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Who are you rooting for in the upcoming French Open 2015? Are you sticking with Rafael Nadal (the current champion), or will you be cheering for Djokovic? No offense to the Federer fans, but this time even the all-time Grand Slam champion thinks that Rafa might be too hot to handle for anyone (including himself) if he finds his form before the tournament begins.

Rafa has lost two of his last three matches on the clay court, so it would be natural for him to revert back to his old racquet. Yes you read it right! There are chances that Nadal will push beyond the limits to defend his title at the 2015 French Open and his reversion to the old racquet indicates that he is being superstitious. Federer, on the other hand, has indicated that he is not as fast as he used to be. He lacks speed; a must-have skill, on the clay courts.


French Open Live Streaming

An event that originally started off as a domestic sporting event, 124 years ago, has gained popularity and respect from viewers all over the world. No wonder the TRPs of TV channels go up and there is excessive load on the servers when people tune into watch the French Open live streaming.

Unfortunately though, the French Open live stream is confined to some particular regions due to licensing and broadcasting issues. While your friend, in another region, will be able to watch the French Open 2015, you will be forced to miss out on the action due to licensing agreements. And for the record: we stand with everyone who is against censorship and restrictions issues.


How to Watch French Open Online

Since rock-solid geo-restrictions are in place in most of the regions, there is no leeway for a common sport fan to access the French Open 2015, unless he is located in a region where the 2015 French Open is being broadcast live on TV or he is streaming French Open Tennis live on his device.

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French Open Schedule

The French Open aka Roland Garros is scheduled to start from the last week of May 2015. The qualifiers will be played from 19th May till 23rd May and the first round will begin on 24th May, 2015. All the four rounds will be completed by the first of June 2015 and the QFs would be played on 02nd and 03rd June. The semi-finals are scheduled to be played on 04th and 05th June, whereas the Ladies final will be played on 06th June and the Men’s final will be played on 07th June, 2015.

Our Predictions

While we do not wish to go against the maestro, we think Rafa will struggle in the French Open 2015 due to his fitness issues. He has not been in his top form; and even though we would like to see the red hot form of Rafa again, but we don’t really see him defending his title.

As for the maestro himself, we declare with a heavy heart that this might be the end of what has truly been a wonderful journey of amazing tennis memories over the years. The world will remember Federer as the all-time Grand Slam champion, for a long time. Aged 34, we expect Federer to crash out of the QFs or the Semis.

After having won the Australian Open earlier this year, the world’s number 1 player, Djokovic, will be licking his lips to get his hands on the French Open 2015 Championship for the first time. With his rival Rafael Nadal in a weaker spot, Djokovic looks all set to make history by defeating his arch-rival Nadal in the finals. The current tally of matches between the two stands at 23-20 in favor or Nadal.


More and more people are expected to tune in to watch French Open online as the Grand Slam is approaching near. With injuries and ageing problems to the lead players causing a stir to the buildup of the French Open 2015, one can only hope that it fends off all the negative elements and energies.

We have also been able to shed some light on how you can watch French Open live streaming if you are unable to get the live action on your TV due to broadcasting issues. Do let us know what you think of the French Open 2015 in the comments section.