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SwitchVPN Review 2019: Guard Your Devices & Gain Internet Freedom

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  • Privacy
  • Torrenting
  • NetflixNetflix
  • HuluHulu
  • BBC iPlayerBBC iPlayer
  • Hide IP


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$3.33 Per Month

With its headquarters in India, SwitchVPN does look promising and appealing to the internet users. The company started its operation back in 2010 with a vision that every user should get ultimate internet security and freedom.

SwitchVPN promises to deliver different features to its users. Still, we will have to see it for ourselves before we make any decision. Majority of the VPN providers have lots to offer but when it comes to fulfilling those promises even half of the promises are not met.

VPN ProvidersPureVPNSwitch VPN
Servers2,000+ in 140 countries250+ server in 43 locations
CompatibilityWindows, Mac. Android, iOS, Routers,
Browsing Extensions,

Gaming Consoles, and Smart TVs
Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android
JurisdictionHong KongIndia
Logging PolicyZero LogIt does NOT store any kind of logs or data
Customer SupportLive Chat, FAQs, Email, Setup Guides, Contact UsLive chat and Email
Trust Pilot Score9.55.4

Fortunately, you can discover our best VPN reviews to know about other online privacy services in detail. Still, we will dissect SwitchVPN through our SwitchVPN review to see how it works, how many devices it is compatible with, the pricing plans and packages it offers and the encryption it provides to the users.

SwitchVPN Pros
  • 145+ servers in 35 countries
  • Provides static key feature
  • Strong encryption up to 2048 bit to ensure data safety
  • Compatible with all the popular devices
  • Diverse payment options
  • L2TP/IPSec, PPTP, SSTP and OpenVPN protocols support
  • Provides multi-login benefit
  • 6-hour free trial (on request)
SwitchVPN Cons
  • Follows DMCA regulations
  • User have to go through cumbersome process to find free trial feature

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Pricing and Plan

SwitchVPN provides two different types of plans: monthly and yearly. You can avail the monthly pricing plan at the cost of $9.95. The same goes for yearly plan too. You will have to bear the cost of $5.82 on monthly basis to avail 12 months pricing package.

This way, you can save 42% on your yearly subscription plan quite easily. Our SwitchVPN review discloses that you can experience different features on both types of pricing plans hassle-free.



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SwitchVPN Features Review

It was a pleasant surprise for us to know that SwitchVPN provides multiple logins, proxy services and unconditional 30-day money-back guarantee as unique selling propositions to all its users. It also offers a 6-hour free trial to the users. It is always a treat for a user to get a VPN that offers free trial and money-back guarantee.

It has free applications for Android and Mac users that are easily available in their respective app stores. Having said that, I would discuss all these features below in detail to give you a better understanding of how these things make SwitchVPN a better VPN than most.


SwitchVPN Servers Reviews

SwitchVPN has 145+ servers in 35 countries at present. You can choose servers from USA, UK, Netherlands, Canada, Germany, and France. Similarly, you can select your desired servers from Switzerland, Sweden, Hong Kong, Singapore, Luxemburg, Malaysia, Latvia, Czech Republic and Russia.
You may select servers of your choice from Romania, Belgium, Japan, Spain, Denmark, Poland, Australia, Ireland and India.

When we enquired about server support for protocols, we were told that all the servers are supported on all the protocols. Even though, we realize SwitchVPN’s server count isn’t as big as you would want it to be, but to be honest with you (and considering what most of the other VPN providers are dishing out), they are doing an excellent job.



Encryption & Protocols

Our SwitchVPN review affirms that encryption is the forte of SwitchVPN. When we were told about its strong encryption we were left speechless. The jaw-dropping 1024-2048 bit strong encryption is easily the turn-on factor for many users who are concerned about their online security. It would be an understatement to say that it easily distinguishes it from other VPN services.

When it comes to the support of protocols, SwitchVPN definitely stands out among other VPNs. It supports all the protocols including OpenVPN, SSTP, L2TP and PPTP. All the servers are supported by all the protocols. And all the protocols are supported by 1024-2048 bit strong encryption which, honestly, is the cherry on top.

Compatibility with Devices

SwitchVPN is designed keeping the users’ interests in mind. It is compatible with Windows, Mac and Android. The setup is free and does not cost you anything. You can download and install it in your devices and use it wherever and whenever you want.

