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Target Ticket is a comparatively new digital channel that came out  in 2013. It is an on-demand video streaming channel and offers Target Ticket movies and Target Ticket TV series to its viewers. Unlike other online streaming channels, it provides its users with multiple choices in order to distinguish it from other video streaming services.

It offers more than 30,000 movies and popular TV shows to its users. It also gives the options of filtering content which does not deem suitable for the children. It also allows creating multiple profiles on one account, where everyone can add their favorite movie or TV series title to their digital librarys.


Are there any Restrictions on Target Ticket?

Unfortunately, Target TV has strictly restricted its content to the US region only. Even though, it is a digital video streaming website and provides the options of either renting or buying the movies and TV series, it limits its access. It caters to the needs of US residents only.

This means that if you are planning to watch Target Ticket movies and Target Ticket TV series outside the US, you will need to bypass the restrictions first. Otherwise, upon entering the web address, you will receive the following message.

target ticket

How to Unblock Target Ticket

Due to the restrictions imposed on Target Ticket, many users are denied their basic right to view their favorite contents. This may be done due to the licensing issues but nobody can deny the fact that this restriction comes in place at the cost of viewers all around the world.

To overcome the barriers of restriction, you can opt for a VPN as per your needs and requirements. A VPN bypasses all the restrictions and allows you to stream and download your favorite content while protecting you from the likes of cybercriminals and online surveillance agencies.

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Renting and Buying Target Ticket Movies

You will need to sign up to Target Ticket in order to facilitate yourself. The registration is free and has no monthly subscription charges like other online video streaming channels. Target Ticket movie rental tariffs vary from title to title. The rent starts from as low as $3.99.

Once you have rented a movie or a TV series, you will be given 30 days to watch it. And once you have started watching it you will be able to enjoy watching it as much as you want for 48 hours. Similarly, you can buy to stream or download your favorite item. You do not necessarily have to be connected to internet to access its content.


Target Ticket App Android

Target Ticket has made sure that the users who like to watch TV series and movies while traveling do not miss out on its services. It has its own App for Android smartphones and tabs to accommodate the Android users.

Sadly, this app is also restricted to the US only. Users from other regions need a VPN on their smartphones (and/or tabs) to run the application successfully. Once a user installs a VPN in his device, he can access all the content that is available to the US residents.


Target Ticket App iPhone

Apple users can download Target Ticket App for iPhone for accessing Target Ticket’s contents. They can also enjoy the contents on their iPhones and iPads like Android users. However, with server accessibility limited to the US only, viewers from other regions do not manage to access the contents successfully.

In order to view the content on your iPhones and iPads, you will need to install a VPN. It will bypass the geo-restrictions and will give you the access to full contents of Target Ticket even outside the US.



Even though it is a new service, it has made a name for itself. Target Ticket is available in the US only for now which is kind of a letdown for a user who is simply accessing it to rent or buy its content.

The good news is that you can still access its contents if your device is armed with a VPN. A VPN will make sure you get full access to its content while remaining hidden from the eyes of perpetrators.