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Ever thought about what happens if your VPN connection fails and your torrent download is exposed to ISPs and copyright huntsmen? VPN watcher is an online privacy protection tool that immediately shutdowns BitTorrent clients and all other apps at times of VPN failure. Read VPN Watcher review to know why you need it and how it protects you against the odds of cyber world.

What is VPN Watcher?

VPN Watch app is a proprietary software developed by Estonian company UGDSOFT. The app works by monitoring online activities of a user when VPN is activated. A subscriber can add an application on watch list by selecting exe. file through standard Open dialog.

Afterward, the watchguard app will check VPN connection every 100ms or less (depending on your package plan). And if VPN accidentally disconnects, the VPN watch will automatically terminate all the selected applications immediately, protecting you against any traffic leakage. Below is a screenshot of VPN watch along with programs and their status:

Interestingly, the privacy protection app  is available to download on a range of platforms including Windows, Mac OSX, iOS, and Android. In addition, the privacy protector works with a majority of VPN protocols including PPTP, L2TP and OpenVPN.

VPN Watcher Download

VPN Watch can be downloaded through official website of UGDSOFT. At present, two versions of service are available in the market i.e. paid and free. The premium plans are further segregated into Personal and Gold accounts, charging $9.95 and $19.90 respectively.

While premium plans offer superior connection check, ensuring VPN connectivity every 99ms, the free version on another hand only checks VPN connectivity every 500ms. Also, free plan comes with limitation of controlling only a single program at a time. Thus, if you only want to control uTorrent, then free plan can do the job. Have a look at provider’s individual plans below:

VPN Watcher Serial Number

Once you have downloaded VPN Watch on your system, you can upgrade your account to premium version at any time. All you need to do is go to Help>Upgrade to full version, and enter key as given by provider. After entering serial key, your account will be upgraded to premium version and you will be able to utilize premium service offerings. Below is a snapshot of how do you upgrade your VPN Watch account:

You can also get keygen and unblock premium version of app for free. But, this method is not preferred, as many times keygen and crack files are infected or malicious. If you still want to upgrade to premium plan through keygen then you can find VPN Watch keygen and crack here.

How to Setup VPN Watcher

A lot of users have enquired on internet about how to configure VPN Watch. Thus, we have created a tutorial section to provide step-by-step instructions for VPN configuration. Here’s how you can setup app on Microsoft Windows:

Note: Following Windows setup features OpenVPN. You can download OpenVPN from provider’s Official site.

  • Download and install VPN Watch on your system
  • Next, download OpenVPN from the provided link in a note above.
  • Now, launch OpenVPN installation file. But, make sure to uncheck box of “Hide the Tap-Win32 Virtual Ethernet Adapter” as show below:
  • Upon successful installation of OpenVPN, go to “Network and Sharing Center” and click on “Change Adapter Settings”
  • Look for connection name “Tap-Win32 Adapter”, which is used by OpenVPN tunnel
  • Now, launch app, and select the specified connection in Connections

Now, you’re all set to explore internet safely without worrying about VPN failures or accidental disconnections. Also, you can setup VPN Watch on Mac OSX using protocols other than OpenVPN, as OpenVPN is not supported in Mac OSX.

VPN Watcher APK for Android Phones & Tablets

VPN Watch app offers in-house client for Android phones and tablets. However, after testing their service in VPN Watcher review, we have discovered that their android app is of no use for protection against VPN failure. Instead, the android app solely provides information about servers and ping times of various VPN services such as HMA, ibVPN and StrongVPN. You can download the Apk version for Android phones and tablets from Playstore.

VPN Watcher Alternatives

There’re also other alternatives which offer decent protection against unwanted VPN disconnections and failures. However, availability of such alternatives on different platforms may vary. Here’re the top alternatives of VPN Watch app:

  • VPN Lifeguard
  • VPNetMon
  • VPN Check
  • TunnelRat

What to do if VPN Watcher Doesn’t Work? VPN Watcher Not Working

Many users have inquired on different forums about VPN watch not working properly on Mac OSX. As OpenVPN is not supported in Mac OSX, users can try using service with a different protocol. But, if you’re facing a similar issue on Windows, then we suggest to remove the app from your system and install a fresh and updated version from provider’s official website.

Final Words

VPN Watch in actual is a VPN protector rather than a full-fledged data-protection service. It doesn’t encrypt network traffic or provide any unblocking service, instead it only stops specific apps whenever a VPN disconnects.

In VPN Watcher review, we have enlightened the key aspects of their service including package plans, service offerings, download, setup and configuration guide and availability across various platforms. Now, that you have read VPN Watcher review, you can decide if it is worthwhile for robust protection against IP leaks and DNS leaks.

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