To make sure the users are not lost; SwitchVPN always provides an option to its users to sign up to any of its packages as per their needs and requirements. Being compatible with many devices surely allows SwitchVPN to compete with its competitors. However, getting an edge over them purely lies on how it works on different devices.

VPN Client for Windows

We downloaded the official software of SwitchVPN from its website on Windows to see how it fares on desktops and laptops. And boy did it work! It is simple and very easy to use. Follow the installation of the software, and just double click to open it.

switch vpn review

Enter your username and password or click on sign up if you haven’t registered as yet. Once you have entered the login details, select the protocol you wish to tunnel your traffic through. After you are done selecting the protocol, select the server and click on connect. Make sure it gets connected, once it does, you will be notified in the following manner.

switch vpn review

You can also click on Update to update to SwitchVPN’s latest firmware. Clicking on Debug will give you the details of your original and current IP address and connection. If you are a VPN veteran and wish to explore it, then click on Advanced and see what it has to offer.

switch vpn review

While you are at it, you can also exclude websites from VPN coverage. Just click on the tab, enter the URL and save it, it will serve as a filter and will not unblock (or tunnel data from) websites that you do not want to access.

VPN Client for Mac

The VPN client for Mac is as user-friendly as it is for Windows. You will hardly notice a change between the two. The app runs smoothly on iPads and laptops, and provides great security to the users while they access the blocked contents. The number of servers and protocols available on Mac is same as Windows.

VPN Client for Android

If you have Android version 4.0 or above, you can easily find the SwitchVPN app on Google Play. The app is absolutely free to download and does not cost anything. Once you have downloaded the app, it will automatically install itself. Once the installation is done, just tap it to open it.

switch vpn review

Enter your username and password and then click on select server. You will be presented with a list of server locations (countries).

switch vpn review

Select the desired server you wish to connect to and click on connect. Once the connection is successfully established, you will be notified on the same screen.

switch vpn review

Now that you are protected and your data tunneled, unblock whatever you want while remaining anonymous and hidden.

If you want to explore more popular VPNs, read our detailed guide on best VPN Android.

SwitchVPN Customer Support

Honestly speaking, their Customer Support is better than the most. We tested their Live Chat and Open Ticket service and found them very prompt and helping. We had a chat with one of their representatives, Jibin, and found him very nice and active. We asked him a several questions to which he reacted very quickly and answered all our queries.

Our SwitchVPN review explores that the above said section includes the following categories. These are:

  • Help Center
  • Contact Us
  • Customer Login
  • Download
  • FAQs
  • Blog

The help center section focuses on different issues like installation guide, tutorials, and troubleshooting. By doing so, you can get the solution of your queries in a timely manner. Furthermore, you can use different sections like FAQs and Blog to get latest updates regarding online privacy industry on continual basis.

Above all, you can use SwitchVPN Download to another level according to your own terms. Through the said benefit, you can download and install your preferred app on various platforms like Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS.



SwitchVPN does not maintain its blogs regularly. We would have loved it to see if they had but sadly that is not the case. This is where they fall short of the mark and give other VPNs the competitive edge. However, having said that, they still have many blogs on their websites including their latest Press Releases that are more than enough to cater to the needs of the users.


You can also checkout the Knowledgebase which is given at the bottom of the page. You will find many articles over there that might help you setting up your VPN connection manually.

SwitchVPN Payment Methods Review

SwitchVPN provides limited options to its users to choose from. It’s up to them which method suits them the most. They can choose to pay through Credit Card, Paypal, Paysafecard, and Bitcoin.

We expect by our next analysis, the provider will add more payment options in its arsenal.


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Tutorials Provided

If you are new to the world of VPNs and do not have any clue about how to configure it on your device(s), you need not worry. SwitchVPN makes sure that all the users (no matter what their experience levels are) get ultimate support by it in the form of detailed tutorials.

The Knowledgebase is the area where you get hold of all the tutorials. You can check all the tutorials before you try to set your VPN up with your device. All the protocol options are explained in the tutorial section and you can follow the steps to easily configure your devices.

SwitchVPN Logging and Privacy Policy Review

SwitchVPN does not monitor your online activities and does not keep any logs but it does keep a record of your log-in time, location and date, duration of your VPN connection, and the bandwidth you used during the connection. It claims on its website that it does this in order to protect itself and the users from spammers and hackers.


Honestly speaking, it bothers us a little bit as to why they even feel the need to do it in first place. However, as long as they are not monitoring our online activities, we are happy. SwitchVPN maintains a strict privacy policy and clearly considers it a mandatory obligation to protect your information. It keeps the recorded meta-data safe and does not forward it to the third parties.

