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VPN Watcher Review 2019: Added Security for Your VPN

VPN Watcher
VPN Watcher
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  • Privacy
  • Security
  • Torrenting
  • Android
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  • Torrenting
  • iOS
  • Android
  • Windows
  • Hide IP
$9.95 Per Month

Ever thought about what happens if your VPN connection fails and your torrent download is exposed to ISPs and copyright huntsmen?

VPN watcher is an online privacy protection tool that immediately shutdowns BitTorrent clients and all other apps at times of VPN failure.

In simple words, VPN Watcher is not a VPN in itself. Instead, it’s an enhancement tool that you can install to make your VPN more secure.

VPN ProvidersPureVPNVPN Watcher
Servers2000+ in 140 countries
CompatibilityWindows, Mac, Android, iOS, Routers,
Browsing Extensions,

Gaming Consoles, and Smart TVs
Windows, Android, and iOS
JurisdictionHong Kong
Logging PolicyZero LogN/A
Customer SupportLive Chat, FAQs, Email, Setup Guides, Contact Us
Trustpilot Score9.5


Although other VPN reviews come with their own failsafe features, VPN Watcher puts an extra layer of protection on your online privacy.

You will get to learn more about this tool as your read on this VPN Watcher review.

Let’s dig in.


  • Protects against potential IP leaks
  • Does not work with OpenVPN on Mac

What is VPN Watcher?

VPN Watch app is a proprietary software developed by Estonian company UGDSOFT. The app works by monitoring online activities of a user when VPN is activated.

A subscriber can add an application on watch list by selecting exe. file through standard Open dialog.

Afterward, the WatchGuard app will check VPN connection every 100ms or less (depending on your package plan). And if VPN accidentally disconnects, the VPN watch will automatically terminate all the selected applications immediately, protecting you against any traffic leakage.

Interestingly, the privacy protection app is available to download on a range of platforms including Windows, Mac OSX, iOS, and Android.

Privacy Concerns

Since VPN Watcher’s code is not open source, it is not possible to independently verify this tool.

However, the jurisdiction of this software should reassure anyone who might be suspicious about it.

Estonia is not a part any international alliance that shares surveillance information. Hence, being in this country puts VPN Watcher far away from the grasp of NSA or GCHQ.

Protocols Supported

VPN Watcher works PPTP, L2TP and OpenVPN protocols.

Of all these options, OpenVPN stands out as the best online privacy mechanism in existence.

It is open source and goes through constant upgrades by a community of techies.

Unfortunately, VPN Watcher’s OpenVPN configuration is not supported on Mac OSX. This means that Mac users will need to opt for the less capable L2TP option.

Meanwhile, I suggest everyone reading this VPN Watcher review to avoid PPTP. It is obsolete and has abundance of vulnerabilities.

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How to Use VPN Watcher on Windows?

A lot of users have enquired on internet about how to configure VPN Watch. Thus, I have created a tutorial to provide step-by-step instructions on how to use VPN Watcher on Windows.

Here’s how the VPN Watcher Windows 10 client works:

Note: Following Windows setup features OpenVPN. You can download OpenVPN from provider’s Official site.


It hardly takes few minutes for this tool to install on your device.


Just click next, agree with the Terms of Service and it will begin straightaway.


You will done barely in a minute. VPN Watcher client is lightweight and does not even take an MB of space.


Once the client is up and running, you can add any program that you want shutdown whenever a VPN disconnects. This program will re-connects once the VPN is enabled.

Simply right click on the application area, select “add application” and choose your desired program.

This is it.

VPN Watcher comes with presets for providers such ibVPN, HideMyAss, StrongVPN and PureVPN.

I tested it with uTorrent and it did exactly as advertised.


You can also set up this tool with PPTP and L2TP but OpenVPN is much more competent than its alternatives.

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VPN Watcher APK for Android Phones & Tablets

VPN Watch app offers in-house client for Android phones and tablets. However, after testing their service in VPNWatcher review, I discovered that their android app is of no use for protection against VPN failure.

Instead, the android app solely provides information about servers and ping times of various VPN services such as HMA, ibVPN and StrongVPN. You can download the Apk version for Android phones and tablets from Playstore. You can also compare VPN Watcher with the best VPN Android.


VPN Watcher Pricing & Plans

Although VPN Watcher is available for free download, this version only allows you to add one application.

The premium plans allow multiple application. They are segregated into Personal and Gold accounts, charging $9.95 and $19.90 respectively.

While premium plans offer superior connection check, ensuring VPN connectivity every 99ms, the free version on another hand only checks VPN connectivity every 500ms.

Have a look at provider’s individual plans below:


With the free plan you can connect only one device. However, Personal Plan allows 2 simultaneous connection and Gold Plan allows up to 5.

When you Sign Up with any of these packages, you get a VPN Watcher serial number that upgrades this tool.

Payment Method

VPN Watcher’s payment method is powered by 2Checkout. The company accepts PayPal along with a plethora of credit cards.

There is no Bitcoin payment option available as of yet.

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Does VPN Watcher Unblock Geo-Restricted Content?

To be honest, VPN Watcher does not unblock geo-restricted content. Therefore, when using Kodi, you will need to know how to use VPN with Kodi first.

VPN Watcher Alternatives

There’re also other alternatives which offer decent protection against unwanted VPN disconnections and failures. However, the availability of such alternatives on different platforms may vary.

Here’re the top alternatives of VPN Watch app:

VPN Watcher Reddit Review

Redditors don’t take their online security lightly. Hence, a service like VPN Watcher should have a special appeal them. But unfortunately, this does not seem to be the case.

I did not find any comprehensive VPN Watcher review on reddit.

Some redditors identified problems that can occur with tools like VPN watcher.

Similarly, other subscribers have issues making the VPN Watcher work.

How to avoid my VPN dropping? from techsupport

What to do if VPN Watcher Doesn’t Work?

While researching for this VPN Watcher review, I came across many forums where subscribers were complaining about the service not working on Mac OS.

As OpenVPN is not supported in Mac OSX, users can try using service with a different protocol.

But, if you’re facing a similar issue on Windows than I suggest to remove the app from your system and install a fresh and updated version from provider’s official website.

Final Words

VPN Watch in actual is a VPN protector rather than a full-fledged data-protection service. It doesn’t encrypt network traffic or provide any unblocking service, instead it only stops specific apps whenever a VPN disconnects.

In VPN Watcher review, I have enlightened the key aspects of their service including package plans, service offerings, download, setup and configuration guide and availability across various platforms.

As always, the final decision lies with you. Are you are in search of that extra layer of security?

If so than VPN Watcher can be the answer to your call.

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