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As Game of Thrones finally comes to its last season, fans all over the world are impatiently waiting for the 14th of April when the shows 8th season will be FINALLY released.

If you reside in the United Kingdom and want to watch the final season of the worlds most awaited TV show, I have gathered 12 methods after shortlisting to watch Game of Thrones live online. These include streaming services in the UK and from other regions:

  1. Sky Atlantic
  2. Sky Go
  3. Now TV
  4. Hotstar
  5. HBO
  6. DirectTV NOW
  7. Foxtel
  8. HULU
  9. Amazon Prime
  10. Kodi
  11. iTunes
  12. Google Play

However, some channels might not work in the UK due to geo-restrictions. But don’t fret! I have a very simple solution for accessing all the blocked channels.

Let’s find out!

When will the show be aired in the UK?

Season 8 of Game of Thrones will be aired on Sky Atlantic and NOW TV at 2:00 am GMT in the United Kingdom and a repeat broadcast will be shown at 9:00 pm GMT.

In addition, the show is broadcasted every Monday at the same time as per its pattern that has been followed since its start. However, one thing viewers can enjoy this time is the length of each episode – they are going to be LONG!

On the other hand, if you choose Foxtel you will have to follow the Australian time, which works out to be 12:00 AM GMT.

Record-Breaking Viewership of GoT Last Season

A growth of 34% in viewership was recorded this year averaging around 30.6 million viewers per episode.

The previous episodes have pushed the viewership and ratings up only, with a quadrupled increase in ratings since the show started.

The show is expected to break further records this season, being the final blow! We can surely expect much more than 30 million viewers per episode.

How do I bypass geo-restrictions in the UK?

To bypass geo-restrictions, you will need the help of a VPN service. A VPN masks your IP address making you appear to be somewhere else digitally.

A simple example would be you’re sitting at a beach in Thailand, while with the help of a VPN you appear to be in London digitally and watch the latest episode of Game of Thrones.

Which VPN Should I use?

Choosing a VPN service largely depends on your needs and budget. Some people may want only a month’s subscription while others would want a long term subscription and choose a yearly subscription.

However, to watch Game of Thrones in the UK, one thing is critical when looking for a VPN – servers. I tested multiple services to find which VPN services offer a wide network of servers, are credible and actually deliver what they promise.

VPN Providers Price ($) Special Deals More Info
Best Affordable VPN
$2.95 Per Month
Best Budget Service
$1.99 Per Month
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2 Years Deal
Best for Geo-Unblocking
$2.99 Per Month
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3 Years Plan
Best for Streaming
$6.67 Per Month
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Channels Broadcasting The Game of Thrones in the UK

Below are official channels that will let you watch Game of Thrones in the United Kingdom:


Sky Atlantic

Sky Atlantic offers HBO shows in the UK, so to watch Game of Thrones this too is a great option.

The service costs $22 a month and offers over 280 channels (240 free to air, 11 HD), which is an incredible deal not to be missed.

Sky Go


At an additional cost of $5.00, you get Sky Go. It is an online streaming option under the umbrella of the Sky Network that offers an app, so you can stream on the go.

Now TV


Yet another online streaming service by the Sky network is Now TV. It is an internet television and video-on-demand service that is based on subscription.

Do remember, if you are traveling outside the UK, you will need a VPN to stay connected. Just connect to a server in the UK and enjoy GoT no matter where you are located.

Others Ways to Watch Game of Thrones

If you are familiar with the open source streaming app Kodi, then you have yet another option to watch Game of Thrones. There are various add-ons to watch Game of Thrones on Kodi, but not all are working properly all the time.

To help you out, I did some digging and found Incursion to be working fine. The latest running repo that has this add-on is Kodil, which should get the job done.

In addition, you can also use Game of Thrones on Firestick. The Amazon based device offers HBO Now app, which can be downloaded from its app store to watch all the episodes of GoT.

How to Watch Game of Thrones in other Regions?

If you live in Germany or Australia then follow these guides to watch Game of Thrones live online:

Wrapping Up

Living in the United Kingdom, you have a lot of choices to watch the Game of Thrones. The show is available on 3 local platforms and if you want further choice or cheaper options, I have listed them down as well!

And if you happen to run into geo-restrictions, make sure to turn on a VPN service. I have ranked them in this blog based on extensive testing.

So, was the guide helpful? Drop us a comment below.