Watch Netflix Daredevil Outside US

Marvel and Netflix has announced an ultimate binge experience for fans worldwide. Season 2 of “Daredevil” is set to launch on Friday, 18th March 2016. The news has created huge wave of excitement among users. Daredevil has captured large number of viewers globally with its impressive and intense first season. Now fans are ready to watch the season 2. However, the viewership of Daredevil Season 2 on Netflix will be available in US only. But I will tell you how watch Netflix Daredevil outside US.

Watch Netflix Daredevil Outside US

How To Watch Daredevil Online Season 2

Although Daredevil Season 2 is launched on Netflix, But geo-licensing policy on Netflix content has been haunting viewers from the beginning. This means if you are already a Netflix User but located outside US territories, then sadly you will miss the Daredevil Season 2. So how to get rid of geo-licensing policy and watch Daredevil season 2?

A VPN is the powerful tool that will unblock the Netflix US library in your region, giving you access to watch Daredevil online season 2. A VPN cloaks your IP address with a US server, this tricks Netflix to think you are accessing from US. As a result, you gain access to Netflix US library and enjoy unlimited content streaming. Netflix user reviews and streaming lovers suggest following VPNs for streaming, due to their specifically optimized and streaming enhanced servers. So you enjoy fast and lag-free streaming.

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Inside Daredevil Season 2

Marvel has always come up with great movies in past. We can judge it by their statement “With great movies come great profitability and fandom”. The diehard comic-fans are waiting for the season 2 of Daredevil, as it has the most badass superhero and it will be cross-over with Marvel Avengers. Even more Marvel has announced that Daredevil will be a part of “The Defenders”, which is a team of superheroes including Luke Cage, Jessica Jones and Iron First.

Fans have already seen the three members from Defenders, however the only one left is Iron First, which Marvel has announced to launch by the end of 2016. But we will be able to watch the Iron First in Daredevil season 2 by 18th March 2016. Even more, we will watch the Punisher making Daredevil his captive, as Daredevil believes in crime punishment by law and Punisher on other hand is the Judge and executioner himself. Make sure to use VPN and watch Daredevil online season 2 from anywhere.


Apart from Daredevil-Avenger Cross over and Punisher’s involvement there’s lot more coming in season 2. We will watch Daredevil’s girlfriend Electra in this season. She is a lethal fighter who received the training from Daredevil’s master. Get prepared and subscribe to VPN so you watch Daredevil online season 2 without any hassle. A VPN is surely the most cost-effective and suitable solution to watch Netflix Daredevil outside US.


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