VPNTunnel Review 2016 Reveals Rising Star of the Internet


VPNTunnel is one of the internet’s most promising VPN service providers. The service is undergoing massive upgrades and we felt that this was the right time to review this rising star.


Plans and pricing Packages

VPNTunnel currently offers two packages while a third will soon become available once upgrades have been completed.

  • PPTP (to be launched soon)
  • OpenVPN
  • Premium


The PPTP package comes with 128 bit encryption, and uses dynamic public IPs to secure users. The PPTP package has unlimited bandwidth and encrypts all the internet traffic leaving your computer so you can secure your online freedom and internet privacy with confidence.

The PPTP package is fully compatible with devices running Windows, Mac and Linux Operating systems, and also works on iOS and Android powered devices (your smartphone and tablet for instance).

The PPTP package does not require the download and installation of any program/software, making it a very convenient feature. However, if you are looking for stronger online protection, then OpenVPN is your ticket.

VPNTunnel is in the process of creating a new network architecture which will make VPNTunnel users’ connection faster and more reliable. The PPTP package will become available once the new network architecture is up and running.



The OpenVPN package is a pretty standard VPN package for the everyday VPN user. OpenVPN comes with unlimited bandwidth and secures your data with 2048 bit encryption. VPNTunnel’s OpenVPN package is highly compatible with all devices running Windows, Mac and Linux based operating systems, but does not offer compatibility for iOS and Android based devices.

Using VPNTunnel’s OpenVPN will require that you download and install a particular software. Needless to say, the software will come with “some assembly required” tag but it is worth the extra protection that it provides.



The VPNTunnel Premium package is the mother of VPN packages. This VPNTunnel review recommends the Premium package because it is like the mother of all VPN packages. Really, it has everything!

To start with, the Premium package comes with military grade 128+2048 bit encryption. Secondly, there is the dynamic public IP sharing technology that makes Premium one of the best packages when combined with the high-end encryption. Not only is the Premium package super-compatible with Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS and Android based devices, but it can also work on your computer and your smartphone/tablet at the same time.

In all honesty, that actually makes for a two-in-one account because you can use it on your smartphone/tablet and on your computer at the same time.



The OpenVPN package is available in 1, 3, 6, 12 and 24 month pricing plans.

  • 5 Euros for 1 month
  • 14 Euros for 3 months (4.6 Euros per month)
  • 27 Euros for 6 months (4.5 Euros per month)
  • 49 Euros for 1 year (4 Euros per month)
  • 89 Euros for 2 years (3.7 Euros per month)

The Premium package is also available in 1, 3, 6, 12 and 24 month pricing plans.

  • 7 Euros for 1 month
  • 19 Euros for 3 months (6.3 Euros per month)
  • 39 Euros for 6 months (6.5 Euros per month)
  • 72 Euros for 1 year (6 Euros per month)
  • 139 Euros for 2 years (5.7 Euros per month)



VPNTunnel currently has 25 VPN servers spread out across 5 countries. However, VPNTunnel is upgrading rapidly and the server count is expected to hit the 100 mark pretty soon.

VPNTunnel currently has servers in Sweden, Germany, the Netherlands, Romania, and Russia.


VPNTunnel Features

Brace yourselves because you are about to see inside information that only VPNTunnel subscribers get to see.


Once you log in to your VPNTunnel account from the login area on the VPNTunnel website, you will find yourself looking at the VPNTunnel settings page for your account.


There are a number of things you can do from here. The first option is ‘Account Extension’ which means you can upgrade your account from this settings panel.


You can also view your order history (if you are a returning VPNTunnel user). Your ‘Order History’ will show you your payment dates, the payment method through which you made the payment, the amount that you paid, and the package that you paid for. Users who like to keep their internet activity organized will love this feature – I did.

The ‘Upgrade’ option is also pretty neat.


The page can also be used to Downgrade from your current VPNTunnel package. However, do read the Account upgrade policy before you make any upgrades or downgrades. You will find it in the VPNTunnel Blog or just ask the Live Chat support to help you decide which plan suits your needs best.

When you upgrade, remember that you are merely upgrading your current account for the remaining days. You will not be getting a new account. Needless to say, you won’t have to pay the full cost of the upgraded account either. Instead VPNTunnel will use an intelligent system to calculate the number of days your current account has left, and only charge you for the remaining number of days.

Also, VPNTunnel recommends that you don’t upgrade your account unless you have around six months left on your account. This arrangement will help you get the maximum value from your VPNTunnel subscription.

If you have any queries about the upgrade feature, don’t hesitate to contact VPNTunnel about them because this feature is being improved and VPNTunnel will appreciate any user feedback and ideas it can get on the feature; to help make the feature better and more user-friendly.

My favorite part of the VPNTunnel control panel is the ‘Guides’ section.


This well organized ‘Guides’ section will give you access to tutorials for all the supported devices and operating systems. As you can see, the table visible on the page also gives an excellent tabular explanation of the available protocols for the supported devices and operating systems.

