How to Set up XBox 360 VPN Using Router & Modem

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Setting up an XBox360 VPN is easy and hardly requires any expertise – although it does require attention to detail. There are two ways to setup an XBox 360 VPN:

  • Method 1 – Share your computer’s VPN with your XBox 360
  • Method 2 – Centralize your VPN tunnel with a router and assemble your XBox 360 and computer to pass through it.
No matter which method you choose, the first baby step is to decide which VPN you wish to use for your XBox 360. There are a number of VPN service providers out there that give special attention to XBox 360 users.


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VPN service providers ready to provide you a VPN for your XBox 360 will also be geared up to provide you setup tutorials but there is a difference between a tutorial and a walkthrough. This is a walkthrough!

Once you have selected a VPN service provider, go to the VPN service provider’s router configuration setup guide. Yes, you will have to make sure that the VPN provides XBox 360 VPN support. If router support is present, you will be directed to detailed router setup instructions by your VPN service provider upon inquiry. Some VPN providers go the extra mile and offer pre-configured VPN routers that are essentially plug and play for people looking to use an XBox 360 VPN.

Method 1 – Sharing Your Computer’s VPN (Without A Router)

Setting up an XBox 360 VPN without a router will require you to setup a VPN on your computer and then share it with your XBox 360. Of course this will obligate you to switch on your computer and activate your VPN every time you want to use your XBox 360 through the VPN tunnel. You can always avoid this technicality by using a router.

Connect your XBox 360 to your computer system. Use an Ethernet connection to do this. After doing so, you will see that your computer system will then be connected to internet and your VPN server – which may be either through an external modem or through an internal modem connected directly to a wall-jack. Your computer system may be connected to a wireless internet connection – that makes no difference.

Essentially, simply take your XBox 360 and connect it to your computer system, the rest will remain the same. The resulting network is your XBox 360 VPN in effect.

Required Credentials & Details

Before you start out, be sure to tell your VPN service provider that you will be using your VPN account to setup an XBox 360 VPN. Ask your VPN service provider to provide you the following credential details. These details are imperative and will be required during the setup process.

  • IP Address of Server (Try and ask for multiple IP addresses)
  • Destination Name
  • Your VPN account user name
  • Respective password
  • Domain (optional)


The Layer-Cake Of Your Xbox 360 VPN When Setup Via VPN Sharing

At the end of this process, you will have established a Local Area Network with your XBox, and a Wide Area Network with your VPN service provider. This is how it works:
  • Inner Layer – XBox connected via Local Area Network
  • Middle Layer – VPN connected via Wide Area Network
  • Outer Layer – Internet Connected via Modem


Put simply, data cannot jump layers and has to move through the VPN every time any sending/receiving takes place. This is the manner in which your data will flow and the sequence in which you will be setting up your XBox 360 VPN.

Oh and I take it you have either Windows XP or higher installed on your computer. If you don’t leave your request in the comments section or hit me up on Google+ and I’ll get back to you on it.

Step 1 – Connect Your Windows To The Vpn Server

  • Access your Windows’ ‘Network and Sharing Center’ through the Start Menu.
  • You will look for the button that says ‘Setup a New Connection or Network’. Clicking on it will initiate the ‘Set up a Connection or Network’ setup wizard.
  • A list of connection options should follow. Select ‘Connect to a workplace’ and hit ‘Next’.
  • The wizard will then ask you to choose if you wish to use your internet connection or dial directly. Choose the first option (Connect via Internet connection – VPN) and hit ‘Next’.
  • Since you chose not to dial directly, you will then be required to enter in the Internet Address & Destination Name provided to you by your VPN service provider. Enter in these details and hit ‘Next’.
  • The next screen will require you to enter in your login credentials: User name and Password – and hit ‘Connect’.

Step 2 – Share Your VPN Connection With Your Xbox 360

Find your Adapter settings in the Network and Sharing Center. If you don’t manage to find it, make your way to the Network Connections. You should be able to find ‘Network Connections’ by going through the ‘Control Panel’ and then accessing ‘Network and Internet’

In the Properties menu, you will be tampering with three areas: Options, Security & Sharing
1.       Options:
  • Activate: Display progress while connecting
  • Activate: Prompt for name and password certificate, etc.
  • Activate: Include Windows login domain
  • Set redial attempts to max
  • Set time between redial attempts to minimum
  • Set idle time before hanging up to ‘never’
  • Activate: Redial if line dropped
2.       Security:
  • Set ‘Type of VPN’ to ‘Automatic’ unless specifically instructed by your VPN service provider. Ask your VPN service provider for specifics in this area.
  • Set ‘Data Encryption’ to optional. You need not worry about that, your VPN service provider has servers setup doing all the encryption for you.
  • In Authentication, choose the option titled ‘Allow these protocols’. Subsequently, activate ‘Challenge Handshake Authentication Protocol (CHAP)’ and ‘Microsoft CHAP v2’.
3.       Sharing:
  • Activate ‘Allow other network users to connect through this computer’s Internet connection’.
  • Select ‘Local Area Connection’ from the drop-down menu under ‘Home Network Connection’ and hit ‘OK’


Double-clicking on ‘VPN Connection’ will now bring you to a Connection dialog window asking you for your login credentials. Enter in your login details and on hitting ‘Connect’ your VPN connection will be connected, verified, registered on the network and finally subjected to configured settings.

