Which VPN Work With Netflix?

The long run cat & mouse game goes on as Netflix has continues to ban VPN and proxy services. It’s been a year since streaming lovers from different parts of the world had their Netflix accounts banned for using location spoofing services. Don’t go stray in the crowd and immediately spot the best VPN for Netflix USA and keep going with your favorite entertainment programs.

Initially, Netflix had imposed geo-restrictions on its media library due to a content distribution and sharing agreement with partners. For many years, various VPNs, SmartDNS & proxy services had helped users to bypass these imposed geo-restrictions on Netflix. However, after its global expansion, a new problem was faced by Netflix streamers – limited content library.

This meant that fans had no other option except to watch what Netflix had to offer in their country. But, with a VPN or proxy service, viewers were able to access Netflix library of different regions. But sadly, recent ban on VPNs by Netflix has left many in distress.

That said, we conducted individual testing of various VPN providers and came up with the best VPNs which work with Netflix. These VPN services offer true anonymity, privacy, and protection against Netflix VPN detection mechanism.

Best VPN Which Work with Netflix

After careful testing, we have discovered the following VPN services that efficiently work with Netflix:


The Hong Kong based VPN provider, PureVPN stands as a recommended solution for achieving one-touch access to Netflix. After our inquiry and testing, you can use PureVPN to access US and UK Netflix libraries. Currently, it offers 13 servers in USA and one in the UK, allowing you to efficiently evade Netflix VPN detection in almost any corner of the world. In addition to this, a 7 day money back guarantee & 24/7 live tech customer support satisfy netizens without leaving them to over think.

Likewise, addons such as Internet Kill Switch and DNS leak protection offered by PureVPN will keep you safe in case of VPN connection failure. Now, keeping in mind the impressive features and bypassing ability, we consider PureVPN as a suitable solution that works flawlessly with Netflix.

Here’s our conversation with PureVPN customer support representative regarding Netflix: For further details, view our PureVPN Review guide of 2018.
PureVPN Netflix



Ivacy VPN service claims that it’s service is working with Netflix. Based on our conversation with their customer support, Ivacy can be used to access US and UK Netflix. However, when we conducted our tests, the results showed that US Netflix library can be easily access, but not UK Netflix library. Therefore, if you are interested watching content from US Netflix, then Ivacy should work perfectly fine.

Ivacy comes among modern and economic VPN services available in the market. Ivacy has gained popularity in recent years, due to the ability to bypass geographical restrictions on Netflix and various on-demand streaming services. The provider is based in Singapore and offers zero activity logging policy to keep users anonymous. One of the unique features we discovered in Ivacy includes its servers in US and UK that help users to achieve access to Netflix.

We talked to one of the customer success executive of Ivacy about unblocking Netflix and here’s what we discovered: ivacy Netflix



NordVPN is one of the providers who has officially claimed to work with Netflix. The desktop and mobile client do not require specific configuration to support Netflix. However, Nord’s servers are more often blacklisted by Netflix, but it keeps on adding new servers from time to time.

Interestingly, the provider hasn’t disclosed an exact number of servers in US and UK for Netflix. But it has officially stated to support Netflix in France, Germany, and Sweden as well. Hence, we suggest users to choose NordVPN if they’re looking to expand their Netflix streaming options.

Here’s what we inquired from NordVPN about their servers to unblock Netflix: For further details, view our NordVPN Review guide of 2018.


NordVPN’s response to our email:




Being a pioneer in the industry, Express is among leading VPNs which work with Netflix. Having its servers located in American Samoa, ExpressVPN is an ideal choice to unblock Netflix US. Interestingly, when we contacted Express customer support for enquiring about servers, it refused to provide detailed information but confirmed its support in the US and UK.

Having that said, ExpressVPN distinguishes itself from other providers by offering blazing fast speed servers, in-house client app for various platforms (iOS, Android, Mac, Windows) and a 30-day money back guarantee.

Here’s our conversation with ExpressVPN support officer regarding Netflix: For further details, view our ExpressVPN Review guide of 2018.



Evaluation Criteria of VPNs Which Work With Netflix

If we talk about which VPN work with Netflix, then various VPN services are still claim to unblock Netflix libraries. But, in reality they don’t even work. To put that to the test, we conducted an experiment to find the VPNs that will allow us to access Netflix of different regions.

Here’s how we conducted our experiment:

  • First, we contacted various VPN providers through live chat or email and inquired if their service was working with Netflix
  • Next, we tried accessing Netflix library of different countries using the VPN service
  • Results from our tests were recorded

How Does Netflix Block VPN Services?

Interestingly, user reviews & tech experts have suggested that Netflix is blocking all IP addresses that belong to a specific pool. This means that if an IP address from a VPN server gets blacklisted then all IPs belonging to that server may also get banned.

In initial days of the ban, unblocking gurus assumed that the ban doesn’t apply on dedicated IP. However, the assumption had been proved false when users reported about dedicated IPs facing blockage by Netflix.

Considering the situation, we at VPNranks have conducted an experiment and found the mentioned VPN services to be working well with Netflix. Here’s how PureVPN helped us to unblock US Netflix from abroad:

When we tried to access Netflix without a VPN, we were immediately stopped by following error message:

Netflix VPN


After connecting with a VPN:

Netflix VPN

We then connected to PureVPN’s Texas server and our surprise there were no restrictions on our way, and we accessed Netflix US instantly.

Final Words

Whether you’re traveling abroad or want to watch Netflix exclusive shows, geo-restrictions will come as a barrier on your way. Even tough, Netflix has expanded to many countries, but geo-restrictions on favorite shows and movies exist.

Having that said, there are around 6704 movies in Netflix US and 4072 in Netflix UK. To watch each and every show on Netflix, users need to connect to a VPN and access desired Netflix library respectively.

The VPN services specified in this guide offer adequate privacy, security, and anonymity to users so that they can safely access foreign Netflix without getting their account banned. If you have any question regarding which VPN work with Netflix, then feel free to drop a query in the message box below.

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