Watch & Enjoy Netflix’s Top 5 Shows for the Month of October

Watch & Enjoy Netflix’s Top 5 Shows for the Month of October

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Shows on Netflix that Will Have Your Attention This October

Sit back and relax, because Netflix promises to bring you a bunch of TV shows that are definitely going to get your attention. Once you play the shows on your TV or other devices; it will be hard for you to pause or stop them, they are just that awesome!

With comedy, romance, drama, action and thriller, Netflix is offering almost everything to its users this October. Make sure you are connected to Netflix because if you are not, you might regret it later.



The Golden Globe Award winner series will be back on your TV screens this month! With Claire Danes reprising her role as a CIA agent Carrie Mathison and Damian Lewis as Nicholas Brody, you better make sure you do not miss out on a single episode.

Watch the trailer and let it speak for itself.

We will have to wait and see how far Carrie can go on to clear Brody’s name of the terrorist attack by Abu Nazir’s people. The third season promises more thrills as the story progresses with more climaxes up its sleeves.

netflix october

Claire Danes and Damian Lewis – The lead cast of Homeland


Doctor Who

The longest running TV show in the history is back! The show has more than 800 episodes and was aired for the first time back in 1963. The series features Matt Smith for the last time before Peter Capaldi took over the responsibilities of the Time Lord.

Glue your eyes to the TV screens as Netflix brings you the Season 7 of Doctor Who this October. Checkout the trailer to see what is this time travelling alien up to now.

Doctor Who is written by Steven Moffat, the writer who wrote Sherlock, a BBC TV program show. The season 7 will look to continue to deliver the punch of entertainment to viewers as it has done in the past.

netflix october

Matt Smith who plays The Doctor in Doctor Who will be featured for the last time in Season 7


Fresh Meat

Fresh Meat is coming back! Yes you read it right, this month you will watch your favorite characters going through their college life struggles only on Netflix. The show has three seasons till date and Netflix is bringing the latest season this month for its users.

Have a look at the trailer to see what we are talking about.

JP has bought the house and wants others to stay on reduced rents. But it’s not as simple as that, things get messy between all of them, and leave them all in a spot of bother. How will they cope with them is the main question.

netflix october

The lead cast of Fresh Meat


American Horror Story

If you are a witchcraft fan, we have got good news for you. Netflix is bringing the exclusive season 3 of American Horror Story for its viewers. The show features several award winning actors and actresses. Jessica Lange two times Oscar Award winner is also a part of this TV series.

The trailer looks promising, doesn’t it?

The American Horror Story’s third season revolves around the lives of coven of Salem origin. They reside within a mysterious school in New Orleans, Louisiana. Watch to find out the challenges that they are going to face.

netflix october

The cast of American Horror Story Season 3


Made in Chelsea

What if we tell you the BAFTA award-winning structured reality TV series is back this month? Yes, you guessed it right. Made in Chelsea is coming this October only on Netflix to entertain you from dawn to dusk. Get ready for the entertainment filled Season 6 because you just don’t wanna miss it.


Make sure you watch all the upcoming TV shows on Netflix and do not miss out on anything. If you happen to live or travel outside the US region, you might miss all these popular TV shows. However, you can still watch all these TV shows on Netflix if you smartly make use of a VPN. It will unblock Netflix for you and will enable you to watch and stream your favorite contents.

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