Still, SwitchVPN stores users’ email addresses, credit card/debit card details, web server log, and others. Therefore, you may explore our guide on VPN services that do not log.


SwitchVPN Free Trial and Money-Back Guarantee Review

SwitchVPN provides 3 days free trial feature to the users. Surprisingly, limited number of VPN services provide free trial benefit and SwitchVPN is one of them. It does this to help the users decide if they should opt for its services or not.

It also provides an unconditional 30 days money-back guarantee to its users. In case the users are not happy with its services they can ask for refunds.

However, they ask the users to contact them before cancellation of the service because according to them, 99.99% of the problems are solved if the users contact them.


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SwitchVPN Reddit Review

According to our SwitchVPN review, the service has to improve and add different features. Hence, the provider can come up with the expectations of potential users. At present, users have to rely on Reddit VPN than SwitchVPN to accomplish their various online protection needs.

SwicthVPN Security Review

Our SwitchVPN review 2019 reveals that the provider has an OpenVPN protocol in its armory. The said protocol uses 256-bit military grade encryption level by default. As a result, you are able to experience both security and privacy instantly.

Furthermore, it also applies handshake and 128-bit blowfish technology that secures users’ crucial online data straightaway.

Torrenting/P2P is Allowed

Our SwitchVPN review unveils that the service endorses users’ torrenting activities. However, the said practice falls in grey area. Thus, you should secure your online privacy before opting any P2P activity on your devices.

Still, the official site provides an exclusive DMCA policy section that is enough to open the eyes of torrent lovers. The users should avoid downloading and streaming copyrighted content through SwitchVPN at any cost.


Netflix Works

Our SwitchVPN review highlights that the service is compatible with Netflix unblocking feature. Users from all around can watch their preferred Netflix media content securely and anonymously.

Furthermore, you can gain access to different geo-blocked streaming services without any fuss too.

It also works extremely well when it comes to streaming geo-restricted videos on Kodi.

Just use this VPN on the background and start streaming Kodi content.

In fact, there are many free VPN for Kodi that works best with Kodi.

The Installation Process

The installation process is straightforward and does not take much of your time. Once you have performed initial signup and SwitchVPN login process, all you have to do is to follow three simple steps.

These three simple steps are download, install and switch on. After downloading the setup, you can easily install the service on your preferred devices like Windows, Mac, Android and iOS. This is how you can attain online freedom and protection within minutes.



Not satisfied with the features offered by SwitchVPN? Don’t worry! Try these alternatives for SwitchVPN that might be helpful:

SwitchVPN Review – FAQs

Luckily, you can accomplish your Netflix streaming cravings through SwitchVPN. Likewise, you can avail the service if you want to unblock streaming services other than Netflix like Hulu, BBC iPlayers, and so on.

Interestingly, Switch VPN supports P2P activities of its users to another level. However, it follows the notion of DMCA in true letter and spirit. Therefore, you can find yourself in hot waters of legal troubles if you try to download and watch copyrighted material.

Thus, you may consider opting our guide on best VPN service for torrenting to secure your privacy from such issues accordingly.

When you need an additional layer of protection, you have to rely on a static key feature. It is greater than 2048-bit encryption and simplifies given VPN setup.

Unfortunately, SwitchVPN is an Indian online privacy service that abides by different privacy laws of the country. It claims to be a no logging provider still fulfills government’s requirements regarding users’ data procurement.

When it comes to securing your privacy from DNS and IP leaks hassles, nothing comes close to SwitchVPN.

If you can manage its data logging practices, you can opt SwitchVPN. It provides a comprehensive list of feature that enables you to safeguard your online tasks like web surfing and others hassle-free.

Final Verdict

Even though SwitchVPN is relatively new to the world of VPNs, it has successfully made a name for itself. It offers a good deal of security to its users with its 1024-2048 bit strong encryption, which is one of the main purposes of a VPN. The Customer Support is quite good and handy if you are having trouble with your software and applications.

The user-friendly software is designed while keeping all the users (veteran and new) in mind and does not demand a degree in rocket science to run it. I enjoyed operating them on my laptop and Android device. It gave me the much sought after joy I was looking for in VPN software and applications.

The pricing plans and packages are good for the services they are offering; however the prices do have a slight room for improvement. We would definitely recommend our readers to try this VPN if they are looking for online security while accessing blocked content.

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