TigerVPN Review 2019 – Analyzes its Price, Servers & Features

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$2.75 Per Month

TigerVPN also called Tiger VPN is a Slovakian based VPN service operating in the VPN industry since 2011. Through 300 server locations in 63 countries, you can connect to any server of your choice. Furthermore, the provider is compatible with all the major platforms and offers dedicated apps for the users. The service does not keep logs of the subscribers and completely respect their users’ privacy.

Our TigerVPN review has managed to cater unnoticed attributes of the service. Hence, our expectation rose to another peak and we considered this review as one of our best VPN reviews.

  • Active presence on social media
  • Offers multi-login feature
  • Provides 7 days money back guarantee
  • Compatible with all major platforms
  • Offers free trial feature
  • Extremely expensive pricing plans (unless you buy the long-term plan)
  • Does not provide kill switch feature


TigerVPN Pricing & Plans

According to our TigerVPN review of 2019, the provider offers three types of pricing plans to the subscribers. These pricing plans include 1-Month Zen Tiger plan, 3 years deal plan, and 1-year Hero Tiger plan. You can opt the 1-Month package after paying $11.99 on a monthly basis.

Likewise, you can avail the 3-year package at the cost of $2.75 on a monthly basis. In addition, you can also select the 1-year package after paying $6.66 on monthly basis. All these plans offer 7 days money back guarantee to the users.

With all this, you will also find TigerVPN lifetime subscription on Stacksocial. As of now, it is available for $25.99 but the offer is ending soon.

Furthermore, Zen Tiger plan offers multi-login feature. Hence, users can connect up to two (2) devices instantly through one subscription. The users can connect up to five (5) devices at a time if they have purchased Hero Tiger plan or three two years deal.


If you decide to purchase 1-year plan then you will achieve the below-mentioned benefits. These benefits are:

  • Gigabit network
  • Unlimited data
  • Unlimited speed
  • OpenVPN, IPsec, L2TP, PPTP
  • Five (5) Simultaneous connections
  • Sixty three (63) locations in 43 countries
  • Priority Support
  • Mobile & desktop apps

StickyPassword Premium Subscription

The TigerVPN annual plan subscribers also attain StickyPassword Premium feature. A StickyPassword Premium is a secure password manager that exactly works the same way as other password managers. The examples of other password managers are Firefox’s built-in tool or KeePass.

Shimo VPN Manager

Shimo VPN Manager is a dedicated VPN client for Mac OS. The subscribers of Hero Tiger plan can avail this feature without paying a single penny. Furthermore, the feature makes the life of a subscriber since you can manage different VPN networks at a time.

Payment Methods


Our review unveils that the service is committed to offer a range of online payment methods to users. Furthermore, the provider also offers Bitcoin that is a famous online payment method among VPN subscribers. Apart from Bitcoin, users can select their preferred payment method from various online payment options. These options are Credit Card, PayPal, Paymentwall, and License Code.

Server and Performance

This VPN provider offers 300 servers from 42 countries. Meanwhile, the server locations extend to 62. The good news is that TigerVPN’s server locations include the United States, the UK, Canada and many European countries.

While we tested the US server of the service, we received sufficient speed for us to stream videos with the utmost ease. The browsing experience on the service was also smooth.

Our speed test revealed mixed results on different servers. The European servers, in particular Netherland, retained 85% of our normal connection speed. This is outstanding if you consider the fact that many VPN service struggle to provide such speed.

However, the server speed for the US and Canada were relatively slower. These locations hovered around 70% of the conventional speed. Regardless, we found speed provided by the service to be above average.

Compatibility Review

Our review discovers that the service is extremely compatible with all the major platforms. These major platforms include Windows, Mac, Android and iOS. Furthermore, the provider also offers dedicated apps for subscribers. Since they can easily use apps on their preferred devices. We contacted customer support through an email to disclose the truth about the compatibility of the service.

According to the feedback of TigerVPN, these apps are compatible with Windows 7 or later. The Android app is also compatible with Android 5 or later. The iOS users can also enjoy using the app on their iOS 9 or other iOS version devices. Similarly, the Mac users can also experience the app on their Mac OS X 10.10 or other Mac devices.


Download Review

The official website of the provider offers a dedicated download section for the users. You should use this section if you wish to download the relevant app for your preferred device. As soon as you click the Tiger VPN download link mentioned on the homepage of the website, it starts downloading. Furthermore, the website detects itself which operating system or device you are using.


Setup and Installation

Once you are done with the download, install the client and enter your username and password. After this, select a server from the map or connect from the button in the bottom to a recommended server.

You can also make use of the search-able server list that is ordered according to their respective city, latency and country. Moreover, you can adjust the setting and see the connection statistics from the top-left icon on the client. Furthermore, in the setting menu, you can select your preferred protocols and ports.

Smartphone App

The mobile app of the service is indistinguishable from the desktop client of the service. These apps are smartly designed and can be navigated without much trouble. As it happens, the app also allows you to conduct live chat with a TigerVPN representative.

