Wikileaks Claims NSA Tapped Top German Officials for Years

Wikileaks Claims NSA Tapped Top German Officials for Years

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If news published by Toronto Sun is to be believed then one can only imagine what sheer embarrassment the top officials of US must be going through right now. Within four weeks of declaring Germany as “inseparable allies”, the officials of Wikileaks have made the situation a bit awkward by making public the documents that indicate that NSA has been tapping the phones of German officials.

According to Wikileaks, the NSA kept a sharp eye on all the telephonic discussions of German Chancellor Angela Merkel and all her advisers. Wikileaks also claims that NSA’s phone tapping was not confined to her and her advisers only; the NSA had been doing the same tactics on her predecessors as well.

Wikileaks further claims that phone numbers of 125 officials were being tapped in a long-term surveillance program. The German government was quick to react and a spokesperson said that the authorities in Berlin were looking in the matter very closely. He also made it clear that such actions are not acceptable, since the two countries are supposed to collaborate for intelligence activities.

While the German government expressed its concerns, the United States government said that they were looking to strengthen the relationship even further. John Kirby, the spokesperson for the US government told that the surveillance applies to each and every citizen of the government. But the international surveillance does not take place until the US government has valid reasons.

The US government, however, did not elaborate if it did tap the phone call of Angela Merkel and her associates. As soon as the leaked documents from NSA found their way to Wikileaks, people thought Snowden had something to do with the latest revelations. But Snowden’s friends have denied any connection between him and Julian Assange and stated that Snowden has nothing to do with the latest revelations.

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