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TorVPN Review 2019 – Everything you must know to secure your Privacy

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Online privacy has unquestionably become a basic human right in this era. Sadly, you have to work so hard to earn this right according to your own needs.

This is the reason VPNs have turned out to be last resorts when it comes to securing your digital identity from unwanted people.

For your ease, I have come up with an exclusive review of a relatively unknown VPN service.

After reading my editorial TorVPN review, you will unearth ground-reality about the provider in detail.

Likewise, you will discover if TorVPN is a suitable solution to fulfill your privacy and unblocking needs or not.

VPN ProvidersPureVPNTorVPN
Servers2000+ in 140 countries10+ servers in 10+ countries
CompatibilityWindows, Mac. Android, iOS, Routers,
Browsing Extensions,

Gaming Consoles, and Smart TVs
Windows, Android, Mac, and iOS
JurisdictionHong KongUK
Logging PolicyZero LogFollows mandatory data retention rules
Customer SupportLive Chat, FAQs, Email, Setup Guides, Contact UsFAQs & Email Ticketing
Trust Pilot Score9.5


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  • Delivers secure tunneling protocols (OpenVPN, SSH, PPTP, SOCKS)
  • Available on Windows, Mac OSX, Linux, Android, iOS
  • Customer support through Email Ticketing and FAQs
  • Accept anonymous payments through Bitcoin
  • Offers 10+ servers in 10+ countries
  • Provides multi-login feature
  • Imposes data caps
  • Unresponsive live chat support

What is TorVPN?

The UK based VPN provider TorVPN serves netizens with diverse privacy needs.

Being founded in 2010, the company is located in the Wallasey, United Kingdom and is subjected to the UK’s mandatory data retention laws.

 Strong Points of TorVPN

Like other VPNs, TorVPN does have some valuable characteristics. Here is the list of those characteristics that includes:

Free Trial

TorVPN believes in true online freedom and gives a chance to every users to test their service through TorVPN free plan.

That said, the freemium plan offers 7 days validity along with OpenVPN & PPTP protocols. However, subscribers cannot use SSH tunneling and only connect to one server under a data usage limitation of 2GB.

I suppose this feature a generous offering because every subscriber can avail the said advantage.

To get free version of their service you can visit Tor VPN free download page here.

Encryption and Protocols

Encryption and tunneling protocols are the prime aspects of a VPN service responsible for ensuring level of security, data protection and accessibility.

The UK based brand offers OpenVPN, PPTP, SSH and SOCKS protocol.

In essence, OpenVPN provides a military grade 256-bit encryption that is compatible with all mainstream platforms including Windows, Android, iOS, Linux and Mac OSX.

Conversely, PPTP protocol offers 128-bit standard encryption, which is preferred for streaming and unblocking purposes.

Customer Support System

TorVPN provides a range of support channels including a well-versed FAQ section, knowledge base area and deliberately created live chat support.

TorVPN is offering following support channels:

FAQs Section

The FAQs section of TorVPN covers general queries of users related to technical issues, billing, protocols and other issues.

Subscribers can seek immediate solution for diversified queries related to TorVPN inside FAQs section.


Knowledgebase Section

Apart from FAQs section, TorVPN offers a detailed knowledge base area that aims to deliver in-depth assistance for VPN installation.

Subscribers can find detailed installation guides of OpenVPN, PPTP and SSH tunneling on various platforms.

Knowledgebase Section-TorVPN

Live Chat Support

An unusual aspect of provider that I unveiled in TorVPN review is a purportedly created live chat system.

You can access live chat support from top right corner of the home page.

Yet, when I tried to access TorVPN live chat support, I did not get a chance to chat with any of the customer support representatives.

Therefore, I rated the said benefit as a drawback of their service.


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TorVPN Compatibility

TorVPN is compatible across various leading platforms including Windows, Linux, Mac OSX, Android and iOS.

Subscribers can freely install TorVPN on their devices and explore internet with high-level online protection.


Tor VPN for Windows

TorVPN on Microsoft Windows offers strong and reliable online protection.

Subscribers can download Tor VPN on Windows 7 and secure their online transactions, emails, confidential conversations and more sensitive information.

In addition, unrestricted accessibility is an added advantage of using TorVPN.

However, a drawback of their service I discovered in the review is lack of in-house client.

That said, subscribers need to download OpenVPN client or configure PPTP or SSH manually to use TorVPN on Windows.


Tor VPN For iPhone

iOS users can install TorVPN on iPhone or iPad and explore internet with complete anonymity and online protection. Here is the list of VPN for iPhone of 2019.

For this reason, you will have to download OpenVPN client from App Store. Likewise, you will need to configure manually later on.

After successful configuration, iOS users can access numerous geo-blocked websites and services freely from anywhere.


Tor VPN for Android

Like iPhone and iPad, TorVPN offers similar service features on Android OS. That said, subscribers can install TorVPN on their phone or tablet.

Moreover, TorVPN offers one-touch access to unlimited geo-restricted services inlcuding BBC iPlayer and Hulu.

To start using TorVPN for Android, users need to download OpenVPN client on Android phone or tablet from PlayStore.


TorVPN for Ubuntu

Unlike other providers, Tor VPN offers exclusive service for Ubuntu users. Subscribers can setup Tor VPN for Ubuntu by following step-by-step instructions available in this guide.

The installation and configuration take few moments after which subscribers can achieve airtight online protection and unrestricted accessibility on Ubuntu.

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How to Use TorVPN?

