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Winter is here Game of Thrones fans and it’s time to get excited. The much awaited TV show is back after a yearlong break with the latest season 7, premiering exclusively on HBO on July 16, 2017. As much as we can’t wait to see all the characters back on screen, sadly not every one of us will be able to watch the show online. There are restrictions imposed on Game of Thrones for those who live outside the US. To learn how to watch Game of Thrones outside US, continue reading.

Where Can I Watch Game of Thrones Season 7 Online

Without a subscription to HBO, you won’t be able to stream Game of Thrones legally on HBO Go or HBO Now. However, if you happen to live outside the US, Game of Thrones Season 7 won’t be available for live streaming as HBO is only accessible within the United States.

But with a VPN in your armory, you can bypass all kinds of geo-restrictions and watch Game of Thrones online with ease. By connecting to a VPN server located in the US, you can unblock HBO from any corner on earth. Here are some VPN providers that will allow you to witness the epic tale ever told – Game of Thrones.

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In case you wish to watch Game of Thrones on HBO, Foxtel, OCS and Sky TV, and you’re located in geo-restricted regions, then a VPN will let you bypass the geo-restrictions. So you can watch Game of Thrones Season 7 online without any hurdle.

Setup Guide to Watch Game of Thrones outside USA

Here’s how to watch Game of Thrones outside US:

  1. First, Choose a VPN provider
  2. Go through the various subscription plans offered by the VPN provider, choose the one that suits you best (monthly, quarterly or yearly)
  3. Fill in your details and sign up to the VPN service
  4. After successful signup, download the VPN client from the provider website
  5. Install VPN client on your device(s), apps are available for Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS
  6. Launch the VPN App then enter your Username & Password. Choose a USA VPN server (remember which city and state you are connected to, you will need it later) and select PPTP as preferred protocol, then click the “Connect” button on your VPN software
  7. You will be successfully connected to your VPN service now. It’s time to get a HBO Now subscription to watch the GoT S7.

How to Subscribe to HBO NOW Outside USA

Remember, you cannot sign up to HBO NOW from official website. You will be required to sign up using either the Android app, iOS app or the ROKU app to get HBO NOW outside USA (I signed up using my Android Phone App).When subscribing to HBO Now, in the billing address fill in your routine details (name, username, email etc.). For the Zip code, city and state, follow these steps:

  1. Since you don’t live there, you will be required to find a USA ZIP Code on Google
  2. Check which US server you are connected to, for example if it’s New Jersey, go to Google and search for “New Jersey ZIP Codes”. You will be given a series of ZIP Codes from that region to use in the sign up form (show in the image below)
  3. Complete signup using this new US Zip Code and complete the process with your Credit/Debit card. Your bank will confirm the transaction and your subscription should be processed
  4. Once you have successfully signed up with HBO NOW, you can watch GoT Season 7 on your smartphone, iOS devices, tablet, Mac and PC from the TV Series section
  5. Search for Games of Thrones, click on it and enjoy ad-free HD streaming of GoT season 7 outside US

Game of Thrones Torrent; Download at your own Risk

Even before the release of Season 5, torrents of the first four episodes were leaked and circulated on the internet. We predict same for Season 7, as fans around the world continue to seed torrents when they get their hands on premium content. However, torrent is banned in majority of the nations. Users face copy right infringement notices upon downloading of titles from torrent. So how to watch game of thrones online via torrent without getting caught?

The moment you download a content from torrent, your IP address is determined. It holds confidential information about your actual location. As a result, you get copyright infringement notice. A VPN comes into play by cloaking your IP address with a foreign server. This gives you access to torrent from another country. So you download and watch Game of Thrones online anonymously. The VPNs mentioned in this guide are the most affordable and top ranked VPNs to watch Game of Thrones online.

Alternate Streaming Service to Watch Game of Thrones

In addition to HBO, there are numerous other streaming services at your disposal for watching Game of Thrones legally. Some of these include:

  • Hotstar: It is an online streaming that will host the latest season of Game of Thrones. The premium subscription plan will cost you around $3.10 per month. However, Hotstar works exclusively in India, but if you use a VPN service, you can enjoy GoT online.
  • Hulu: You can add HBO for $14.99 per month to your existing Hulu account and stream Game of Thrones online. However, Hulu is also geo-restricted, just like HBO. Therefore, you will require a VPN service to access Hulu outside US.
  • NowTV: Available for £6.99 per month (around $9.00), NowTV will showcase all the episodes from Season 7 of GoT. It also contains all the episodes from previous seasons, so you can catch-up with Game of Thrones before plunging into the latest season. But do keep in mind that you will require a UK based IP to access NowTV, which can be easily achieved through a VPN.

Watch Game of Thrones on Kodi Free

As you dive deep into the world of free streaming services, you will come across Kodi. Formerly known as XBMC, Kodi is an open source media streaming platform. The beauty of this service is that there are numerous third party add-ons which bring all the latest content from all over the globe.

This of course include Game of Thrones season 7. You can add different add-ons such as Exodus, Genesis Reborn, Sanctuary, and various others to watch GoT online on Kodi. However, Kodi has come under scrutiny from various copyright holders as various add-on use P2P network to bring you the content. If you want to secure your privacy while using Kodi, make sure to switch on a VPN.

