X-VPN Review 2019 – Average Speed but Unblocks Netflix with Ease

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$5.99 Per Month

X-VPN, a product of Free Connected Limited is striving hard to provide online freedom right to users from all around the world.

The company is based at Hong Kong. Therefore, the organization has to abide by the internet regulation laws of the country.

The service has all the right features to become one of the influential players in an online privacy industry.

However, for the sake of users’ privacy, I have conducted a detailed X-VPN review.

Let’s see how it goes.

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  • Delivers 5000+ servers worldwide
  • Offers multi-login benefit to its users
  • Compatible with all the leading platforms
  • Provides specific servers for streaming purpose
  • Provides only one free server in its freemium plan

 What I liked about X-VPN?

When I reviewed X- VPN in detail, I was explored numerous enticing features. These are:

Logging Policy

X-VPN obeys Hong Kong independent regulations on Internet security in the right way.

It means subscribers can avail the service without sacrificing their digital privacy right.

Still, users should bear in mind that the provider applies the concept of DMCA in true letter and spirit.


Let’s look at some of the VPNs that does not keep privacy logs.

Protocols and Encryption

X-VPN provides a detailed list of tunneling protocols to its users. To take their users’ privacy next level, they have mentioned these protocols like A, B, C, and so on.

This way, ISPs and surveillance authorities in different countries may find it difficult to trace the exact kind of protocol eventually.

In terms of encryption, I expect users can avail 256-bit military grade encryption to protect your online information hassle-free.

IP Leak Test with Screenshot

I connected X-VPN to Finland’s server and tested for my IP address with IPleak.org.

Great to see it passed IP Leak and DNS test.


There are a lot more VPNs that passed IP leak test, you can check it out on our detailed IP Leak guide.

Speed Test with Screenshot

Here is my current internet speed without a VPN. Speed – 25.83 Mbps


While connecting it to the German server, the VPN speed was 11.03 Mbps


Here you see a speed decline of 58%, which is just average.

It couldn’t be termed as bad because I have seen much worse speed than this.

If you need a VPN for faster streaming you can always refer to our Speed Test guide.

Transparency Report

In our X-VPN review, I found that this VPN does not provide any transparency report.

This report reveals how many times their government has contacted them to ask for users’ information.

Interested in knowing which VPN has revealed transparency report? Follow our guide.

Netflix Support

According to its official site, the brand allows you to unblock Netflix US library from anywhere.

To know about the reality, I conducted Netflix unblocking test specifically.

It did unblock American Netflix.


First, it did not unblock Netflix, but then I changed US servers and bingo! It did.

Here are the VPNs that unblock Netflix easily in 2019.

If its not for Netflix, X-VPN does unblock videos that are available on Kodi.

It is a free streaming player that shows Movies and Live TV content.

In fact, I have compiled a list of best VPN service for Kodi that works extraordinary well with fast speed.


X-VPN has embraced the concept of multi-login in totality.

You can secure your 5 different devices of your choice be it Windows, Android and others with a single account.

I expect that the brand will add more devices in its multi-login feature in the future to compete with famous VPNs.


What makes X-VPN standout from the other online privacy brands is its torrenting support feature.

You can connect to its dedicated streaming servers that enable you to accomplish your media cravings accordingly.

On the other hand, the service also follows DMCA guidelines and condones illegal downloading of the copyrighted material.

Ease of Use

During the X –VPN review, I found the provider quite efficient and equal to the task.

This is because the installation process is simple and does not need any rocket science.

I thoroughly enjoyed the whole process since I downloaded and downloaded the Windows app within minutes.

In addition, I connected to my favorite server in no time.



Jurisdiction plays such an important role in describing the success of any VPN service.

Fortunately, you can select X-VPN due to its jurisdiction feature.

As per this X- VPN analysis, the provider primarily operates from Hong Kong.

Therefore, you can be sure about your privacy since the country has user-friendly internet laws for the netizens.

In addition, the country is not a part of any eyes-territory. Hence, users should not bother themselves about data retention practices.

You can view every VPNs Jurisdiction in our guide to learn more if they are a part of 5, 9, or 15 eyes countries.

