Watch Austrian Grand Prix - The Race for the Top Spot

Watch Austrian Grand Prix – The Race for the Top Spot

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What Happened at the Canadian Grand Prix 2015?

Further strengthening his lead by 7 points, Lewis Hamilton won the Canadian Grand Prix 2015 that must have somehow calmed his nerves. Before the Canadian Grand Prix 2015, Hamilton was only leading by 10 points, a lead that wasn’t as significant as it was two races ago. Rosberg had given it all to reduce the lead to 10 points only, but a loss at the Canadian Grand Prix 2015 meant that Hamilton’s lead was stretched to 17 points.

Austrian Grand Prix 2015

You may already be aware of the fact that Austria hosted its first Grand Prix last year after a gap of 10 years. The Red Bull Ring will come to life again when Hamilton and Rosberg take their on-field rivalry on the tracks. The Austrian Grand Prix 2015 will be live streamed and watched exclusively by millions of F1 fanatics all over the world.

You can also join them in Austrian Grand Prix streaming by simply visiting the websites of the channels that will be broadcasting the F1 Austrian Grand Prix live from the Red Bull Ring. You will, however, face certain geo-block errors due to your geographical location. For that, you will need VPN software that will come in handy when you are visiting the channel’s website for Austrian Grand Prix streaming.


Live Austrian Grand Prix Streaming with a VPN

Are you frustrated by the idea of having to find a non-geo restricted channel just because of a single racing event? We are going to list down all the channels that will be broadcasting Austrian Grand Prix live but you will have to unblock them in order to watch the nail-biting battle between Hamilton and Rosberg.

Don’t worry we have got it covered for you. You can unblock the channels by subscribing to any of the recommended VPN service. But please note that some of the channels might need you to pay for their subscription as well.

ChannelsRegionsUnblock Now!
BBC Sports / Sky Sports F1United KingdomIPVanish
Fuji TV NextJapanExpressVPN
BeIN Sports 6Middle EastPureVPN
NBC SportsUnited StatesibVPN


Austrian Grand Prix Schedule

Starting from the 19th of June, Friday, the race will span across three days. Friday is reserved for the practice sessions, while the first half of Saturday will also serve the same purpose. The second half of Saturday will see a Qualifying round being played at the Red Bull Ring. Sunday – 21st of June, 2015 will be the race day and we will find out who wins the Austrian Grand Prix 2015.

What Happened at the Austrian Grand Prix 2014?

It is definitely on between Hamilton and Rosberg who are fighting tooth and nail for the glorious F1 Championship. Hamilton might be leading the charts right now, but it was Rosberg who came out as winner in the Austrian Grand Prix last year. If he manages to repeat his mercurial performance of last year, who knows we may be looking at the new chart leader after the Austrian Grand Prix 2015.

If you are a Rosberg fan, this is the video you should binge-watch to get yourself going for the race on Sunday. And if you are a Hamilton fan, well you should hope that he continues his good form and crosses the finishing line before anyone else.


The F1 Championship might have returned to the Austrian tracks after a decade but the spirits are as high as they were back in 2003. Rosberg who defeated others to win the Austrian Grand Prix last year would like to repeat the same performance, this time with a bigger reward (the top spot) in mind. Don’t forget to miss the action this weekend and unblock the channels with a VPN to see who overcomes whom in the Austrian Grand Prix 2015.

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