Protocols and Encryption

TigerVPN has made sure to offer a list of protocols like OpenVPN (TCP & UDP), L2TP/IPSec and PPTP. The provider is committed to secure the users’ privacy. The service applies AES-256-CBC encryption with the 2048-bit RSA for key exchange. Hence, third-party services and government agencies cannot trace your online activities.

Our review unveils that the provider uses OpenVPN for devices like Windows, Mac and Android. Likewise, the service offers IPSec protocol for iOS users. The users can also configure the built-in VPN through the help of L2TP protocol.

TigerVPN Torrenting and P2P Review

Our review disclosed the fact that the service supports P2P/Torrenting activity. However, the provider recommends the subscribers to opt for legal services. Hence, users can perform the task of file sharing and download with such an ease. The service makes sure that your torrenting activities remain confidential by blocking Firewalls.


Customer Support


The official website of the provider offers comprehensive information about the support section. By clicking the “Help” tab provided on the bottom of the homepage, you can move on to the guide page. Through this page, you are able to find out the answers of your queries related to troubleshooting, connection errors and so on. Our Tiger VPN review affirms that the service has a proactive customer support.

Customer support part of the website consists of a plethora of FAQs. The General Question section consists question regarding the need for TigerVPN, its compatibility with different devices and other general matters.

There is also a Manual Setup Guides section on the website. This section lays out the systematic process of manually setting up the service on different platforms. The guides here are concise and clearly written.

Moreover, you can also benefit from the troubleshooting section if you are facing some issue in connecting with the service. Again, this section is also professionally written and has well-defined solutions for the users.

There is also Live Chat option on the website but it is not available 24/7. When we tried this option to ask a question, we were asked our status, name and email address.

After this, we received a message: Thanks! The team typically replies in under 1h

TigerVPN Presence on Social Media

According to our review, the service has an active presence on different social media platforms. These platforms include Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Google+. From these platforms, you can easily find the profiles of the service.


Logging & Privacy Policy

The official website claims that the service does not collect or store the users’ information. Furthermore, TigerVPN does not store the browsing activity of the users. However, you will be asked to submit personal information like email address and payment details. The provider has to store the information, but keeps the information confidential. The service does not share the information with third parties.

Conversely, the provider can store personal information on third parties’ servers. TigerVPN is eligible to use third-party analytical tool to check the performance of the website. The provider uses the contact details of users to send notifications about the service. The VPN service also collects information that includes dates, choice of server location, and amount of data transferred per day.

TigerVPN Review Reddit

Reddit is home to some opinionated VPN users who are blunt while sharing their experience with different services.

A customer has shared their experienced in this review on Reddit.

Experiences with TigerVPN? I’ve included some research using their free trial software for others. from VPN

The provider has a presence on various interactive platforms like Reddit. The representatives of TigerVPN take an active part in solving existing as well as potential users’ queries.

Our Tiger VPN review points out that the subscribers also ask different questions related to privacy, connectivity and other issues. By solving the users’ issues, the provider has made a long lasting impression in the eyes of users.

Alternatives to TigerVPN

Everyone has their own preferences when it comes to VPNs. Some demand foolproof security while others ask for greater accessibility. If this VPN service does not have the solution to your privacy needs, here are some alternatives for you to consider.

  1. CyberGhost Review
  2. HideMyAss Review
  3. Ivacy VPN Review
  4. ZenMate Review
  5. VPN Unlimited Review
  6. Keenow Review

Frequently Asked Questions

Netflix is clamping down on VPN service by constantly upgrading its VPN detection system. Hence, for a VPN to unblock Netflix, it must have dedicated servers for the streaming site.

As of now, TigerVPN only provides Netflix on six of its servers. These include Ankara, Istanbul, Madrid, Milan, Rio de Janerio and Sao Paulo. Unfortunately, you cannot access Netflix US through this service.

The TigerVPN free trial exists in the form of a 3-day demo account. You can also create a free trial account inside the different apps provided by the service.

Other than this, the providers give you a 7-day refund window to test out the service. Therefore, we can conclude that this service provides ample opportunities for customer to determine its efficiency.

Final Verdict

Based on our Tiger VPN review, we recommend this service. The service is a safe bet for those subscribers who are planning to improve their online protection. Still, the provider needs to reconsider the pricing plans. There are users those who want to become a part of TigerVPN. Yet, they are unable to achieve this goal due to the cost factor.

The service is present in the VPN industry since 2011. Hence, the provider is able to offer 300 server locations in 63 countries worldwide. This is itself a big achievement as users can access and connect to their preferred servers globally. Apart from this, the service also provides a free trial feature to the new users. Consequently, subscribers can completely test every aspect of the provider in detail.

The future of TigerVPN looks optimistic since the users will get interesting benefits. These benefits could be termed as better connectivity, increase in server locations, and so on. There is no harm in predicting about the service that more users will proudly use the service in the coming years.

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