WhatsApp, iMessage & Snapchat May Imminently be banned in UK

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The terrorist attacks last week in Paris have proved out to be fatal for the WhatsApp, iMessage, and Snapchat and Facebook users all across the UK. David Cameron, the British Prime Minister, was heard loud and clear when he said that he’d ban these services in UK in future if he wins the next general elections.

The Prime Minister said that he plans to ban all the communication services that encrypt their data. The news came in the wake of terrorist attacks in Paris, David Cameron has clearly stated that he wishes to block the access to all the services that are known for their encryption. He maintained that he’d ban the services regardless of their licenses and warrants.

Speaking at an event in Nottingham, he said that we would not risk the lives of others and would not want to allow the means of communication that hide their data from the government and agencies. David Cameron admitted that the authorities have actively monitored all the means of communication, including letters, telephonic conversations and internet traffic.

Boris Johnson, Mayor of London, endorsed the idea of David Cameron and said, “I want to listen to their calls and read their emails and texts if they are a threat to the nation”. The latest statement by David Cameron has raised some serious questions about the integrity of the politicians that were present in the freedom march in Paris last week.

As expected, the statement drew a lot of criticism and people went as far as to suggest that they should also get access to David Cameron’s emails. His statement suggests that the British government does not like hindrances (read: encrypted data) and wants to check what you are surfing, watching or communicating.

The impact of this statement in the next general elections is yet to be determined. But it can be easily said that David Cameron’s statement has received mostly negative reviews. It will be interesting to see how the privacy policies will shape up in the coming days, while it will also be interesting to note how far the people will go if David Cameron wins the general elections and bans these communication services.

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