TorVPN can be easily setup on one of the supported devices. To begin using TorVPN on your device, you can follow these simple steps:

  • Visit official siteof TorVPN
  • Make an account on their website
  • Choose a VPN package plan and make payment
  • Visit download section of their website
  • Download and install OpenVPN client on your device
  • Upon successful download, configure TorVPN by referring this guide here
  • Finally, start using TorVPN on your device and explore internet with complete online freedom and top-grade online protection

Tor vs VPN

Many subscribers have enquired and debated on internet about Tor vs VPN comparison. Thus, I have created a brief section that aims to provide highlights of both.

In essence, a VPN works by encrypting entire network traffic of a user and passing it through a secure tunnel to VPN server.

Also, a VPN spoofs your IP address with one belonging to a foreign server. This makes you anonymous to ISPs, state-surveillance, copyright trolls and more cyber threats.

Furthermore, a VPN allows you to access geo-restricted services including BBC iPlayer, Hulu, HBO Now, CNBC, ABC and more from anywhere in the world.

On the other hand, Tor works completely different from a VPN service. Tor network routes your internet traffic through various voluntarily run servers known as Nodes.

Surprisingly, Tor does not encrypt any of your online activity. Instead, it makes you anonymous, as no individual node has a map of your web traffic. Interestingly, Tor is widely used to access websites of Dark Web.

Also, while using Tor, your data can get injected with virus through any node.

Therefore, I suggest users to opt Tor with VPN and achieve top-grade encryption.

As using Tor without VPN can reveal your access to Tor and make you vulnerable to hackers, privacy invaders, identity thieves and more severe cyber threats.

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 Areas of Improvement

TorVPN has weak points as well that have spoiled its reputation significantly. These are:

Log and Privacy Policy – Is TorVPN Safe?

Privacy policy is a decisive element of any VPN service. However, TorVPN has clearly stated that it complies with mandatory data retention laws and retains users’ information.

The provider has also declared that it may share personal information of subscribers with third parties and law enforcement agencies under court’s order.

Thus in this review, I consider their privacy policy to be shady and suspicious. This is because users generally use VPN for anonymity and privacy purpose.


Servers Infrastructure

TorVPN offers 10+ servers distributed across 10+ prime countries of the world, where every server is named after planets in solar system.

Interestingly, four servers are distributed in every nation, where two use TCP and remaining use UDP.

TorVPN supports P2P file sharing, allowing netizens to download torrents anonymously from anywhere.

On top, TorVPN offers a dedicated page for list of servers, where subscribers can check number of users connected to a specific server.

In addition, server panel provides information about protocols, speed, region and city of a specific VPN server.


Speed and Performance

When I tested its US and UK server, I used OpenVPN UDP protocol. After connecting to 30 Mbps internet connection, I was able to get an average 18 Mbps speed eventually on the US server.

I applied the same process to test UK server speed, I was able to achieve 14 Mbps in the end.

The above testing suggests TorVPN has still a long way to go in terms of speed.

TorVPN Netflix

Netflix allows you to accomplish your media streaming cravings hassle-free.

Yet, the popular streaming giant follows geo-blocking notion in true letter and spirit.

Therefore, you have to rely on Netflix VPNs to fulfill your media desires.

Unfortunately, TorVPN does not unblock Netflix US media content library.

TorVPN BBC iPlayer

Sadly, TorVPN does not allow you to access BBC iPlayer outside the UK. To achieve this mission anonymously, you should try out another VPN service like PureVPN.

Other Streaming Services

Unfortunately, TorVPN does not help users when it comes to unblocking geo-restricted content on different streaming platform like Kodi.

Thus, you have no option left other than using the best VPN for Kodi to watch your favorite TV shows or other stuff securely.

Pricing Plans – Is TorVPN Cost Savvy?

Costing and pricing plans matter a lot when it comes to choosing a reliable VPN service. TorVPN offers flexible package structure offering freemium and premium plans.

In this analysis, I examined its pricing structure and came up with following paid plans that include:

  • Cheap VPN charges £0.50 for fifteen days and comes with 5 GB data limit along with one VPN server availability
  • Pro VPN is valid for one month and charges £1.90. Pro VPN plan comes with a data limit of up to 60 GB and access to 2 servers
  • Silver VPN Plan comes with validity of up to ninety days. It costs £5.50 and offers data limit of 100 GB along with access to all available basic servers
  • Gold VPN Plan costs £19.90 and offers maximum benefits including unlimited bandwidth and unrestricted data transfer. In addition, users can access four sub accounts and all basic servers with Gold VPN plan
  • Custom Plan is last among list of TorVPN pricing plans and charges according to tailored offerings. Subscribers can select desired time period, number of servers, sessions and data limit in Custom Plan.

Following are the TorVPN packages with individual details:


Payment Methods

Payment methods play a vital role in final phase of VPN subscription. A wide range of accepted payment modes ensures hassle-free subscription process.

When it comes to TorVPN, it accepts payments through PayPal and bitcoin. That said, subscribers could conceal their identity and pay anonymously through bitcoin.


Visit TorVPN

Money Back Guarantee

TorVPN does not offer money back guarantee in any of its plans. The brand does not follow the concept of refund policy by itself unless the law requires it.


TorVPN Twitter Review

TorVPN has presence on a popular platform like Twitter. According to the response of one Twitter follower, you can continue using your TorVPN package to unblock your favorite media content.

Another twitter follower recommended TorVPN due to its eye-catching pricing feature.

Alternatives to TorVPN

If you do not want to use TorVPN, you can explore other VPN services that include:

Wrapping Up

Now I assume you would be able to clear your misconceptions about the brand after reading this exclusive TorVPN review.

TorVPN is relatively a fresher in VPN industry but does leave gaps in terms of speed, unblocking and online protection.

If you want to know my own verdict, I would not recommend you to use the service. Despite offering a freemium VPN service, TorVPN has a long way to go.

I will be highly grateful if you share the above review with your friends and loved ones.

Tell me about your experiences in case you still opted TorVPN for any reason in the comments section below.

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