Clicking on any one of the tutorials will lead you to a PDF file for the tutorial of your choice. All tutorials are well explained and detailed with graphical illustrations to help guide you through the setup process.

Next up is the ‘Software’ section.


As you can see, the Software section has all the resources you will need to get VPNTunnel up and running on your device/OS.

The IPCheck function is pretty cool too, but don’t freak out when you see a partially blank screen when you click on ‘IPCheck’. Instead, scroll down a little bit and you’ll see all the information you need about your IP address and virtual location.

VPNTunnel saves the best for last. The Web Proxy tool is pretty awesome and very easy to use. It is still in the Beta mode and if my speculations are correct, I’m betting that VPNTunnel will make the Web Proxy available for free in the near future. No harm in hoping!


Customer support

VPNTunnel offers a number of customer support channels to its users.

  • Blog
  • FAQ
  • Contact
  • Live Chat



The VPNTunnel blog is frequenly updated and very easy to navigate (unlike most blogs run by most major VPN service providers). The VPNTunnel people frequently posts updates about events/incidents that may have any influence on internet security and online freedom.



The well arranged FAQ section will answer basic questions about VPNTunnel and the service features that VPNTunnel offers.

In the FAQ section, you will find responses for questions relating to queries you may have about VPNTunnel’s packages, compatibility, service functioning, etc.



The ‘Contact’ button will bring you to a small contact form through which you can open a support ticket with VPNTunnel. Just fill in your name, email address, the subject of your inquiry, and any details you can provide about it.

You can also contact VPNTunnel directly through any one of the three email addresses listed on the page.

  • For general information: info@vpntunnel.com
  • For customer/tech support: support@vpntunnel.com
  • For sales related inquiries: sales@vpntunnel.com


Live Chat Support

Live Chat support on VPNTunnel’s website remains available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, around the year. I always appreciate it when VPN service providers have 24/7 online support. There is nothing better than knowing that there is somebody there to help you out whenever you get in a jam.


Payment methods

VPNTunnel only accepts PayPal as a payment option. However, this means that you can also pay through your Credit Card since PayPal also serves Credit Card users.


Compatibility & Tutorials

VPNTunnel has tutorials available on its website detailing setup instructions for all supporting operating systems and devices. The FAQ section servers as a knowledge base and is continuously expanding.

You can find tutorials for the following devices/OSs in the FAQ section:

  • OpenVPN protocol support Windows, Mac, Linux
  • PPTP – all of the above + iOS and Android

Almost every modern day internet-enabled device supports VPN. So you can be sure that you will be able to setup VPNTunnel on just about any platform you want. If there isn’t a tutorial available on the VPNTunnel website, I’m pretty sure that the thousands of people out there using VPN will be willing to help you.


Protocols and Encryption

VPNTunnel has some pretty solid encryption going on to ensure impenetrable user protection.

  • OpenVPN protocol comes with 2048-Bit encryption
  • PPTP protocol comes with 128-Bit

I like the fact that VPNTunnel makes the need for PPTP and OpenVPN very clear. There is no “buy everything and give us all your money” policy like most VPN service providers have going on these days. Instead, VPNTunnel insists that users identify their internet needs and then select the protocol that best fits the bill.

VPNTunnel is a refreshing addition to the internet family and has a very humble approach towards expansion and growth. The service is excellent and works without putting users through complicated installation procedures.


Log and privacy policy

VPNTunnel offers anonymous surfing and the VPN service provider’s policy is to safeguard your privacy. The only details VPNTunnel saves is your username and email address. This means that VPNTunnel will never log your IP addresses, internet session times or any other related details.


Free Trial

The VPNTunnel website doesn’t promise any Free Trial. However, VPNTunnel understands the needs of VPN users and frequently gives out Free Trials. All you have to do is to ask for it through the VPNTunnel live chat support on the official website. But do hurry because I’m pretty sure there must be a limited quota. You can also avail free VPN for privacy perspective.



This VPNTunnel review declares VPNTunnel to be one of the most promising members of the internet security industry. The prices are reasonable, the service is consistent, and the customer support is reliable.

If this is your first time using a VPN to unblock websites or secure your online freedom, then VPNTunnel is the VPN for you.

The best thing about VPNTunnel is the fact that it has very simple pricing plans, and two packages that cover the needs of VPN users. The OpenVPN and the Premium packages are the only two that VPNTunnel offers, and it helps to see a bit of simplicity in the jungle of complex options that most other VPN providers bombard users with.

In addition, I noticed that VPNTunnel likes to stay on top of current events. Remember the Heartbleed issue from a few weeks ago? VPNTunnel chose to take the bull by the horn and took actions to address user concerns. There is a button visible on the home page of the website that leads you to a blog post detailing everything VPNTunnel has done to deal with the issue.

There’s lots more to check out, go through our other VPN reviews & pick the best VPN service.


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