ladanowski Mark

How many Series of Extras are there?

Are you thinking about how many episodes of Extra are there? Well, there are a total of 2 seasons of the show which includes 6 episodes in each season. The show is a massive hit as it has an IMDb rating of 8.3/10. Therefore, you can check the Extras series BBC iPlayer full episodes list below:

Series Count Episodes Air Date
Season 1 6 21 July, 2005
Season 2 6 14 September, 2006
Christmas Special 1 16 December, 2007

Is There A Trailer for The Extras?

Yes, a trailer is available for the best comedy series on BBC iPlayer 2023 named Extras. Therefore, check the trailer below to get ready to watch Extras in Germany on BBC iPlayer:

What makes ExpressVPN: The Best VPN to Watch Extras in Germany on BBC iPlayer?

ExpressVPN is our recommended VPN service to watch Extras in Germany on BBC iPlayer due to its fast and incredible speed and secure connection.

ExpressVPN is a reliable VPN that offers almost 3000+ servers in 105 countries.

This VPN also offers an incredibly fast download speed of 89.45 Mbps and an upload speed of 85.52 Mbps on 100 Mbps. It means you can enjoy Extras BBC streaming on BBC iPlayer and BBC One Platform in HD quality experience.


ExpressVPN Lets You Watch Extras in Germany on BBC iPlayer

Recommended server: Docklands

In addition, ExpressVPN also has security features such as DNS IP leak protection, no-logs, kill switch, AES 256-bit encryption, and Split Tunneling, ensuring your data is kept safe while you stream online. Using these features, you can securely watch Shakespeare: Rise of A Genius in Germany on BBC iPlayer.

Moreover, ExpressVPN is also compatible with many Operating Systems, such as Windows, Android, Linux, macOS, iOS, etc.

ExpressVPN has a premium feature, such as MediaStreamers, that enables you to watch Roman Kemp The Fight For Young Lives in Germany on BBC iPlayer on non-VPN-compatible devices.

Furthermore, the VPN supports up to 8 simultaneous connections that guarantee you to watch BBC One online free on various devices.

However, ExpressVPN also offers a 24/7 customer support system that helps you watch The Whoniverse in Germany on BBC iPlayer online without technical issues. Also, it provides a 30-day money-back guarantee to its users.

Finally, you can get ExpressVPN at a low cost of just EUR 6.24/mo (US$ 6.67/mo) - Save up to 49% with exclusive 1-year plans + 3 months free.


What Else You Can Watch on BBC iPlayer in 2023?

There is a massive library of content available to stream on BBC iPlayer in 2023. Therefore, are you still confused about what to watch on BBC iPlayer? Then check our list of best shows and movies on the platform below:

Doctor Who Dreamland The Australian Wars
Doctor Who The Infinite Quest Once Upon a Time in Iraq
The Shining Coco


Andy becomes famous for being an extra, but still, he is unhappy with all the fame he has achieved. When a new agent approaches him, Andy fires his old agent, Darren, and quits the show. Meanwhile, Maggie has given up working as an extra and living in a small apartment. However, Andy is too self-blind to see his best friend’s miserable life.

Extras is a fantastic TV show that is considered in the list of top 10 comedy series on BBC iPlayer 2023. But when it comes to Office, the entertainment and storyline of the series was excellent that’s why people enjoy Office more than Extras. However, both the series are best in their way.

Ricky Gervais stated in an interview that he ended the TV show Extras and The Office due to the fact that he wanted to conclude the stories in an enjoyable moment rather than dragging the seasons to make a profit. He further said that he wanted to let the people have fun of the limited series.

The Extras is a 2005 TV series that is full of comedy and drama-based shows. The show is a massive hit, and you can stream both seasons on BBC iPlayer for free by using ExpressVPN.

Wrap Up

The highly anticipated show Extras is now available to stream on BBC iPlayer. However, you must subscribe to a dependable VPN service such as ExpressVPN, which bypasses geo-restrictions imposed by the streaming services and helps you to watch Extras in Germany on BBC iPlayer for free.

Extras is a 2005 TV series starring Ricky Gervais as Andy Milkman, who is a junior artist and wants to be popular someday. However, things don’t go well when he gets what he dreamt of. Therefore, we have answered your confusion regarding on what platform is Extras on, in Germany. Further, get ExpressVPN to watch the show online for free.

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