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Different threats await us on every corner of the internet. Sometimes it’s the hackers trying to steal our identity. Other times our local ISP is peeking on our online activity.

To protect our privacy, we have no other option then to employ a VPN. A VPN can make us anonymous on the web, shielding us from myriads of cyber threats.

But here’s the deal:

VPNs differ in security, efficiency and effectiveness. Best VPNs have the tools to thwart all sorts of hackers, phishers and malwares.

My job is to conduct top VPN reviews by evaluating the speed, reliability and performance of a service.

In this review, I will discuss VPNSecure, an online privacy provider based in Australia. This VPNSecure review will lay out the merits and shortcomings of this old-timer VPN service.



Strong Points of VPNSecure

VPNSecure is an Australian VPN service working in the VPN industry since 2011. The service has an objective to secure the online identities of their subscribers in a hassle-free manner.

The provider is currently offering different features like SmartDNS package and 24/7 live chat support. The service provides tunneling protocols such as OpenVPN, PPTP and SSH tunnels along with 256-bit military grade encryption.

Scroll down this VPNSecure review to learn about the main strengths of the VPN.

Security: Protocols and Encryption

VPNSecure boasts PPTP, OpenVPN, and SSH companied by 128 and 256-bit encryption.

Through PPTP protocol, you can obtain 128-bit encryption. However, I would not recommend you to use the protocol due to limited security and encryption level.

Furthermore, you can use OpenVPN protocol that offers 256-bit encryption level, taking your online security to a new height.

Likewise, the users can also try SSH tunneling protocol that gives DES-CBC 64-bit encryption.

The VPN also offers unique HTTP proxy service that enables you to stream services like BBC iPlayer, HBO Now, HBO Go and others.

All this comes with RSA-2048, making you even more secure on the internet.

No Logging Policy

The provider claims that it does not record personal information of the users.


In fact, the VPN explains that it DOES NOT:

  • Log IP Address
  • Log Connection timestamps
  • Log Disconnect timestamps
  • Log Bandwidth used
  • Log DNS Requests

It is always a good sign when a VPN is forthcoming about its logging policy. And this service has laid it all out.

Now, do I have any reason to doubt them? Well, for now I will just take their word.

No DNS Leak

DNS and IP leaks are detrimental for your online security. They can expose your location to the world, leaving you all but exposed.

But DNS and IP leaks should be a concern for VPNSecure used as my test show no such problems.


User-Friendly Client

You can download and use VPNSecure within a few minutes.

Just head over to the provider, click the download option at the bottom of the page and the following section will appear.


From here, you can download the app for your device and log in straightaway.


The VPNSecure client for Window sports a fashionable interface. It is extremely easy to navigate and customize.

At the bottom of the interface, the current location of the user is visible. Along with that, a sleek search bar graces the top. This bar optimizes the server searching process.

Netflix Works

With Netflix crushing the VPNs with its digital hammer, many VPNs are having a hard time unlocking the streaming site.

However, VPNSecure Netflix is helping the users work around the ridiculous geo-restrictions.

You might not have much luck accessing Netflix US with the VPN. However, Netflix from many European countries and Canada work perfectly with this service.

Comprehensive Customer Support


Customer support of the VPN surpassed all my expectations. The service provides different communication mediums to cater the queries of their subscribers. These mediums include:

  • 24/7 Live chat
  • Email Ticket System
  • FAQ/ Knowledgebase
  • Contact Us
  • Blog

The 24/7 live chat impressed me the most in this VPNSecure review. I was able to obtain the answer of all my questions in a timely manner. You can use the feature on all the pages of official website quite easily.

The same goes for email ticket system in which you can get the response of customer support section within half an hour. You can get the detailed reply based on your question in detail. Helping you solve various troubleshooting and other technical issues in a simple way.

Free Trial


Many readers will find this to be the favorite part of the VPNSecure review. This VPN offers a free trial feature for one month.

But there is a catch.

The trial only comes with the US server and has a 2GB bandwidth cap. The purpose of the trial is to give you a taste of the VPN. It is somewhat different from what free VPN services provide.

Similarly, the users can also select another trial feature that is available for two days.

However, you will have to pay $2 if you want to test this feature. After availing the feature, you can connect to any server of your choice anywhere.

Torrenting Allowed

The provider offers P2P activities on their servers other than UK and USA. You can connect to other servers available in countries except USA and UK to download and share your preferred torrent.

Coming back to VPNSecure torrenting service, I commend the providers for standing up for the torrent lovers.

Not only that, it also works on Kodi streaming player.

It is a free media player that streams Movies, TV Shows, and Live TV. VPNSecure helps in the unblocking of Kodi content that is outside your country region.

For more such VPNs, you can refer to our guide best VPNs for Kodi.

Drawbacks of VPNSecure

Five fingers are rarely equal. This VPN lacks in areas that I have highlighted below.

Average Speed

The speed on VPNSecure’s server neither too good, nor to bad. It is decent for lightweight browsing and geo-restriction but becomes an issue once you do the heavy lifting.

Here was my connection speed before I connected with the VPN:


This was the speed with the VPN connected.


7 Day Refund Policy

VPNSecure has 7-day money back guarantee. The industry standard these days is around 30 days. Which means that the VPN is lagging behind in this regard.

Though 7 days may seem enough to test out the VPN, privacy seekers are skeptical. It comes with the gig and providers should definitely give comfort them with extensive refund policies.