Server Locations

X-VPN is one of the fewest VPN services that offer 5000+ servers globally. Thus, you are able to select your preferred server without any hassle.

Furthermore, they offer a comprehensive list of servers that support streaming activities of their subscribers.

It does have obfuscated servers that unblock website from countries that have extreme online restrictions.

Customer Support

X-VPN has all the right features that are crucial for the prosperity of any VPN provider.

You can send them an email if you have any query whatsoever.

Likewise, you can use its responsive 24/6 live chat benefit to find the solutions of your problems instantly.

You can perceive its help center like a FAQ section that provides answers related to VPN related questions.



Compatibility is an area where X-VPN has outperformed the other services. The provider is compatible with different types of operating systems. These include:

  • Windows
  • Mac
  • Android
  • iOS
  • Linux
  • Router


Browser Extensions

X-VPN delivers an exclusive Chrome extension benefit to subscribers. Thus, you can follow three basic steps and connect to your desired server straightaway.


Gaming Consoles and Streaming Devices

X-VPN is also compatible with gaming consoles and streaming devices. You can install the provider on your favorite gaming consoles like PS4.

Furthermore, you can setup X-VPN on different streaming devices like Apple TV and others.



Payment Methods

I was quite impressed to know that X-VPN understands the importance of online payment options.

A payment method is an area where most of the VPN services struggle.

You have to give an utmost priority to your users’ privacy and without offering a comprehensive list of payment options; you cannot achieve your objective.

When you deliver numerous payment mechanisms to your users, it becomes easier for them to sustain their anonymity.

In this case, X-VPN has ticked all the boxes correctly.

 What I did not like about X-VPN?

As I already mentioned, there are areas where X-VPN has to come up to the expectations of its users. These are:

Pricing & Plans

My X-VPN review indicates that the provider only offers two types of pricing plans. You can consider these plans in the form of monthly and yearly pricing plan.

However, I was expecting to see another pricing package in shape of half yearly. But sadly, it was not the case.

Furthermore, the monthly pricing plan is on the higher side. This is because you are bound to pay $11.99 on monthly basis.

Luckily, you can save a handsome amount of bucks if you consider buying its yearly package.

You will need to pay $71.88 per year. It means you will be paying $5.99 every month.


Money back Guarantee

Based on its pricing factor, I assume the service has to increase the duration of its money back guarantee.

When you use any privacy provider for the first time, you have to make sure that you have chosen the right option.

Therefore, you take ample amount of time to test the service as per your own needs.

This is the reason; one-week time does look insufficient.


App File Check

I passed X-VPN Windows file from Virus Total, a website that checks for any Trojan or Viruses in that file.

The file contained 3 Trojan viruses that could clearly damage your computer internally.


As soon as you download this file, it could start collecting your data, monitor your activities and what not.

I would definitely not recommend you to download windows app.

Free Trial

Unfortunately, I had to place X-VPN free trial under the heading of weak points.

I have an every reason to place the above-said advantage under this category.

You can only get “The Fastest Server” option by default.

You cannot select your desired server to safeguard your digital tasks.


Alternatives to X-VPN

To use VPNs other than X-VPN, explore our list that consists of:

Trustpilot Review

Trustpilot offers genuine reviews about various privacy-related products straightaway.

The below-mentioned feedback suggests you can select X-VPN to unblock different region blocked sites hassle-free.


Twitter Review

Surprisingly, X-VPN has a decent reputation on a famous platform like Twitter. As per the viewpoint of one Twitter user, you can opt X-VPN to secure your online privacy.

Reddit Review

Reddit has become one of the most sought platforms when it comes to exploring different products and services in no time.

X-VPN has to work exceptionally well if the brand wants to attain the focus of Reddit users.

To know about VPNs that work best according to this famous community, read Reddit VPN blog.

Final Verdict

Let’s just say, I liked this VPN when it came to passing leak test, performing above average on speed, and having an easy-to-use app.

However, I disliked how this VPN has been so pricey. Its price doesn’t even match up with the very best in the industry.

I would tell you to buy this VPN, but due to its price and limited pricing plans. I would tell you to avoid. But the choice is yours.

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