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The X-Men movie is back with its new installment and this time only the strong will survive! The film has premiered onto the big screen on May 18th, 2016 in UK. The news has surely created much hype among torrent lovers. As a result, the torrent users are trying hard to find the best X Men torrent to watch their favorite movie.

After the X-Men: Days of Future Past, the mutants are ready to battle the first and most powerful Egyptian potentate “Apocalypse” who has woken up after thousands of years. Being disillusioned with the humanity, the invincible ancient monarch recruits a team of powerful mutants to destroy the human race and make a new world order.

Now fans who can’t make it to the theaters can witness the action from the movie by downloading X-Men Apocalypse torrent. Not to forget, if you’re located in a region where peer to peer file sharing and torrents are restricted then you will end up in getting DMCA notices and other copyright violation messages. So how do you download X-Men Apocalypse Torrent without getting caught?

The answer – use a VPN. A Virtual Private Network is the most suitable and safest tool for fans to evade ISPs & copyright trolls from monitoring your internet activity while downloading X-Men Apocalypse torrent. Below listed VPN services offer optimized torrent servers to download torrents safely from any corner of the world.

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How to Download X Men Apocalypse Torrent with VPN

A VPN is an ideal and wallet friendly solution to download torrents safely from the web. This is due to VPN’s ability to cloak user’s IP address by replacing it with one from a VPN server. The moment you try to download or seed a torrent, your IP address becomes visible to ISP, copyright trolls and every other person on earth who eavesdrops on your online activities.

This IP address helps in tracking down your true location, resulting in copyright infringement notices and fines. Fortunately, a VPN comes into play by using leading edge tunneling protocols to route traffic through overseas VPN servers where P2P and torrents are allowed. Hence, with a VPN on one’s side, a user goes anonymous and enjoys downloading the torrent safely.

Where to Download X Men Apocalypse Torrents

Once you have subscribed to one of our tested torrent VPN services, you can download the X-Men Apocalypse torrent from following top-rated torrent websites with a client like BitTorrent:

  • Lime Torrents
  • Torrentz
  • The Pirate Bay.
  • IsoHunt
  • Torrentbox
  • 1337X

Above listed websites are the best torrent sites. Make sure to connect to a VPN before downloading the torrent, so you enjoy a safe and anonymous torrenting experience.

Top Facts About X-Men Apocalypse

Comic fanatics across the world have set their eyes on the supervillain, Apocalypse. The role will be played by Oscar Isaac, who was previously casted in Ex Machina and Star Wars: The For Awakens. While fans will witness jaw-dropping actions from the movie, we have listed some top facts that every X-Men fan should know about the Egyptian God Apocalypse:

1. Apocalypse First Appeared in 1986

Apocalypse debuted in X-Factor#5 by the mid of 1986. He was a last minute replacement character of Marvel. The head writer of Marvel “Bob Layton” brought behind-the-scenes villain as the head of an evil alliance. While critics insisted on using Daredevil’s villain “Owl”, Bob Harras decided to bring a fresh character for the role of Apocalypse.

X Men Apocalypse Torrent

2. The Four Horsemen Are the Apocalypse’s Henchman

Apocalypse recruits four mutants for his mission by using his deceiving and brainwashing techniques. The four mutants abilities (powers) are boosted by En Sabah Nur and they are titled as Famine, Pestilence, Death and War.

From time to time, different Marvel characters have served as Apocalypse’s horsemen, including the Hulk, Sentry, and Wolverine. In the movie, we will see Worthington (Ben Hardy), Psylocke (Olivia Munn), Storm (Alexandra Shipp) and Magneto (Michael Fassbender) serving as the four horsemen.

X Men Apocalypse Torrent


3. Apocalypse Possess a Dozen of Super Powers

Being the first mutant, Apocalypse holds superhuman abilities which are augmented even further when he merges with Celestial technology. This allows En Sabah Nur to use a multitude of superpowers such as regenerate body parts, fly, absorb and award energy and achieve strength levels that go beyond the Hulk.

Moreover, the telekinesis and telepathy capability allows Apocalypse to communicate with outer space technologies to enhance his powers. If that’s not enough, Apocalypse has the ability to  wrap reality, and did we mention he is Immortal as well.

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Final Words

X-Men Apocalypse has arrived with ultimate actions, jaw-dropping stunts and impressive visual effects. According to movie freaks, the film will gross more than $120 million in its Memorial Day opening weekend. Watch the fate of planet earth hanging by the balance between good and evil.

Millions of fans are reserving tickets to watch the movie in theaters, but you can get every bit of entertainment with a VPN and download X-Men Apocalypse torrents safely and hassle free from anywhere.

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