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Attention Canadian Users!!

Unblock any streaming service or geo-blocked website in Canada with the help of Canada VPN. While bypassing restrictions, it also help in keeping your online identity anonymous.

Canada VPN

OLN TV is a Canadian top category channel. It is owned by Rogers Media, which owns other publishing and broadcasting networks as well. The channel’s headquarters are in Toronto, Ontario. It was launched on Oct 17th, 1997 with a standard picture display of 480i (SDTV). Now, it offers its programs in both 480i (SDTV) and 1080i (HDTV) format.

OLN TV Canada was initially a derivative of OLN TV America. However, as time passed by its American counterpart changed the name and the format of its programs. OLN TV Canada broadcasts adventure based programs and reality TV series, keeping the young population as its primary target audience.


Restrictions on OLN TV Streaming outside Canada

Despite of the fact that the programs offered by OLN have large fan following all around the world, the channel restricts its programs for viewership in Canada, but you can view it as well with the help of best Canada VPN. If you are a non-Canadian resident or travelling outside Canada, you won’t be able to enjoy OLN online streaming.

When you try to access the channel, your real IP address is tracked by the OLN server and if it identifies that the user (that’s you) is trying to access the programs from a geo-restricted area (outside Canada). It then blocks access and you are prompted with the following message on your screen.

“This content is not available for viewing outside Canada”


Bypass Geo-restrictions for OLN TV Streaming

If you wish to access all your favorite reality TV series (while remaining hidden from the spying eyes of surveillance agencies at the same time), VPN is what you are looking for. A VPN unblocks all your favorite channels and gives you a protected connection to keep you safe from the perpetrators lurking on the internet.

A VPN server cloaks your real IP address with one of its own. In this case, selecting a Canada based VPN server it will cloak your IP address with another IP address from a Canadian server. With a Canadian IP address, you be able to watch OLN from anywhere in the world, without having to worry about your online protection.

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Shows to Look Forward to

The OLN TV streaming service gives you many programs to choose from. Once you activate a VPN and have bypassed the geo-restrictions, you can stream your favorite programs on your laptops and other devices from anywhere.

It offers a variety of programs to its viewers and we have selected some of the best TV shows that are widely popular all over the world. So the next time you stream OLN TV, don’t forget to check out the following TV shows.


  • Word Travels

This Canadian adventurous TV show is co-hosted by Robin Esrock and Julia Dimon. The show is based on their journey around the world in search of covering different stories from different regions. The show is the first of its kind and explores different cultures and different stories.

oln tv

  • Operation Repo

This American TV show depicts true stories with reenactments. If you buy a car, motorbike, ship or boat (or any other exotic thing for that matter) on credit and fail to make the installment payments on time, this team of highly-trained professionals will track you down and REPO it from you. No matter how hard you try, you will always find yourself at the receiving end if you ever fail in making the payments.

oln tv

  • Storage Wars: Canada

This reality TV series is a spin-off version of American Storage Wars. The theme of the show revolves around teams bidding at auctions for abandoned and forgotten storage units. It was premiered in 2013 for the first time and has only one season (36 episodes) till date.

oln tv


OLN TV offers you all sorts of adventurous and fun filled programs. Even though the shows are aimed at the male population, it is quite evident from its popularity that it has been well received by the female population as well.

It is as if the international audience has to pay the ultimate price for not living within the Canadian territories. For them, it is nothing short of an uphill task to stream OLN live. But thanks to the blessing that is VPN, the international audience can connect to a Canadian server and become eligible for OLN streaming from anywhere in the world.

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