Method 2 – Setting Up A Router For Your Xbox 360 VPN

The router based XBox 360 VPN setup is ideal for users who do not wish to install VPN software on their computer systems but still want VPN coverage. It is also ideal for users who do not want to rely on their computer systems for VPN coverage when using the XBox 360. This means that your VPN will remain active even when your computer is switched off.

Required Credentials And Details

Tell your VPN service provider that you are in the process of setting up an XBox 360 VPN and ask the VPN provider for the following details:
  • Host Name
  • Domain Name
  • Router IP details (Local IP Address and Subnet Mask)
  • Connection Type
  • DHCP enabling
  • Gateway
  • User Name
  • Password

Step 1 – Setting Up The Router-Based Infrastructure For Your Xbox 360 VPN

When you start connecting your XBox 360 to your Router, your router will play the role of the town-center for the data. All connections (mainly constituting your computer) going to your modem will go through your Router. Rest assured that the process is simple and requires no technical expertise.

  • Take two Ethernet wires.
  • Connect your computer system to your router with one (LAN ports – both).
  • Connect your XBox 360 to your router with the other (LAN ports – both).
  • Connect your router to your Modem with a third networking cable (WAN port).
  • Make sure that the network cable is not bending to form kinks at any point and that it is not stretching excessively.
  • If your computer system was connected directly to your modem in the past and you are new to using a router, simply unplug the modem end of the computer-modem Ethernet cable and plug it into the router. That way the router cable will be the only cable connecting to your Modem.
  • If all goes well then at the end of this assembly, you will have assembled three networking cables. There is no need to tinker with the cable wall jack connecting the modem to the internet at any point. Feel free to take it out if that makes the setup more convenient for you though.

Step 2 – Setting Up The Software Configuration

Unless you bought a pre-configured VPN router from your VPN service provider, you will need to configure it. This configuration is the soul of your XBox 360 VPN when tunneling via router. For these settings, I take it that you are using a DD-WRT flashed router. I recommend it to all my VPN using friends for the simplicity it offers and the mountains of information that is available for it on the internet.

  1. Switch on your computer and access your computer’s ‘Control Panel’
  2. If you connected all the networking cables properly, there should be a VPN Router Control Panel visible in your Control Panel. Accessing it will present you with System Information.
  3. Access Setup and then Basic Setup in your VPN Router Control Panel
  4. Enter in the setup configurations provided to you by your VPN service provider. At this point you will be entering in the Host and Domain names as well as the Local IP Address and Subnet Masks.
  5. Select the appropriate VPN protocol under ‘Connection Type’ and select/un-select DHCP based on your VPN provider’s instructions.
  6. Enter in the Gateway and your login credentials (Your unique user name and password), and hit Apply Settings and Save.
  7. Now click on the tab marked “Status” and you will be presented with a new set of sub-tabs. Select the sub-tab marked ‘WAN’ and hit Connect.

Finally – Protect The Hardware

Follow the above steps and you will be able to enjoy your XBox 360 live never before. Using the XBox 360 VPN will protect your system form all forms of software/malware threats. What about hardware you say? I have a very simple principle I follow and preach to all my gaming peers when it comes to hardware issues: Never ever go to anybody else but the manufacturer for hardware related issues!

Luckily Microsoft launched Microsoft complete as a warranty for users looking to take advantage of Microsoft’s high-end tech support. This comprehensive plan provides replacement coverage for the console and its peripherals as well as tech support from Microsoft’s own people.

The Microsoft Complete Warranty

Buying an XBox360 with the Microsoft Complete warranty is a great way to secure your purchase. The warranty gives you up to two controller replacements and hardware malfunction coverage for three years from the date of coverage purchase. The fine print is that it can only be bought within the first 45 days of purchasing the actual console.

Microsoft is still to announce details on warranty renewal options (and I don’t recommend you get your hopes up) but the $69.99 price tag seems slightly unreasonable unless you can appreciate the fact that it falls to an average of no more than $2.00 per month. But remember! Only users buying XBox 360, XBox 360 with Kinect, and XBox One are eligible to purchase Microsoft Complete.

How Not To Use An Xbox 360 VPN

Use your XBox 360 VPN sensibly! It is NOT your backstage pass to all the region-locked content available on the XBox Live. Using your XBox 360 VPN without caution can lead you to end up with a blocked account (as is the case for any service that detects excessive VPN use) if not a banned console. You don’t want that! Your VPN service provider will not take any responsibility if that happens – so tread with caution.

While you may be second-guessing your decision to use an XBox 360 VPN at this point, my advice is that you refrain from using XBox Live without the cover of an XBox 360 VPN. It will keep you safe from hack attacks and give you the online safety (privacy and protection) you need when online (and exposed) for long periods of time.

Don’t use your XBox 360 VPN to log into region-locked content day after day. You don’t want to get blacklisted. If you download a region-restricted content (which I know you will because I do) then try not to play it on multiplayer too frequently. Feel free to access region locked XBox Live Apps through your XBox 360 VPN though. They are third-party affiliates and won’t necessarily have Microsoft’s iron clad region restricting policies.

If All Else Fails – Off A Cliff

What you do with it afterwards is none of my business. Access region-restricted content, stream movies on Netflix through it, or throw it off a cliff – your call. I wrote this setup guide because I saw that there are still loads of people out there searching for a comprehensive XBox 360 VPN setup guide. There are some good setup guides out there, but none of them comprehensive.

If they talk about setting up the software they miss out the hardware or vice-versa. Going through them gave me a headache so I decided to bring it ALL together, test it, and then give you THIS! For more info and setup walkthroughs leave your requests in the comments section or hit me up on either my Google+ and I’ll get back to you.

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