Watch Married at First Sight Online From Anywhere

Watch Married at First Sight Online From Anywhere

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Australia’s most dramatic TV Show is Back! Married at First Sight season two has left us with lots of tears, love, moments, misunderstandings, romance and memories. The season 3 has been announced for 2016, but the date has not been disclosed. Fans can enjoy watching the full episodes of Married at First Sight on Channel 9.

Unfortunately if you are located outside of Australia, then you won’t be able to access 9NOW due to the geo-restrictions. And, if you try to access 9NOW from outside Australian territories then you will be presented with the following error message:

watch married at first sight Australia online

So how do you get rid of this message and watch the show online?

How to Watch Married at First Sight Online

Married at First Sight is exclusive to Channel 9. Due to content license agreements, the show is unavailable to watch outside Australia. Viewers face restriction when they access 9NOW from any other region. A VPN is the best solution to bypass geo-restrictions and unblock 9NOW. Following VPN’s will allow you to access 9NOW outside Australia and watch Married at First Sight from anywhere in the world.

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The above-listed VPN providers offer a broad range of servers located in Australia. By connecting to anyone of these Australian VPN servers, you adopt an Australian IP address. This in turn shows that you are virtually located in Australia and allows you watch Married at First Sight from any corner of on earth.

Inside Married at First Sight

Married at First Sight is Australia’s most controversial reality show. The reason lies behind the nature of the dating show. Four couples who have never met before are married using a bizarre social matching experiment. The show displays heartbreaking moments where a bride may break down in tears with an intense hatred for her spouse while another couple may be happier than ever and make out underwater with a passionate embrace.

The last season proved to be a success for two couples. Erin and Bryce were wedded in Melbourne. Being happy with their married life they have decided to stay together. On the other hand, Christie and Mark optioned to remain together, Clare and Jono ended their union, as did Simone and Xavier.

While disaster occurs for some pairs, one or more couples enjoy the happiest moments of their life. Just use any of the above listed VPN to unblock Channel 9 from outside Australia and watch full episodes of Married at First Sight.

Wrapping Up

Married at First Sight has been Australia’s favorite TV show. Despite heavy criticisms, the show reflects ongoing issues of couple lives and how they tackle them. The show gained controversies even before its release due to legal requirements for marriage in Australia. But with that sorted out, fans across the globe can watch Married at First Sight on 9NOW. Viewers located in regions outside Australia can use VPN to bypass the geo-restrictions on 9NOW instantly and watch Married at First Sight online from anywhere.

Make sure to watch the latest preview from Married at First Sight below:

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