Pricing & Plans


The pricing plans of the VPN include one-month VPN, six months VPN and 12 months VPN pricing plan. The users can avail one-month plan after paying $9.95 on monthly basis.

Likewise, you can get six-month plan at the cost of $8.32 per month. The twelve-month pricing plan is available for the subscribers @ $6.66 per month. All these pricing plans offer various benefits like multi-login and web proxy.

As I discussed earlier in this VPNSecure review, there is also a free trial available of the VPN service that only allows access to the USA server. Moreover, this trial has a 2GB bandwidth limit and provides 30 days of service.

PPTP Pricing & Plan

My VPNSecure review disclosed that the service also offers one-month PPTP pricing plan. Those users who do not want enough security and prefer high speed, this package is for them. However, we would not recommend users to avail the package. Still you can get the package at the cost of:

  • $2.00 for 7 days trial
  • $7.95 for a month’s service
  • $39.95 for 6 month’s service
  • $69.95 for a year’s service

Based on our detailed pricing analysis, we can suggest that VPNSecure does not meet the requirement of a low price VPN. However, our VPNSecure life subscription review suggest that the service can be attained for $39.00 for an unlimited span of time.

Advanced Pricing & Plans

VPNSecure has packages based on its features. These are listed below:

  • Open VPN plan: $9.99 for 1 month, $8.33 for 6 months, $6.66 for a year, $2 for 2 days trial
  • OpenVPN & PPTV: $13.95 for 1 month, $59.95 for 6 months, $109.95 for a year, $2 for 2 days trial
  • SSH Tunnel: $9.95 for 1 month, $49.95 for 6 month, $89.95 for a year, $2 for 2 days trial
  • Dedicated IP: OpenVPN 3x dedicated IP for 1 month: $49.95, OpenVPN 1x dedicated IP for 1 month: $40.95, OpenVPN 2x dedicated IP for 1 month: $29, OpenVPN 1x dedicated IP for 6 months: $71
  • PPTP: $7.95 for 1 month, $39.95 for 5 months, $69.95 for 12 months, $2 for 2 days trial
  • OpenVPN free trial: Free for 30 days with 2 GB bandwidth limit

Payment Methods

Another highlight of this VPNSecure review is the payment channels provided by the VPN. These payment options include Bitcoin, which is considered to be the most anonymous payment method. Other methods include:


VPNSecure Servers

The service provides 69+ servers from 48 countries. When compared to some other VPN services, these numbers can be dubbed as decent.

Some of the major server locations of VPNSecure include:

  • USA
  • UK
  • Canada
  • Australia
  • Russia
  • Germany
  • France
  • India
  • Turkey

Interestingly, VPNSecure allows you to connect to one server at one time. But you can also connect to an unlimited number of different servers simultaneously.

Cross-Platform Compatibility

The VPNSecure review explains that the service is compatible with all the leading platforms and devices. These leading platforms are Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, and Routers.

VPNSecure also provides an extension for Google Chrome. The extension is available on the Chrome’s Web Store.

VPNSecure for Windows


VPNSecure has custom OpenVPN clients and SSH Socks5 proxy client for Windows. In addition, it also has a Chrome Extension for secure browsing.

The windows client of VPNSecure cleanly designed and can be operated with utmost ease. You can tailor the client as per your liking and switch between servers and protocol options.

On the other hand, the Chrome extension is extremely straight-forward. You can download VPNSecure’s server list to connect to servers in locations such as the UK and the USA.

VPNSecure for Mac


The custom client of VPNSecure for Mac is indistinguishable from its Windows app. The client can be downloaded directly from VPNSecure’s website. The interface of the client is user friendly and can be navigated without any difficulty.

Similar to Windows client, the Mac software too utilizes the OpenVPN protocol. Moreover, you can look for guides on VPNSecure’s website to configure PPTP on Mac OS X.

VPNSecure for iOS


The custom app of VPNSecure requires iOS 4.3 or better. As this service has focused on consistency, the iOS app too is designed similarly to Mac and Windows client.

VPNSecure for Android


You can use VPNSecure’s app on Android 4.0 and above. It is too supported by OpenVPN protocol which comes with AES 256 bit encryption.

The Android app of VPNSecure comes with proficient features to secure your internet on publick Wi-Fi. We tested this app ourselves for this VPNSecure review and found it to be easily navigable.

To know more popular VPN services for Android, check out our detailed guide on best VPN for Android.

Trustpilot Review

On the popular reviews site Trustpilot, subscribers laud the customer service of the VPN.


Others subscribers like the due to its budget-friendly prices.


Twitter Review

Over at twitter, the users recommend the VPN.

Of course, a VPN has variety of functions and VPNSecure delivers the goods.

Reddit Review

On VPNSecure reddit, many subscribers did not have a pleasant experience with the service.



If you’re not a big fan of VPNSecure, then I have other VPNs that will get you interested. Let’s have a look at the list:

Final Verdict

The service has impressed us to certain extent because of its excellent customer support feature. Based on our VPNSecure review, you can safely use the service.

The provider offers various features that suit your streaming demands. If you are willing to bear the expensive pricing plans then you must try the service.

Overall, the service fulfills all the requirements to become a famous privacy provider in future. However, the lack of tunneling protocols and servers may harm the growth of the service to the next level. Having said that, the future of VPNSecure looks promising but the service needs to expand its server locations.

If you experience problems with the service, let us know in the comments section below.

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