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TheSafety.US Review 2019: A One of a Kind VPN Service

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$4.16 Per Month

Online Privacy has become a rare commodity in these testing times. Government, Corporations and Lone Crooks all are finding new ways to steal data and use it for nefarious goals.

In these challenging times, VPNs provide a way out.

However, some VPN services are more efficient than others. Our VPN reviews tell which provider are better suited to safeguard your digital privacy.

TheSafety.US is a relatively unknown VPN service. It claims to keep zero logs and protect users with a powerful encryption.

But does it have the tools to thwart sophisticated cyber-attacks?

You will find out in this TheSafety.US review.

Let’s dig in.

Pricing Plans

TheSafety.US has split its service four distinct pricing plans.


    • Lite VPN is the cheapest package that comes with 20 servers. It uses IKEv2 and OpenVPN tunnels. It costs $19 a month and $99 for a year.
    • Standard VPN has servers scattered in 22 countries. If you purchase this package, you receive access to Imitation HTTPS and Kill Switch feature. Interestingly, this plan includes “ABC of anonymity”, a privacy guide written by people behind TheSafety.US. You get all this by paying $251.4 a year.
    • Perfect VPN lets you create a doublehop connection. It further lets you connect with 182 servers from 22 countries. ABC of anonymity, Imitation HTTPS and Kill Switch are also included in the package.
    • Double VPN is a package for anyone who wishes to create a chain of VPNs. It has several entry and exit points. However, you can create VPN chains with OpenVPN connections.

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Payment Methods

You can make payments in a variety of methods. Bitcoin, Perfect Money, PayPal, Qiwi, Yandex Money and Webmoney are the available options.

If you opt for Bitcoin, your identity will remain anonymous during the transaction.


Refund Policy

You can request a refund within 7 days of purchasing the service. This gives you plenty of time to evaluate the VPN.

Since the provider has a “no question asked” refund policy, you do not need to provide put any reasoning behind your refund request.


Server Spread

Previously, VPNs service compromised of servers from 2-3 locations. Times have changed for the better.

Nowadays, services like Ivacy let you experience browsing from 50+ countries.

TheSafety.US server spread extends to 23 countries. It covers 4 continents.


Protocols and Encryption

VPN services route your information through a secure tunnel. This keeps it safe from the hands of external parties.

TheSafety.US has employed OpenVPN and IKEv2 VPN protocols. Although IKEv2 is a capable tool, OpenVPN is easily the better option.

Its open source nature makes room for constant upgrades. Hence, it shields users against sophisticated attacks like Man-in-the-middle.

What’s more, the VPN uses SHA384 for authentication and AES-256-CBC cipher. This the best encryption level in the market.

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Privacy Policy

One that really impressed me while writing this TheSafety.US review was the provider’s logging policy. It has crafted a method of keeping user information as secure as possible.


The company disables the syslog service to prevent IKEv2 from storing logs. Similarly, OpenVPN server logs are disabled by adding the line log/dev/null into the protocol’s configuration file.

Customer Support

Customers can receive assistance through a ticket system on the website. It does have Live Chat support or an even active twitter profile.

However, the ticketing system is fairly efficient


Using a ticket, I enquired about a free trial and their encryption level before starting this TheSafety.US review, the answer came in 10 hours later.


Not bad but there’s still a lot of room for improvement.

Cross-Platform Compatibility


TheSafety.US is a multiple device VPN, it works on Windows, Mac, Android, iOS and Linux. You can either opt for the dedicated app called Secure Kit or configure the VPN manually. To secure innumerable devices at the same time, you can also set up the VPN on router.

Disappointingly, there are no browser extensions of the VPN service.

This way, you can secure your numerous devices in no time. However, if you wish to secure your mobile devices like Andorid, you will have to rely on best VPN Android quite largely.

As a result, you can still safeguard your favorite while on the go upfront.

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4 Simultaneous Connection

With a single subscription of this VPN, you can connect with 4 devices simultaneously. This gives you the opportunity to secure your household from online threats.

Secure Kit

Secure Kit is a lightweight and user-friendly client powered by TheSafety.US. It comes with in-built DNS leak protection that stops your location from being accidently exposed.


It boasts an Imitation HTTPS protocol that replicates a usual SSL connection on a 443 port. When this tool is enabled, no website will be able to detect that you’re using a VPN.


It also possesses a custom Killswitch that block the internet if the VPN gets disconnected for some reason.  This way, no data is leaked out of the secure VPN tunnel.


Dedicated and Static IP

IP addresses come in two forms: Dedicated IP, which is unique and is used by one person. Static IP is shared among numerous users, it is permanent and does not change over a period of time.

Since all users have the same address while using Static IP, it becomes hard to single out a specific person. This makes it impossible to track you on the web.

Dedicated IP meanwhile are relatively easier to track. This is the reason the provider itself endorses Static IP addresses.

Key Benefits of TheSafety.US

In a sense, TheSafety.US is a distinguished VPN provider. It provides some additional benefits that take your online privacy to a whole new level.

  • It has a list of DNS servers. These are extremely useful while bypassing geographically restricted content.
  • The connection to IP address is used instead of the VPN server being bound to domains. This makes it difficult for the ISP to track you.
  • TTL modification is applied to cloak the user data
  • Non-standard ports are used for OpenVPN connect to prevent ISPs for blocking the VPN.

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TheSafety.US Alternatives

It will be hard to find any other VPN provider like this one. However, there are others options when it comes to securing your sensitive information.

Final Words

TheSafety.US is truly a unique VPN provider. It has unique pricing plans accompanied by innovative features.

The provider lets you establish a chain of multiple VPN and with the Imitation HTTPS feature, lets you access the web without being tracked.

That said, this VPN is somewhat expensive. Which may turn off a lot of potential subscribers from opting for TheSafety.US.

Some other areas of this service are also in need of improvement.

But despite that, I will conclude this TheSafety.US review by recommending the readers to give this VPN a try.

Who knows! May be you will take a liking to this unique VPN providers.

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