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Published 2016-08-02 By: Danish Pervez

How to watch Hulu outside US with best Hulu VPNs

As stated above, you would never be able to watch free movies and TV shows if your IP address does not belong to a US domain. Since it is geo-restricted, people have used proxy servers to unblock Hulu in the past.

However, watching Hulu outside US has been made more difficult by Hulu itself ever since it has started blocking the IP addresses of the proxy servers. In some cases, many IP addresses of the VPN providers have also been banned so you have to be very careful while selecting the best VPN for Hulu.

Watch Rio 2016 Summer Olympic on Hulu

The greatest sporting event is heading up to you on Hulu. Be prepared to experience the series of half hour shows that give an exclusive insight about the City of Rio, athletes from the US and motivational stories from the lives of athletes. If Hulu isn’t available in your region then use the best streaming VPN specified in this guide and catch all the action from Rio Olympics 2016.

Best VPNs for Hulu

Several VPN providers are under the fire for claiming to be the best VPN for Hulu of july 2016 and yet failing to deliver when it comes to make them watch Hulu outside US. Whilst we understand there is an increasing need for the VPN services for privacy concerns, we still give the video streaming the top priority. Here are some of the VPNs for Hulu that are known for their unblocking features and fast streaming speeds.

Hulu Blocks VPN Services – How to Watch Hulu outside US?

Many of you may have come across the news that Hulu is now actively blocking the IP addresses provided by the top VPN services of the industry. But very few of you know that the major Hulu VPN services are still working smoothly and giving users the free pass to access Hulu from anywhere in the world.

Unlike Netflix, Hulu has no plans of global expansion and does not want to increase its global reach hence it the plans to curtail the access to the US region are being executed. The IP blocking plan seems to work for Hulu, which has reportedly blocked the IP addresses of many VPN services.

Users in great numbers have flocked to their respective VPN providers, asking for either a refund or a cancellation of service since Hulu does not work for them. But even with such hardcore IP censorships, Hulu works on certain VPN providers. But finding them would be tough for a general user who is new to the world of VPNs.

Therefore, we recommend all our readers to opt for a dedicated IP VPN to unblock Hulu outside US. The shared IP addresses may well be good for your online privacy, but if you are looking to explore the movies and TV shows on Hulu, you should get yourself a US dedicated IP address that is almost guaranteed to provide you the access.

Are You Looking to Stream Hulu Online?

Before we move on, we would like you to ask yourself the following questions:

  • Would you like to watch the popular TV shows online?
  • Would you like to catch up with your favorite television series, movies, sitcoms, and more when you travel abroad?
  • Do you think Hulu is an important entertainment portal for you?

If you check out all the questions above then you need a Hulu VPN. Hulu is a world renowned online on-demand video streaming service that started its operation back in 2007.

The service rapidly gained popularity for providing high quality content. Featuring five great content categories, Hulu can definitely be labeled as the heaven for entertainment.

But there is a catch! If you are travelling outside the US, you won’t be able to access Hulu without a good VPN service, primarily because Hulu restricts the viewership in the US region only.

Watch Dancing With The Stars Season 22 on Hulu

Dancing With The Stars Season 22 is available to watch on Hulu. The American sequel of British TV series is being hosted by Emmy award winning host, Erin Andrews. The participants include well known celebrities, sports persons, billionaires and prominent public figures. The season 22 will be starring elite footballer Dough Flutie, famous journalist Geraldo Rivera, Beautiful Actress Mischa Barton, Ex-wife of Republican Candidate Donald Trump “Marla Maples” and many more.

We will watch the fan favorite Edyta Sliwinska, who appeared in the initial episodes of Dancing With The Stars along with Rivera. The season 22 has grabbed the attention of millions of fans globally.  Don’t miss it and watch it by using VPN to unblock Hulu from anywhere in the world.

Hulu Limits Access to US IPs – Unblock Hulu Now!

Hulu offers only licensed and legal content. This means that there is no violation of copyright laws at any point during the viewing session from the US. Hulu has clearly stated that it will not provide the access to anyone who tries to view its content from any location other than the US.

Until Hulu buys licenses for other countries, you should use a Hulu VPN every time work or pleasure takes you out of the country or if you reside outside of US.

A good VPN will allow you to connect to a server based in the US and adopt its IP as your own. This means that your virtual address will be that of the server located in the US. Once you are connected with a US server, Hulu will read your IP address as that of US and will make you eligible for live online streaming.


Improve Your Hulu Streaming Experience with a VPN

Using USA VPNs to watch videos on Hulu will necessitate you to select a server located in the US. This will unblock Hulu for you along with Netflix, Pandora, Spotify, and other US-only website you want to access from outside of the states.

watch hulu outside us

The Hulu VPN ensures that you are connected to the fastest server in the US, from where the streaming is not only smooth but is also easily available. It has been reported that many users in US use the VPN services to switch their servers to the regions for better online streaming experience.

Hulu programs feature three small commercial breaks that help to put together an extremely comfortable viewing experience. The short breaks allow just enough time to grab a sandwich from the kitchen and then run back to grab a drink from the fridge!

Oh, one more thing! Make sure you disable any Ad blocking software you’re using when you use Hulu. Hulu won’t allow your episode stream to progress if the intermission-natured commercials don’t show.


How is Hulu Better than Websites like Youtube?

Hulu gives you access to popular movie trailers, episodes, TV classics and video game trailers. Besides these, Hulu also offers exclusive content to original series created especially for transmission on the website.

Once you are connected to Hulu through a VPN, you don’t need to worry about low quality video content or fake content wrongly titled. Hulu runs a tight ship, and everything on the website is high quality with great visual and audio quality.


Hulu Plus – Suckerpunch Yourself with Entertainment!

For the true television addicts, there is the option of subscribing to the Hulu Plus service. Hulu Plus costs a meager $8.25 per month and you can cancel your subscription any time you want.

The Hulu Plus service expands the range of accessible content for a nominal cost. For instance, if you get a VPN and access Hulu to find out that regular Hulu is offering only 6 episodes of your favorite television series, a subscription to Hulu plus will give you access to 26 episodes!

Now, if you are a Hulu Plus user and you travel as much as I do, you won’t appreciate the US-only access restriction. Just when you get cozy in a hotel and are ready to catch up on your favorite shows or movies, Hulu refuses to stream videos. What to do you ask? I just have two words for you: Hulu VPN!


Hulu, in my opinion, follows the Jerry Maguire principle: fewer clients, happier clients. That way, instead of straining to cater to the whole world’s video streaming community, Hulu is gradually building up its way up. Yes, it might not be as popular as Netflix at the moment, but its current progress definitely assures that Hulu will inch past Netflix in coming years.

Until the day comes when Hulu opens its doors to the global internet community, I am going to continue watching the latest of Gotham and Arrow on Hulu! My recommendation: Get a Hulu VPN, it’s definitely worth it!

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