Inside Game of Thrones Seasons

Now that you know how to watch Game of Thrones outside USA, let’s recap all the happenings from the previous seasons. But be warned, major SPOILERS ahead! If you haven’t watched Game of Thrones before, I’d suggest you stay well clear from this section.

Highlights of Season 6

  • Season 6 started with only thing all viewers mind, will Jon Snow live? Thanks to everyone’s wished, Melisandre resurrected Jon Snow from the dead.
  • After Sansa escaped from the clutches of Ramsey Bolton, accompanied by Reek, the pair reunites with their siblings. Sansa goes on to meet Jon Snow at The Wall, while Reek goes home to Iron Islands.
  • One of the most important moments occurred when Jon Snow faces off Ramsey in an epic battle. The end result leaves Jon Snow triumphant and Sansa taking out her revenge on Ramsey by feeding him to his own hounds.
  • Things were not so quite in Kings Landing as well. Cersei has her revenge against the High Sparrows as she blows up Sept of Baelor. As this takes place, her only son (Tommen) commits suicide by jumping out of the castle. All of this results in Cersei sitting on the Iron Throne as the new ruler of Kings Landing.
  • White Walkers presence in the sixth season was pretty outstanding. With Bran back into the thick of things, we learned a lot of the ice-zombie army. HOLD THE DOOR became the new catch phrase as a shocking origin of Hodor came to light and Bran became the new Third Eyed Raven.

Highlights of Season 5

  • The most terrible event in season 5 happened when Sansa was getting married to Ramsay. Fans were waiting to watch something to go in Sansa’s way. And then finally it happened, when Ramsay was in war with Stannis Baratheon’s army, Sansa planed her escape. She was stopped immediately, but with the help of surprising ally “Reek”, her escape was successful.
  • Game of Thrones Season 5 became more intense when a giant character “Ser Robert Strong” made his way into the series. He was gone through series of experiments before turning into an ultimate beast, more like Frankenstein. He now plays for Cersei, who ever has wronged her will face blood and gore by Ser Robert Strong.
  • Game of Thrones lovers got immensely shocked, when the main stream character Jon Snow faced an unexpected death, by the end of season 5. The fact that Jon Snow is killed and out entirely from the series is still a big topic of debate. But let’s face the ground reality, Jon Snow will not appearing in the coming Season 6 (apart from flash backs), however we may see him in Season 7. As Kit Harington is under contract through season 7 of Game of Thrones.
  • The major disappointment among fans got up, when Lady stone heart and BenJen Stark didn’t appeared in Season 5. While fans watched the tragic death of their favorite hero “Jon Snow”, the appearance of Lady Stone heart and Benjen Stark could assure them the revenge for John’s death. We may see them fighting against the night watch in the coming Season 6.
  • We all witnessed the beautiful Queen “Cersei” using her powers to fulfill her desires. But the twist in story arrived, when she had to go through “Walk of Shame”. It was disgusting to watch the queen walking all nude and her blonde hairs chopped off in front of thousands of people, while facing trash and filthy things on her way.

Highlights of Season 4

  • Since we are a month away from the GoT season 5, we thought it would be better if we shook our memory to prepare ourselves for what’s next to come. We are going to mention a few scenes in bullets that were considered as the most shocking and plot-revealing scenes!
  • Prince Joffrey’s death at his own wedding was icing on the cake for the fans of Tyrion and House Stark.
  • Tyrion was apprehended on suspicion of killing Joffrey.
  • Tyrion demanded a trial by combat and Prince Oberyn of House Martell promised him to fight for him as his Champion.
  • Prince Oberyn, seeking evidence against Tywin Lannister (Tyrion’s father, who is accused of killing Oberyn’s sister and his nephews), fights for Tyrion, who has been ridiculed by his own sister, Cersei Lannister, and father, Tywin Lannister.
  • Prince Oberyn in an emotional war loses his head (literally) to the Hound.
  • Tyrion escapes at night with help of Lord Varys, kills Shae, his ex-lover, who turns her back on him at the court and then kills his own father (Tywin Lannister) in the toilet.
  • Tyrion at the end of the season is shown to escape on a ship. Whereas John Snow returns to The Wall after spending days with the wildlings and fights a war as a crow against them.
  • Lord Baelish takes Sansa away with him and kills her maternal aunt (Lady Stark’s sister) in front of her. Sansa comes dressed all black, her hair different from usual and a smirk on her face implying that she is “in the game” now.


Game of Thrones is an epic tale corresponding distinct emotions. House Stark, House Lannister, House Baratheon and House Greyjoy are the core contributors to the plot along with Arryns, Boltons, Freys, Martells, Targaryens, House Tully and Tyrells. If you haven’t watched Game of Thrones yet; it is never too late to keep up with this epic saga.

However, if you are bent on watching Game of Thrones, you will have to wait for the torrent to surface (which is illegal in many countries) or you will need an American IP address. What if we tell you that you can watch Game of Thrones online on your PC/laptops and other devices outside US?

You can even watch Game of Thrones online outside the US without the fear of geo-restrictions. Prerequisite for that is a VPN connected on your device. With a VPN, there’s no restriction that you can’t bypass. Season 7 will hit the screens on July 16 – go grab your VPN and enjoy Game of Thrones.